Sizzurp Instead Of Meds

sizzurp 2[Hollywood Street King] When Sippin’ Sizzurp Goes Wrong?

Our mystery man was spotted throwing up in a trash can, after his May 5th Vegas performance at the Mayweather’s fight. Know why? Because sources say the rapper was “high out of his mind” from sippin’ on sizzurp. Don’t believe me.. Ask Meek Mill.

This news disputes all of our blind item’s statements claiming he’s following doctors’ strict orders. Insiders reveal the truth is he’s a dr*g add*ct who refuses to take the medicine aimed at keeping him from seizures. Just ask his enabler Birdman.

Here’s what an insider tells HSK:

“If he keeps up getting high, he’s going to die young. Dude has a lot of unreleased recordings. So if he checks out early, his record company is going to get richer than they already are.”

Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?

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  1. quinner says

    I can guess, but its not worth it to mention the name of the dad multiple times over. Waster.

  2. MrsGosling says

    Lil’ Wayne. He has history of seizures and it was widely reported that he has been hospitalized and had to have his stomach pumped in the past because of his use of ‘sizzurp’ (codeine).

    • RedScience says

      Had to log in just to say that this was hilarious to see as I scrolled down. 😀

  3. princesspea says

    as usual, no guessing on hsk blinds, we all recognize lil wayne….but seriously, he’d take this stuff but ditch the seizure meds?? smh, whats wrong with people?

  4. MikeInSanJose says

    Isn’t Lil wayne the one who was just in the hospital a few weeks ago?

  5. audreyyy says

    lil wayne ofc
    hsk is telling us that lil wayne’s record company wants him to die

  6. waysouthofheaven says

    well it’s weezy of course. maybe he should change his name to seizy!

  7. CrossingTheLine says

    HSK seems to infer here that Birdman (the record label CEO) is enabling this drug addict (Lil Wayne obvs) because if/when he dies young, then the label (aka Birdman) will make a mint with all the unreleased recordings.
    So sad when ill folks are surrounded by people with money as their main motivator.

  8. JaneDawson says


    “Dude has a lot of unreleased recordings. So if he checks out early, his record company is going to get richer than they already are.”

    ^ Proof and to comment: Exactly. Dead artists make buckets of cash from unreleased shit. Why would the peeps with the song files care if Wayne lives or not? One less party to share da $$$ with.

  9. tiara107 says

    Lil Wayne obviously. But what HSK is trying to tell us is that Birdman and crew isn’t working in Wayne’s best interests. They are just looking at money and they’d make more if he were dead, which is why they are not helping him.