Private Photos Are Being Passed Around

[Blind Gossip] The 1% love to date each other. Actors, singers, dancers, directors, business people, and athletes, all play musical partners with each other. There is a case of one couple, though, that is about to get ugly, and one will certainly want revenge on the other.

She is a top film actress. He is a businessman with a penchant for photography. He has always been a bit obsessed with using the human body in his work. He is especially into women’s breasts. Given that she is known for her voluptuous figure, it is not surprising that he found her attractive. Actually, almost everyone finds her attractive. Young, blonde, busty, nice, talented. What’s not to like?

While they were together, he took photos of her. Lots of photos. Now, we’re not talking about photos of her riding the Saten Island Ferry. We’re talking about nude photos of her in various seductive poses.

What happened to those photos when they broke up late last year? He kept them. And they are now making the rounds of the New York business community.

His justification: “They’re art!”

She would likely disagree. While they might have been “art” when he was taking them, as soon as he started showing them around, they became “p*rn”. She is going to throw a fit when she finds out.



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