Questionably Queer

studio 54[Hollywood Street King] The questionably queer signs may have been there from the very beginning of our blind item’s spinning career. Know why? Because this Bronx B-Boy made his first big break after banging beats (and possibly other things too) at Studio 54.

That’s where this half Italian-half Black Kid could have met the reported “flaming Queen” who’s said to have once had keys to his Trenton, New Jersey crib. Don’t believe me.. Just ask the party girl who was there, chillin’ with our blind item back in 2002, when “a gay dude used a key to open the front door and walk in”.

Here’s the drop:

“Dave was like, ‘Oh that’s just one of my friends. I let him stay here for a couple of days’. I was like, ‘A couple of days? And he got a key…a flaming Queen?’

Wait…there’s more!!!

Our party girl says while she was at the crib, she overheard our mystery DJ arguing with Puffy over the phone. According to our source, the beef stemmed from Puffy owing our blind item $30K for a show he did.

Here’s that drop:

“Instead of sending the money Puffy sent Dave flowers, apologizing for the delay. Dave asked me what I thought about the flowers. I said, ‘he probably knows that a gay guy has keys to yo’ house!’

Now, we’re curious what kind of Track this blind item was really a Master of. Can you guess who I’m talking about?



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