Her Dirty Thin Secret

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[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which beautiful celebrity who has always been known for her gorgeous looks, although maybe never more than as she has grown older, has a dirty little beauty secrets that she never talks about?

She is always happy to pass on advice about diet and exercise, however the one beauty tip this star doesn’t want the public to know about is that she has been getting colonics for years.

She has “pooped” years away, without saying a word. Only her closest friends and family know about her real tip for staying thin and getting great looking skin – and of course those that have seen her exiting a certain “spa” on Spring Street in New York. A place that is not unknown to many celebrities included one that popped a tube into the bottom of someone who once declared they were the – “king of the world.”

Beautiful celebrity:

King of the world:

gwyneth paltrow leonardo dicaprioSOLVED!

Beautiful celebrity: Gwyneth Paltrow

King of the world: Leonardo DiCaprio

They used to be so sweet and innocent (see photo evidence left), but now these two celebrities love it wet and wild! They both go to the same “spa” down in SoHo to get high colonics.

First up, Gwyneth brings a whole new definition to the word “Goop”. From RadarOnline:

From Goop To Poop:

Stick Thin Gwyneth Paltrow Determined To Lose Weight With Colon Cleanse Post-Split

Already stick thin Gwyneth Paltrow has startled her friends by vowing to lose at least five more pounds, RadarOnline.com has learned.

And she’s turning to an old plan that many think is disgusting–and even unhealthy–to achieve her goal, an insider revealed.

“Gwyneth is leaning on her old diet trick, high colonics, in order to lose at least five to seven pounds,” the source told Radar.

“She has been going to Dr. Alejandro Junger, her New York city colonic specialist, for years to give her weight loss a little boost and she’s paying him visits again.”

Some experts think the colonic process is medically sketchy and can cause more harm than good.

In Paltrow’s case, those who care about her fear she’s wasting away!

“Her friends don’t want to see her lose any more weight and think it’s totally gross, but Gwyneth is such a fan of the process she even sells her own $425 colonic kits on her site,” the source said.

And it proves Paltrow has rejected Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter‘s suggestion that she actually put on weight!

In addressing the alleged epic VF Paltrow “takedown piece“ (which has been shelved for now) Carter revealed to readers in a magazine editor’s note he’d talked to the actress about her public reputation.

When Paltrow asked Carter what to do about the haters, he said, “I suggested putting on 15 pounds.”

So, now you know that although Gwyneth is all publicly preachy about macrobiotic food and yoga at 4:30 am, she is privately just shoving things up her butt to look thin.

Secondly, Leonardo DiCaprio. We don’t have as much detail on Leonardo’s love of colonics. We just know that he goes to the same place for the same thing. Since Titanic, the guy’s doing all sorts of weird things with water.

By the way, we did confirm that Gwyneth has never administered a colonic to Leonardo, and that Leonardo has never administered one to Gwyneth. We know that’s the kind of probing question you would ask yourself, so we did it for you. You’re welcome.

If you are wondering what a high colonic is, wonder no more! From WebMD:

Colon cleansing with colon irrigation (high colonics)

The first modern colonic machine was invented about 100 years ago. Today, colonic hygienists or colon hydrotherapists perform colon irrigations. Colon irrigations work somewhat like an enema. But they involve much more water and none of the odors or discomfort. While you lie on a table, a low-pressure pump or a gravity-based reservoir flushes several gallons of water through a small tube inserted into your rectum.

After the water is in the colon, the therapist may massage your abdomen. Then you release the water like a regular bowel movement; the process flushes out the fluids and waste. The therapist may repeat the process, and a session may last up to an hour.

That sounds… ewww.

colon blow 1Congratulations to Stolidog for being first with the correct response!

BTW, that’s Stolidog’s THIRD time being first with the complete correct answer. Kudos, Stoli! We’re so impressed that we’re sending you a big ol’ box of Colon Blow to commemorate the occasion. Enjoy!

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131 comments to Her Dirty Thin Secret

  • tiredofwhining

    gwyneth paltrow

    • PinkSlip

      oh this, definitely. Goop/pooped

    • CoCoJoe

      In my opinion, Gwyneth is pretty, not beautiful and she definitely does not look particularly young for her age.

    • ValleyOfTheGalls

      She’s got it coming out of both ends.

    • YoGo8c

      Colonics aren’t ‘dirty’ (although of course he is playing with words here!). They are a well-known means of staying trim and ridding the body of waste that sticks in the linings of the bowels. The only ‘secret’ about it is she’s not at liberty to tell the world she has a tube stuck up her ass every month or whatever, but it’s hardly a cosmetic procedure! Or a big deal. It’s a helpful aid to weight loss alongside diet and exercise.

