So Hungry She Could Eat A Horse

horse meat[The Morton Report] Britain’s recent horseburger scandal — when some supermarkets were caught out selling horsemeat disguised as beef — reminded me of an old story told to me by a UK gossip columnist.

It concerns a world-famous woman who liked to protect her image. The late diarist had the temerity to suggest that she had tucked into a horse dish in a country where horsemeat is frequently to be found on menus. The woman’s lawyers sued the paper for traducing her character. Rather than put up a fight and try to prove that on a particular day our famous woman was really eating horseflesh, the paper capitulated and paid her £50,000 ‘damages’ in an out of court settlement.

That was in the 1980s. This was not the first or the last time the famous woman resorted to such tactics over stories that were not actually libelous but were difficult to prove. A nice little tax-free earner!


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45 comments to So Hungry She Could Eat A Horse

    • puffybudders

      I second this. It was said that she was not a fan of horses, having fallen off one as a child and breaking her leg.

    • PinkSlip

      Diana was a vegetarian.

    • ILoveLucy

      Yea, whoever it is, is dead. And who would fight against Diana’s reputation? Much cheaper to just pay up and shut up. They key here being the “1980’s”. Takes you back to when she 1st became relevent.

  • KlatschHund


  • Marina

    Sarah Ferguson

  • gcreptile

    Liz Taylor?

  • I Am PunkA

    So, some chicks like to eat Mr. Ed’s junk. Happens.

  • callmedave

    Not sure who the woman is and google isn’t helping with any reports of out of court settlements. However I would assume the late gossip columnist was Nigel Dempster of the Daily Mail.

  • realmccoy18

    princess diana

  • boyjack4

    Probably Liz Taylor??

  • andreaxo


  • MarkyMark

    Sounds like Fergie, at it again

  • lily is my puppy

    Miriam Rothschild

  • VodkaSoaked

    Woman: Diana, princess of Wales

  • dingopop


  • dorisday

    Margaret Thatcher

  • Glitter

    One of the Mitford sisters?????

  • newsjunkie

    Princess Di?

  • smellyoulater

    Well, this was obviously written about a British gal, but I don’t *think* the subject in question was the late, great Lady Di. She was an avid animal lover; even if she wasn’t a full-on vegetarian, I can’t imagine her willingly dining on horsemeat. So, uh, I don’t know.

    Soapbox time: eating horses really isn’t that far removed from eating cows, and I can’t stand it when certain cultures crap all over other cultures because of their specific dietary preferences.

    Just my .02…

    • Aligirl21

      Thank you!

    • wfreshie

      there is a danger from eating horse meat that you can’t have happen when you eat beef.

      • Aligirl21

        Is it because of the drugs they sometimes give to race horses (who are sometimes eaten)? Or something endemic to horse meat itself? I’m genuinely curious.

      • creeping_thistle

        Horse meat is eaten with no problems at all in many parts of Italy, and a delicacy of southern Holland (the Limburg region) is pommes frites with a hourse ragout on top. Lovely. There is no danger at all in horse meat when you know where it comes from and what they gave the horses to eat. Up until 50-60 years ago, doctors actually ordered anaemic people to eat horse meat (my thin and anaemic mother was raised on eat and loved every mouthful).

        The danger is if you don’t know what chemicals have been pumped into the horse and how did it end on a table if he was meant for racing, etc.

        That said, and this being the MOrton Report, it had to be Diana, who travelled a lot in the Mediterranean, so it’s totally plausible that she was offered the super-special local delicacy sooner or later. I’m also glad that nobody who was there that night decided to spill the beans for money. It was another era and there was still some vestigial respect for a Princess who’d give heirs to the Throne. Nice little earner, too, when you’re living under a husband who’s thinking about a wizened old hag, and a mother-in-law who never accepted you. I’d pocket the extra cash with no worries in the world.

    • Elesdee

      In fairness, most Brits will have eaten horse meat in Europe, the issue is that we didn’t know what we were eating and after the BAR scandal of the nineties, the British meat industry has become, supposedly, one of the strictest in the world, therefore it’s rather worrying that horse meat from Romania got through our “stringent” checks.

  • smellyoulater

    I like the Maggie Thatcher guess. It’s timely. :-)

  • slantrhyme


  • carmella

    Yoko Ono-Lennon.
    (But I don’t think she knew what she was eating.)

  • Undine

    I’m not sure this is necessarily about a British woman.

    How about Jackie Onassis?

  • LeeLee12345

    I’m going with Princess Di because she was known to keep a diary: ‘late diarist’

    • Kerzep

      I was wondering when somebody would mention the diary. I don’t know who this is, but I’m wondering if its somebody who had their diary published?

  • guessing game

    I don’t know who it is but I am fairly certain that it is not Princess Di. The item says this occurred in the 1980s and implies there was some money motive; Di was married from 1981 until 1996 and would not have needed money. And it just doesn’t seem like something she would do.

  • mizzavrid

    I think if it was Jackie Kennedy how awfully scandalous as she was such horsewoman.

  • sukie3

    Could only be Wallis Simpson.

  • MsJennyR

    Joan Collins? Lives in France and is sharp as a hot knife.