Diva Braids

hair braids[Redbook Magazine] Braids Beat Plastic Surgery?

Okay, that’s a stretch, but one celebrity hairstylist whispered to me that a famous diva (can’t say who) gets tiny braids behind each ear, which he pulls tightly back and ties together under the rest of her hair.

The reason: It smooths the skin on her jaw and neck. Clever or crazy? I can’t decide.



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  1. stolidog says

    I’m going to guess whoopi goldberg, who i don’t really think is much of a diva, BUT, she did voice Stretch in Toy Story 3.

  2. hannahjones says

    crazy – like crazy in love
    and her jaw and neck look pretty smooth!

    • iknowits says

      Isn’t she too young to need smoothing and tightening? Isn’t she like 30? I’m thinking someone older but I dunno who.

      Whoever it is that’s genius, no plastic surgery

  3. nessk says

    Beyonce – she’s a she’s a a Diva 😉 Also CRAZY in love…you can’t say her name? Say my name say my name :p xxx

      • nessk says

        lol thanks! Glad someone appreciated my somewhat delirious guess :p

        Also wanted to add the alliteration in “Braids Beat” might also imply Beyonce…

    • nessk says

      Come to think of it I retract my guess as I think the hair stylist is a man, and Beyonce’s hairstylist is Kim Kimble…oh well…I tried :p

    • Aligirl21 says

      Agreed! Brilliant deduction.

      Also, I’ve been thinking about it, and I tend to think the braid trick is clever. If you can handle the tension headaches. :-(

  4. realmccoy18 says

    there was an old story that marlene dietrich did that…tthey called it the croydon facelift

    don’t know who the hairdresser would be…the only famous one back the was mr. kenneth.

  5. tkartk says

    Don’t have a clue but this is genius for those not wanting to go under the knife…. LOL!!!

  6. Elisa says

    Christina Aguilera. I don’t know who the hairstylist is but he needs to pull the braids tighter.

  7. emilymc says

    Dunno, but maybe I’ll try this at home since I can’t afford a facelift. 😉

  8. WellHelloThere says

    Jennifer Lopez
    Stylist Lorenzo Martin
    “Ain’t it Funny” chorus says “Love is crazy”
    Marc Anthony blamed AI producers’ “clever editing” for an on-air spat

  9. Katmandu says

    Don’t know, don’t care, Imma gonna try this myself. Right now!

    (Lucille Ball did this back in the day, BTW.)

  10. jerzeygirl says

    Jennifer Lopez, she’s at the age where your face begins to head south. And she’s a notorious diva!

  11. sweetangelz77 says

    This obviously isn’t about Courteney Cox, but it reminds me of her. Maybe it’s the picture – Monica got hair like that once in Friends.

  12. NotNow says

    @Elisa- Christina Aguilera has gorgeous skin and is only 30 years old. I don’t see why this is better than plastic surgery? Why not a little nip and tuck to make it permanent? Much better than nasty fillers. I can’t imagine braids that tight being comfortable for everyday.

  13. lily is my puppy says

    Does that even work? (Just tried pulling back on my own hair and it certainly didn’t affect my neck!)

  14. mahalaskater says

    I’m going to say Britney Spears. The picture sort of resembles her. And Crazy, could be a clue to her song (You drive me crazy).

  15. Heilige Bimbam says

    Well I tried it, and it does not work. Can’t imagine Bey, who is really too young and does not need a lift. Guess Klum.

  16. BritishPound says

    Madonna. I read about her doing this some years ago in Grazia magazine. Mind you, looks likes she’s had more than ‘tight braids’ recently…

  17. PatsUp says

    I don’t know exactly who this is but I think the guesses are good. I just came here to say that Marlene Dietrich once told a young Shirley MacLaine that she wore a very fine chain under her chin from ear to ear.