      • ValleyOfTheGalls

        It’s not a big deal unless you’re a pretentious, precious, self-involved know-it-all writing a weekly publication that you claim reveals all of your secrets to staying fit and healthy so that the less perfect can be more like the role model of perfection that you want people to think you are.

      • MyCatLovesTV

        What is the difference between regularly doing this and taking laxatives to lose weight? I’m not trying to be a jerk. I’m really curious. Sounds like another way to have an eating disorder. Remember how Goop found out she had low bone density a couple years ago? That is the kind of thing that can happen to women who spend their formative & adult years with an eating disorder…not eating the things your body needs to stay healthy and running what food you DO eat out your behind.

      • Booboo1068

        The British Royal family have long been rumoured to use various alternative health practices including colonics and homeopathy including the late Lady Di and Queen Mum (QE’s mom). I think like anything else do your homework and if you’re going to try it at least find the most experienced and professional/ clinic you can find. And yes, like anything it can be abused by those who are not focused on general health but on losing weight – unhealthy amounts. I’ve had something similar done while in hospital and it wasn’t pleasant (FORGET DIGNITY) but it wasn’t the worst. Maybe it helps celebs and the social Elite (pick a label) to LOOSEN up and unclench!? LOL!

      • bec215

        As someone who has suffered with Crohn’s disease since childhood, which requires me to have regular colonoscopies, I would like to share a fact: it’s your SMALL intestine – not the colon – where you absorb actual nutrients from food that you digest. The colon processes waste by adding or subtracting water to allow you to evacuate your bowels properly, and absorbs some minerals – that’s it. Drinking a ton of water with your meals will cause food to move throughyour bowels faster, preventing the absorbtion of nutrients – and calories…. similar to use of laxatives. Colonics will flush out any forming waste products, producing a temporary weight loss which is the same as if you just went to the toilet for a couple days without eating. So colonics do not themselves produce real weight loss. But if you are already underweight, as most celebrity women are, I’m sure losing 2-3 pounds from evacuating your bowels probably feels like a whole lot of weight… but doing it regularly sounds like part of a larger disordered eating issue, and could cause mineral deficiency which an be dangerous as it affects your electrolyte balance – which can be dangerous. So colonics may not be harmful as a concept, but like anything, mis-use of them can negatively affect health. Saying they’re harmless is uninformed, and potentially dangerous – and ironic for a celebrity who makes a lot of money based on her image as a super-healthy lifestyle guru.

  • Brittttt

    KOTW: Leonardo Dicaprio?

  • The Divine Miss N

    Jennifer Aniston.

  • stolidog

    Gwyneth and Leonardo Di, although neither are based in New York so it doesn’t seem like it could be that frequent.

  • rreilly1012

    Paltrow and DiCaprio

  • stacat1


    “Beautiful” celebrity: Goopy (“poopy”) Paltrow (recently named “People’s most beautiful” and won’t stop giving advice on GOOP- though it so good for laughs)

    King of the World: Leo DiCaprio (who she recently credited with getting her off meat)

  • yeshewa

    beautiful celeb guess: sofia loren

    king of the world : leo decaprio

  • kitteekat

    Kate Winslet and Leo

  • Herkeda

    Beautiful Celebrity: Halle Berry?

    King Of The World: Leo DiCaprio (line from “The Titanic”)

  • I Am PunkA

    Cindy Crawford

    Leo D

  • Kerzep

    Gwyneth Paltrow

    Leo DiCaprio

  • iocaine

    Gwyneth and Leo.

  • newsjunkie

    Leo and Kate

  • jmk

    Beautiful Celeb: Gwyneth Paltrow
    King of the World: Leo DiCaprio

  • bigjinla

    Beautiful Celebrity: Gwyneth Paltrow
    King of the World: Leo

  • ILoveLucy


  • leosgrl88

    Kate Winslet

    Leonardo DiCaprio

    I may be wrong but that’s my guest

  • YankeeGirl226

    Beautiful celebrity: Gwyneth Paltrow

    King of the world: Leonardo DiCaprio

  • kellbell26

    Beautiful celeb: Gwyneth
    King of th world: Leo?

  • Lizicia

    I feel like it’s almost too obvious to be correct but
    Beautiful celebrity: Gwyneth Paltrow and
    King of the world: Leonardo DiCaprio.

    She was just named the most beautiful woman of 2013 and “king of the world” references “The Titanic”.

  • Jester

    Could this be Paltrow and DiCaprio?

  • sabrina325

    Gwyneth Paltrow?

  • coronamama

    Goopy and Leo

  • amburrito

    Gwyneth Paltrow
    Leo DiCaprio

    But isn’t her skin always oily? Is that considered “good” skin?

