1. mommagoosed says

    First to come to mind is Weiner. Second was Pres. Clinton. Scandal is the “sexting” and “Monicagate”, respectively.

    • Hennessey Williams says

      I would’ve said Anthony Weiner too but he’s a Brooklyn jew, not a christian, and so are his parents.

      • lily is my puppy says

        It wasn’t Weiner who said the Christian quote, it was the woman with him.

      • KWDragon says

        Wouldn’t that actually make it more likely that the girl would mention that SHE is a Christian? Otherwise, he would be also, so why mention religion at all, unless you are of a different religion that the pol?

        Because she would have little cause to say this about Clinton, Weiner is a good possibility, but Spitzer is also Jewish, so I am torn between these two guesses. Since Weiner is getting ready to run for Mayor, I am thinking he will behave, at least for a little while.

        Yup, talked myself into Spitzer.

      • amelia says

        has nothing to do with his religion. the lady was quoted as saying that she was christian.

      • SouthJerseyGirl says

        The lady is the one saying she’s a Christian, not the slimy politician, though I don’t think it’s Weiner – he’s looking to run again and for him to be this dumb…well…on second thought…maybe it is him.

  2. MissNormaDesmond says

    New York Hotel, likely New York pol.

    Eliot Spitzer – Emperors Club VIP prostitution scandal.

  3. muuuuu says

    My guess is Anthony Weiner (former congressman who resigned after his sexting scandal… and his wife was pregnant at the time too). He’s trying to run for mayor of NYC now. Though if I remember correctly, Weiner never did anything physical with the women he was involved with, and just sent nude pics of himself, so I could be wrong.

  4. stolidog says

    I would guess Anthony Weiner and his wayword weiner ways, since the hotel is in New York.

  5. KathyP says

    Politician: Anthony Weiner (Jewish, so that explains the Christian reference).
    Scandal: Weinergate (he posted photos of his bulging member to twitter even though he was intending to send it to only a specific person, or persons?)

    • Up the Coast says

      Or….I read an article at The Hill about Hillary getting nervous everytime Weiner pops up šŸ˜†

  6. Teleman says

    Politician: Anthony Weiner
    Scandal: Tweeting photos of his “junk” to women

  7. Stephlovesjr says

    So many guesses, so little time…I will go with the obvious of either Al Gore, or John Edwards. Is there any politician that isn’t scandal ridden these days. Or this very well could be Hillary, since it doesn’t state what the sex of the politician is…

  8. tkartk says

    I’m guessing John Edwards and his disgraceful downward spiral after cheating on his now Ex-deceased wife and fathering another child with his crazy mistress.

  9. southernbelle00 says

    Politician: Mark Sanford
    Scandal: Disappearing without telling anyone to vacation with his mistress in Argentina, using taxpayer money to pay for this trip

  10. goldieb says

    Spitzer or Weiner: NYC; woman is young-ish (“my parents would disown me”).

    Bill’s heart literally ain’t in the game any more.

    • nolabelle says

      I don’t think he consults his heart , or follows it either! I think he follows another body part!

  11. nolabelle says

    I am thinking the divorced Al Gore. He is mega rich and has few inventions or thrills up his leg anymore.

    The scandal is his selling out his environmental movement and going with the “dark side” of greed and engaging in capitalism , selling his failed current tv network off to the propoganda network for Al Quaida called Al Jazeera.

  12. lobsterbabe says

    It doesn’t say if the politician is a man or woman so I’m going to guess Hillary Clinton because of all the gay rumors. Also the woman says she’s a Christian, so against her religion maybe, and she says she wouldn’t do that anyways, meaning she isn’t into women.