Questionably Queer

studio 54[Hollywood Street King] The questionably queer signs may have been there from the very beginning of our blind item’s spinning career. Know why? Because this Bronx B-Boy made his first big break after banging beats (and possibly other things too) at Studio 54.

That’s where this half Italian-half Black Kid could have met the reported “flaming Queen” who’s said to have once had keys to his Trenton, New Jersey crib. Don’t believe me.. Just ask the party girl who was there, chillin’ with our blind item back in 2002, when “a gay dude used a key to open the front door and walk in”.

Here’s the drop:

“Dave was like, ‘Oh that’s just one of my friends. I let him stay here for a couple of days’. I was like, ‘A couple of days? And he got a key…a flaming Queen?’

Wait…there’s more!!!

Our party girl says while she was at the crib, she overheard our mystery DJ arguing with Puffy over the phone. According to our source, the beef stemmed from Puffy owing our blind item $30K for a show he did.

Here’s that drop:

“Instead of sending the money Puffy sent Dave flowers, apologizing for the delay. Dave asked me what I thought about the flowers. I said, ‘he probably knows that a gay guy has keys to yo’ house!’

Now, we’re curious what kind of Track this blind item was really a Master of. Can you guess who I’m talking about?



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35 comments to Questionably Queer

  • mrsjaymack

    Kid Capri. Ace, not sure why it says “DJ” and “Dave.” Aren’t they the same person?

  • CanaryCry

    I could be wrong, but I’ll guess “Dave” was Luther Vandross.

  • FiyahHotFlashy

    DJ: Kid Capri
    Dave: ???

  • scumby

    Dave is Kid Capri

  • terry123

    Grandmaster Flash

  • GingerIsMe

    Kid Capri

  • rreilly1012

    DJ and Dave are both Kid Capri

    His gov’t name is David Anthony Love, Jr.

    Not sure who the party girl or the flaming queen are but that isn’t what’s asked.

  • brobdingnagian

    I think it’s DJ Kid Capri!

  • 20twenty

    DJ: Kid Capri
    Dave is his real first name.

  • CelebrityFan

    David Anthony Love, Jr. also known by his stage name Kid Capri. (The DJ and Dave are the same person)

    According to his wiki page he is a DJ from the Bronx who is half African-American and half Italian descent, and he had garnered widespread attention at Studio 54.

  • real313

    Funkmaster flex?

  • CountessLurkula

    Kid Capri

  • Mandy G.

    I don’t have a clue regarding who this is. What I do know is that the party girl must not have been paying attention in her English classes when she was in school.

  • stolidog

    The only thing I can guess about this blind is that it was pretty offensive.

    • ILoveLucy

      Quotes cannot be deemed offensive. The person being quoted was not present. Your point is moot.

  • shuboy

    DJ: Kid Capri

    Dave: His real name Dave Anthony Love, JR.

  • HotTeacher88

    Grandmaster Flash. Hope he was careful in those Studio 54 days.

    • HotTeacher88

      Dumb reply. Didn’t see the half-Italian part. That knocks out Grandmaster Flash. But a couple of flaming disco queens from that era were Miss J, the model expert who appeared on America’s Next Top model. They don’t flame any hotter than that, and he can be seen in old pics of Studio 54. Another one was Sterling St. Jacque, who was an infamous staple of Studio 54 and supposedly the inspiration for that “Greatest Dancer” song by Sister Sledge. He was a kept man for an older black actor who pretended he adopted him as a son, so I could see him squatting with someone else, as this is how he was known to live. Really handsome but didn’t pretend to be straight.

  • Virgo826

    Kid Capri
    David Anthony Love Jr

  • leosgrl88

    DJ: Kid Capri

    There is no Dave. Well, Kid Capri’s real name is David Anthony Love Jr. If you look at the article, it say “Dave was like, “Oh, that’s just one of my friends………….meaning Dave is who the article is about. Kid Capri

  • glittercoke

    Are Dave/DJ not the same person?

    Dave/DJ: Kid Capri

  • cadudel

    Kid Capri Master of the Mix

  • ggggbabybaby

    That party girl sounds like a homophobic b*. It’s not like straight guys should never interact with gay guys. But whatever. No idea who this blind is about. I would guess Swizz Beatz, but he’s Puerto Rican, not Italian.

    • ILoveLucy

      It probably just took her by surprise. She didn’t know her friend was on the down low like that. It could mess up your thoughts and words that follow. Shocked and surprised and maybe mad she wasn’t better informed of her friends choices?

  • ThisIKnow

    Jellybean Benitez
    Kid Capri

  • alexagb

    DJ Kid Capri

  • HollyG

    Ace, I think you’re looking for the names of the DJ and the queen, not the DJ and Dave.

    The DJ is David Love, aka Kid Capri. No idea who had the key to his house.

  • mary76lee

    No idea

  • narz

    Kid Capri but no clue who the Queen is.

  • Syd Wishes

    Kid Capri and Andy Kahn, who according to disco-disco dot com opened a studio called “Queen Village Recording Studios” in Philly, early ’70s, with his brother?

    I googled “flaming disco queen.” I’m pretty sure I am wrong and the queen would be someone a little more famous. (Sorry, Mr. Kahn!)

  • lily is my puppy


  • luvprue1

    DJ: Kid Capri

  • VodkaSoaked

    DJ: Kid Capri aka David Love Jr.

    Flaming Disco Queen: For lack of a better guess Russell Simmons. He used to promote for Disco Fever, the birthplace of the New York Hip-Hop club scene, and has always been dogged by rumors of his sexuality.