  • mistyk

    beautiful celeb: Gwyneth Paltwo
    King of the world: Leo DiCaprio

  • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings

    Sophia Loren?

  • audreyyy

    celeb: gwyneth paltrow
    king of the world: michael jackson

  • mrsmommy

    Gwyneth Paltrow

    Leo DiCaprio

  • Dizzy

    King of the world : Leonardo de Caprio

  • savvy_geek

    Goopy Gwyneth
    Leo diCaprio

  • CanaryCry

    Beauty: Jen Aniston

    King: Leo DiCaprio

    • CanaryCry

      How could I have missed this being Princess Gwenyth??

      She wants to be loved by you … poop poopy Goop! LOL!

  • thefantasticspazzomatic

    Why wouldn’t she admit it? Colonics is commonplace in Hollywood. If I remember correctly, Gwen Stefani openly swears by it. That being said, this prude’s name is not one I can come up with. Who lives in NY?

  • April123

    j. meyer

  • august

    Jessica Simpson
    King of the world: Leo D.

  • cottoncandyforthebrain

    Beautiful celebrity: Gweneth Paltrow, aka Goop
    King of the world: James Cameron or Leonardo DiCaprio. I’m going with Leo.

  • Poppy

    Long time lurker, first time poster.

    Cindy Crawford

  • neartstarlet

    beautiful celeb: Gweneth Paltrow
    King of the World: Leonardo DiCaprio

  • Lelaina Pierce

    Totally goopy & King Leo.

  • rudy

    could it be the Goop? Our Ms. Paltrow?
    King of the world is definitely Leo DiCaprio.

  • shelaur22


  • pitbull

    gweneth p!

  • pmburk

    Gotta be Paltrow.

  • daisy12

    Celeb: Gwyneth
    King: Leo

  • PumpkinPie

    GOOP and Leo

  • lakelady

    Jennifer Aniston and Leo not sure just a guess

  • babysalma122

    beautiful celebrity : ?

    king of the world : leonardo dicaprio

  • Labellavita

    Gwyneth Paltrow comes to mind. She is usually talking about her diet and exercise plan, on a regular basis. Also her and Leonardo Dicaprio “king of the world- Titanic” have been friends for years & I believe he has influenced some her on this lifestyle.

  • Labellavita

    Gwyneth Paltrow comes to mind. She is usually talking about her diet and exercise plan, on a regular basis. Also her and Leonardo Dicaprio “king of the world- Titanic” have been friends for years & I believe he has influenced her some on this lifestyle.

  • xyz

    denise richards?
    charlie sheen?

  • MikeInSanJose

    Well, king of the world has to be Leo DiCRAPio 😉

  • rtd

    Christie Brinkley
    Leonardo DiCaprio

  • rosiedoes

    Well the King is Leo, but I’m not sure if I’d say Goopy or Madge for the woman.

  • Bingo

    Gwenyth Paltrow??

  • Doogy Howzer

    Gwynnie! Gwynnie! Please be her!

  • Mommy2two

    Beautiful celebrity: Gweneth Paltrow
    Clue is “beautiful celebrity who has always been known for her gorgeous looks, although maybe never more than as she has grown older” – she just was named World’s Most Beautiful Woman by People Magazine. Plus “she is always happy to pass on advice about diet and exercise” – her Goopy company.

    King of the world: Leonardo DiCaprio
    Clue is “king of the world” from the Titanic Movie.

  • CrossingTheLine

    Beautiful Celebrity – Goop?
    Her website is probably her idea of an inside joke – Gorgeous Poop = Goop! HAHAHA, its my little secret

    King of the World – Leo

  • shuboy

    Beautiful Celebrity: Kate Winslet

    King of the world: Leo Dicaprio

  • eleanorplath

    I will have to go with Ms. Goopy and Leo DiCaprio

  • RuHa

    First name that came to me was Sharon Stone.

  • Ceemz

    Celebrity: Goop

    King of the World: Leo DeCrapio!

  • DelilaMars

    Beautiful celebrity: Gwyneth Paltrow (most beautiful woman and gives fashion and diet advices on her blog)
    King of the world: Leonardo DiCaprio? (Titanic “I am the King of the World)

  • zeep

    Jane Fonda and James Cameron.

  • GIJoanna

    Gwyneth Paltrow and Leonardo DiCaprio

  • packerpoke

    Chrisite Blinkley

  • 3dogday

    Beautiful Celebrity: Gwyneth Paltrow, since she just got People’s “Most beautiful woman” cover…plus she’ll talk to anything about how awesome she is by staying thin and healthy.

