• BRUSHFIRE97 says

      I would say Maria Menuons first, because there have been other blinds about her faking relationships even though she has a bf for more fame. I could see her doing this as well. But Tyra is a good guess.

  1. boyjack4 says

    Well geez? Let me think? Most of them????
    It seems to be the ‘in’ thing to do now!
    I dunno? Jordan? Nicole? Fill in the gap?

  2. KatarinaJ says

    Famous matched WITH model/tv personality rules out Padme to me bec I think she’d just be called her jobs and not FAMOUS in front of them. Has to be someone really high profile who fits the bill. Tyra? Heidi Klum?

    • newsjunkie says

      I agree with Naomi. This is a British tabloid.Don’t think its about an American.

  3. raslebol says

    tyra ? heidi? naomi?
    Naomi Campbell because she just broke with her billionnaire russian married boyfriend and some friends said it became a bussiness relation

    • boyjack4 says

      Yes! British paper, British model!!
      Realty show? Some fashion thing! So TV personality!
      Definitely Naomi Campbell, British model!

    • p.fitz says

      Sophie was accepting cash not gifts, one of the Sundays caught her on video a while ago

  4. sherlock says

    Guess,Sophie Anderton, Gemma Atkinson or Alexa Chung.I’m assuming she’d have to be attractive.

  5. LeahLynn28 says

    I want to say Lindsay Lohan…but she’s not a tv personality,nor a model.
    Naomi Campbell?Tyra Banks?Heidi Klum?Could be anyone.
    Too bad she can’t be Lilo,she’s the queen of “you know what”…lol

  6. CousinDupree says

    This practice is *far* from rare…going with Naomi Campbell.

    With a hit show running for 8-9 years, Klum is probably set.
    Banks isn’t doing the “you know what” with ANY guy.
    Campbell still models some, but hasn’t got the juice she had in her 20s and 30s.

  7. channel orange says

    The first person that comes to mind is the cellphone flinging incarnation of elegance and class that is Naomi Campbell.

  8. OKStop says

    Famke Janssen. The picture is a drawing of Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Jean Grey (Phoenix). Janssen played Jean Grey in three X-Men movies, has been a model, and has done extensive work on TV. I don’t want to believe it, but that’s my guess.

  9. Glitter says

    I think this is Naomi. The People is from England. Wasn’t there some kerfuffle with Naomi and some diamonds a few years ago?

  10. woodwn says

    I’m going American with January Jones. She had some modelling gigs, some tv roles, she played Emma Frost (Cyclop’s second love) in X-men First Class, and heck, her baby daddy could be half of that cast or hollywood.

  11. NeedNoStinkinBadges says

    Based on the picture and that it’s from a British source, I’ll go with Phoebe Price. However, she’s probably not famous enough to warrant a blind item being about her.

  12. BritishPound says

    Naomi C.
    Wasn’t she supposed to be ‘escorting’ her Russian around the world?

  13. amstone30 says

    Angie Everhart?! There’s a ginger in the picture….maybe that’s why I came up with that.

  14. nooneuno says

    While I am not too familiar with British Celebs, Lily Cole seems to fit the bill nicely. However this blind describes most aspiring models, actresses, TV personalities, etc.