Three Women At The $7 Million Table

painting 3 women red table[Naughty But Nice Rob] This celebrity-owned French painting, done by Fernand Leger, was auctioned off in New York City. According to Billboard, the painting had an estimated value of about $5 – $7 million. The painting, named “Three Women at the Red Table”, sold for $7.2 million!!!!

This celebrity bought the piece of artwork for $3.2 million in 1990. Billboard reports that proceeds from this auction go to the Ray of Light Foundation, which “supports girls’ education in Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries.”

This mystery superstar was quoted saying, “trade something valuable for something invaluable.”

Guess Which Celeb’s Painting Sold For More Than $7 Million?


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    • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings says

      He’s known to be the type that collects the finest pieces but in 1990 he was new to the scene and I’m not sure he even made 3.2 million a year.

  1. Jenna68 says

    I think it’s Madonna – and I know there was some sketchiness with her charity in Malawi, but good on her for this (if it is her.)

  2. iyamrocky says

    Madonna. Just when I really feel justified in disliking her, she goes and does something truly good.

  3. sherlock says

    At least someone has a conscience,how admirable,you can’t put a price on something like that.Bravo.

  4. stretch says

    is Madonna in need of good PR? I wonder why she didn’t just keep the painting & donate the money herself! She is calling herself a billionaire (lie).

  5. smellyoulater says

    Jack Nicholson is a renowned art collector, and he would have had the funds to make a big purchase back in ’90…

  6. nessk says

    Surely not really a blind? This is Madonna – “Ray Of Light” being a big clue! xx

  7. NeedNoStinkinBadges says

    Madonna. The true mystery is why the money is not being used for her promised charity work in Malawi.

      • NeedNoStinkinBadges says

        But wouldn’t they need money to continue to operate? Or was she only concerned with opening them, not necessarily keeping them running?

  8. lovelycoconuts says

    Madonna, don’t think any other celeb would contribute that amount to her foundation…but, who cares what a painting she owned sold for?

    • lovelycoconuts says

      Totally didn’t see that she donated the $7.2 million to charity. Good job. I hope this wasn’t an obvious blind to make up for the obvious negative Madonna blind a couple weeks ago.

  9. Elisa says


    I suspected, because of the name of the charity (did she found that? It’s the name of one of her songs, too), and Google confirmed.

  10. lady d says

    i thot it would be angelina but ray of light hints at and apparently it was madonna. i suppose this is how she will get her schools finally built in malawi. on another point girls education within afghanistan or parts of pakistan will most assuredly take something very different than money.

  11. MissLortie says

    obviously Madonna but what does that means? what’s the story behind ? -.-

  12. kateO says

    Madonna sold this painting. I would like to know what she meant by ‘trade something valuable for something invaluable’. I may be dense, but that just doesn’t made any sense to me.

    • rorythedragon says

      The trade/sale of the valuable painting for something invaluable/beyond valuable/priceless, like a girl’s education. Like El Guapo in The Three Amigos…not famous, but INfamous, beyond famous. Haha! Pretty sure that’s what Madonna was thinking!