    King of the world: Leo DiCapro

  • foldsbaldwin

    Gwyneth Paltrow & Leo DiCaprio

  • foldsbaldwin

    Gwyneth Paltrow?

    king of the world: Leo DiCaprio

  • Pollyamorous

    Lmao I have no idea. This is just so funny to me.

  • Alison

    Gwyneth Paltrow

  • KatarinaJ

    Demi Moore has been known to age gracefully etc. King of the World has to be Leo right? or James Cameron? I see Leo who often gets ‘puffy’ as maybe resorting to this to ‘thin out’ like a fast would do, before awards shows, shooting etc?

  • KatarinaJ

    Or Julia Roberts?

  • Marina

    GOOP and Leo D?

  • Booboo1068

    Christie Brinkley



  • destini uk

    Beautiful Celeb: Gwyneth Paltrow, “pooped” rymes with Goop her website. Also was recently named the most beautiful woman in the world.

    King of the world: Jay Z?

  • GingerNaps

    When Goop ‘poops’ via a colonic, does that really improve skin and decrease weight? It certainly didn’t help Leo.

    • wendy hood

      As someone who once tried a full schedule of detox ones to help fix a specific health problem, the ONLY thing they do is help with skin and weight loss. After the 6th (and after a period of breaking out from the detox “supplements” they gave me), I glowed like a lightbulb. Absolutely radiant skin and weight went down quite a bit. The only reason I would ever recommend them is for hydration purposes.

  • LooksLikeCRicci

    Kate Winslet and James Cameron?

  • DichotoMiss

    Sounds like Goopy Gwyneth Paltrow to me.
    First time poster, long time lurker!

  • sfs324

    Gwyneth and Leo Dicaprio.

  • Birthdaygirl

    Beautiful celebrity Gwyneth Patrol

    King of the world P Diddy

  • mrsrocknroll

    kate and leo

  • good2know

    Beautiful celebrity: Gwyneth Paltrow (World’s Most Beautiful Woman from People Mag, “pooped” may be a reference to her website Goop)

    King of the World: Leo Dicaprio or James Cameron

  • KlatschHund

    Goopy Gwyenth Paltrow

    Leonardo DiCaprio

  • Glitter

    GOOP and Leo

  • Guestimate

    Poopy Goopy!

  • kookywooky

    Beautiful celebrity: Sharon Stone or Madonna?

    King of the world: Michael Jackson? Howard Stern? Leonardo DiCaprio?

  • VodkaSoaked

    Beautiful Celebrity: Christie Brinkley

    King Of The World: Leo DiCaprio

  • leesa30

    Poopy goopy
    Can’t figure out who’s King of the World.

  • blondie929

    Gwyneth Paltrow and Leo DiCaprio.

  • sherlock

    Colonic irrigation has no effect whatsoever on the body.It’s completely a waste of time like putting those suction cups on her back.She’s ignorant in scientific matters i’m afraid.She’s saved a fortune in toilet rolls though.

    • wendy hood

      Had an effect on mine, the same results that the blind subject had, so I would disagree. Have you any tried the things you disparage? Science…::shudder::

  • Diamond Girl

    Gwyneth Paltrow
    Leonardo DiCaprio

  • GingerNaps

    that had to hurt!

  • MissFaye

    Am I the only one who thinks Gwyneth Paltrow is one of the plainest looking people in the world?

  • classybgyrl

    Gwennie goop and Leo

  • SheilaK

    Just to be different:Denise Richards/Charlie Sheen

  • Whisper

    I don’t see what the big deal is about a colonic. This wouldn’t be the first person that found it was genuinely cleansing and helpful. I totally get why she wouldn’t mention it because she’d take so much heat.

  • mamacita3

    I was going to say Bethenny Frankel but I like the Goopy guesses. And maybe Jennifer Aniston too but what is that cupping nonsense supposed to do?
    Leo DiCaprio.

    • nolabelle

      I was going to agree with everyone about this being Goopy/ poopy but I thought she lived in London with her fam? So, NYC a lot for colonics wouldn’t make sense, so I am leaning to Cindy Crawford who I think does the frequent bicoastal thing. And it didn’t read to me that the same blind celeb was the one who popped the tube in KOTW:Leo’s *ss.

  • ktbell05

    I am so sick of Goop. She is completely overrated and not that pretty IMO.

  • Whiskyninja

    So they just connect the hose right from her a** back to her mouth then? – makes sense with the garbage that comes out of both ends…..

  • GayleStorm

    Beautiful celebrity: Goopy the Poopy

    King of the world: Leo “it’s not working” Di-Crap-rio

    Goopy the poopy
    diarrhea of the mouth