A Wedding Before An Engagement

wedding 6[Blind Gossip] So there’s a rumor going around that they are planning a wedding. We have just two words to describe this:

Holy. Sh*t.

You know that every event in this family’s life is plotted and planned and choreographed and filmed and packaged and sold, right? There is absolutely nothing spontaneous about any major life event. To even think that the family would not plan and capitalize on the engagement process is ridiculous.

After all, engagements are all about romance and rings and proposals and announcements and parties and publicity and endorsements! The family has absolutely no interest in skipping over that major life event and going straight to a wedding with no gifts and no press and no camera crews and no hoopla.

We found out that someone has gone way off the reservation, and the family is frantic! There are lots of negotiations and contract renegotiations and arguments and attempts at manipulation and blackmail going on right now. The family’s attempts to contain and control the source are actually backfiring on them. It’s quite the mess, and if all the parties can’t start playing nice together, this fake marriage is going to be an even bigger fiasco than the last one.



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    • Another Blind Gossip Fan says

      Didn’t these idiots learn their lesson the first time?

    • nooneuno says

      I know right! Not to mention that her pregnancy is not getting the kind of attention she wanted. I am no fan of Kanye, but I like the fact that even he can’t stand her! He can’t even act like he cares in those staged photos Kim sets up.

      • PinkSlip says

        He’s brilliant :)))

        Well…quite apart from the fact that he allowed himself to get into this unholy mess in the first place…!

  1. huhwhoami says

    who the heck are the people that are watching the k. family

    and why why why……

  2. FamousPeopleDoStupidThings says

    Maybe Kanye ran when he could and Kris Kardashian isn’t having it.

    • Katmandu says

      Ya think?

      And who can blame him. What a stupid sordid mess, and I think they’re rubbing their hands together with anticipation of all the publicity.

  3. commonsense says

    Klearly KimYe (Kanye & Kim) and the Kardashian Klan.

    filmed, packaged, and sold: (The Kardashian’s reality shows and Kim’s porno)
    hoopla: Kim’s reference to getting swept away with the Kris wedding
    endorsements and gifts: received much of that on the last wedding
    off the reservation: Kanye’s in Paris and is infamously not all there in the head
    control: Kris Jenner’s infamous for manipulating and controlling of her kids’ lives

    • NoseyNana2008 says

      I’m thinking this too b/c KimYe is too obvious. Plus, I’m sure Kris is more likely to be able to blackmail Scott than Kanye.

  4. LeahLynn28 says

    I had to log in to “guess”,couldn’t resist anymore.I love this site…lol

    Couple:Miserable Kanye and fake Kim Kartrashian.
    Family:The pathetic and delusional Kartrashians themselves.

    Oh my,Kris Humphries is a lucky man,he’s finally free from this fake family.Now Kangaye is in trouble,and it’s all his fault.This family is insane and dysfunctional.lol

  5. maggiemae1968 says

    Kim & Kanye

    The Kardashians

    That whole family should be thanking Kim for making the sex tape because without her they have nothing!

  6. arielade says

    Couple: Kim Kardashian and Kayne
    Family: Kardashians.
    These people are vile.

  7. JenLTX says

    Good grief, Kimye, don’t tell me you’re actually trying to keep something PRIVATE???

  8. leosgrl88 says

    Couple: Kanye & K

    Family: Kardashians

    I’m REALLY sick of seeing and hearing about these people every freaking day. They need to go away.

  9. Kricket1 says

    Couple – Kanye & Kim
    Family – Kardashians
    So obvious – but should not happen at all – the two of them are a disaster to begin with and it will not get better with time!

  10. CaliDreaming says

    Kimye. Can’t wait to see how this all unfolds. I’m so sick of their prepackaged, fake BS so it’s good to see that finally they are not controlling the events.

  11. kfarley519 says

    Couple: Kimye
    Family: Kartrashians

    ughh I can’t stand that family! EVERYTHING is calculated by Kris

  12. LadyJ says

    Couple: Kim & Kayne!!
    Family: Kardashian

    This just SCREAMS them. . . But I have a feeling its all going to backfire. . . I give him 2 years and he drops her and d i v o r c e!

    • PandoraWolf says

      Wow, two years? I like your optimistic attitude!

      I don’t think they’ll make it to getting married. She’ll say she’s too fat, let’s wait (cough cough Jessica Simpson)..then she has to lose the weight (cough cough lipo)..by the time she feels “ready” for the wedding (cameras) Kanye will be long gone.

      Maybe Kobe will divorce whatshername and Kim can move on to him.

      • sugarbread says

        kanye wants to do a wedding video cause thats all artsy and stuff ..he wants his wedding in vogue, not low-brow people.

  13. parry says

    Prince Harry & Pippa! JK
    Kimye all the way! Kris would love to host engagement party in new copy of the family homestead on new talkshow I’m sure. Would be a great place for fake relationship to be taken to the next fake level, no?

  14. yinyang says

    Off marriage & about her baby bump…. Just can’t believe it ! It looks so fake to me! I really don’t think she is really pregnant at all! I’ve seen all the pics of her & it’s so fake looking! Most clothes like RTW will NOT cover a real preg woman, it’s not made that way. Granted some styles can def fit but her choices are fitted & just hug the bump.. Sorry I just had to! It’s been bugging me every time I see her photographed in her hot mess of dressing !

  15. dirtysteveswife says

    sounds alot like Kayne and Kim.
    The Kardashians are a household name (super unfortunate for the world)

  16. KatarinaJ says

    Can this be anyone BUT the Kardashians? Blinds have nodded at Kanye being SORRY he got involved with this fiasco and klan and WANTING OUT. Is he now getting rooked into a wedding too? Kanye, if you don’t have a contract and you have a single brain cell left, RUN. This is a nightmare AND is in no way furthering your career, reputation, anything. Kim and the Ks will suck you dry and gnaw on your bones after they’ve slaughtered all that is left of your life, reputation, etc.

    • PandoraWolf says

      Ha! I wish I had talked to you before I got married! I would have been scared away!

      • KatarinaJ says

        Ha! Seriously I have never been a Kanye fan, but of a d-bag but the Kardashians as so class-less. I wish the world would boycott their shows and tabloid covers and retail lines and just put an END to them once and for all.

        And their deviciveness (sp?) makes Kanye’s antics look like boy scout hijinks.

  17. minx says

    I knew Kanye West wouldn’t let himself be controlled by that insane family, baby or no.

  18. RuHa says

    Oh yes, the K family for pos. Is there any realness to this family, in any way at all? I’ll bet even their goldfish have agents. “For 4 teaspoons of food, you swim counterclockwise on Tuesdays, then swim clockwise on Sundays. Every other Friday you float to the top, faking your own death. Fish from aquariums across the nation will attend the funeral to pay their respects.”

  19. jmk says

    Already read this someplace – it’s Kanye and Kim . ugh who cares, they’ll be divorced in a year.

  20. Redlanta says

    “June 18” Kayne and Kimmie. What a train wreck match. I can just see him and Mama Kardashian screaming at each other. Should be some great rap songs coming…

  21. quinner says

    Kim kardashian and her supposed boyfriend kanye getting married…june 18th im guessing??

  22. ShockingBlue says

    Obviously those ridiculous Kartrashians with Kanye being the disrupter.

  23. Ceemz says

    It’s those horrible Kartrashians. Kanye isn’t going to let Mama Pimp run this show!

  24. suckitlol says

    I’m gonna say the Kardashians. Maybe Kim and Kanye will get “married”

  25. Doogy Howzer says

    Obviously Kartrashians: Kim & Kanye. Ugh! I don’t want to hear about these losers any more…