Roses and Screaming

red roses[Hollywood Street King] HSK Exclusive – Long before this New York rapper got rich, and didn’t die trying, a broken heart is suspected to have pushed him to the brink of madness. That’s because sources say our seemingly sentimental mystery man had no shame when he once carried a bouquet of roses, screaming for his ex-girlfriend “Janelle”, through NYC’s Baisley Projects.

That’s before we’re told our blind item later ran into Janelle and her new man “Doobie”, at a Queens Boulevard car wash.

Here’s the drop:

“Janelle was with Doobie in his older Ranger Rover when he pulled up beside them in a brand new white Benz. He goes, ‘Oh, what up! Ya’ll look good together. What? Ya’ll don’t like the new shit?”

Long after Doobie’s death in a tragic car crash, did our blind item run into Janelle, comparing her to the pair of kicks he always wanted but never had? Of course! Don’t believe me.. Ask Tony Yayo!


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