Sizzurp Instead Of Meds

sizzurp 2[Hollywood Street King] When Sippin’ Sizzurp Goes Wrong?

Our mystery man was spotted throwing up in a trash can, after his May 5th Vegas performance at the Mayweather’s fight. Know why? Because sources say the rapper was “high out of his mind” from sippin’ on sizzurp. Don’t believe me.. Ask Meek Mill.

This news disputes all of our blind item’s statements claiming he’s following doctors’ strict orders. Insiders reveal the truth is he’s a dr*g add*ct who refuses to take the medicine aimed at keeping him from seizures. Just ask his enabler Birdman.

Here’s what an insider tells HSK:

“If he keeps up getting high, he’s going to die young. Dude has a lot of unreleased recordings. So if he checks out early, his record company is going to get richer than they already are.”

Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?

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