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[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which “sweet” talking talk show host is becoming so tough on her celebrity guests that the word is getting out – amongst celebrities – that they should stay away from the show until the host’s mood brightens?

One celebrity guest was so surprised when she was asked, “Why are you self centered? Everything is always about you. Why are you always saying rude things about the way celebrities dress on the red carpet? – that after the taping, the ambushed star and her publicist causes such a scene that the entire line of questioning was edited out of the final show that aired.

The host has also shocked her studio audience when talking to the staff in a manner very different from how the person they think they know would speak!

Guess Who?




katie couric joan riversSOLVED!

Host: Katie Couric

Show: Katie

Guest: Joan Rivers

Source: New York Daily News

Whatever happened to morning-show sweetheart and professional journalist Katie Couric? Well, on a recent episode of her talk show Katie, she went all viper on Joan Rivers. From The New York Daily News:

Katie Couric’s hard line of questions during talk-show chat

leaves Joan Rivers ‘furious’

No serious questions! Katie Couric seemed to be having fun when she kicked off “Friday Happy Hour” on her talk show, “Katie,” and celebrated her show’s 100th episode with mother-daughter duo Joan and Melissa Rivers back on Feb. 22.

However, Confidenti@l has learned that particular taping was anything but a happy hour.

“Joan left the show furious with Katie and her producers, vowing to never return,” one WE-TV insider tells Confidential. “It was meant to be a funny, silly, Oscar-themed party, but instead Joan felt the usually perky Katie got nasty.”

According to our source, Rivers became upset when Couric started asking things like why Joan was “self-absorbed” and why everything was always about her.

“She even demanded to know why Joan said ‘nasty’ things about celebrities,” says the source.

Rivers was so unhappy with the ambush interview that after several conversations she had with Couric and her producers, that portion of the interview never aired. Instead, the show focused on Katie’s more softball questions and Rivers’ “we’ve been on more red carpets than Aladdin” one-liners.

“It is no secret that Katie hates doing gossipy type interviews,” one show insider says. “When Katie is asked to do something she doesn’t want to do, the mean girl part of her personality comes out. Unfortunately for her, Joan is the same way.”

Rivers’ daughter, Melissa, also a guest that day, commented on celebrity fashion, hair and flabby arms.

Couric, clad in a purple and orange floral number, asked the duo if they ever get sick of doing fashion commentary on E!’s “Fashion Police.” Then she attempted to get serious.

“You’re a very complicated person,” Couric told Rivers in a portion that was aired. “You’re so driven and you want to stay in the game.”

“My job is to make people laugh,” Rivers replied. “I love what I do.”

Rivers did not get back to us with comment.

A source close to Couric says, “Katie loves Joan. Anyone who watched the show saw that Katie and Joan had a fun, spirited back and forth. This wasn’t anything unusual.”

It’s one thing to ask a comedian about their style of comedy. Joan Rivers is an insult comic and she would gladly have fielded the question professionally (and probably would have even had a funny reply). But for Couric to call her “self-absorbed” is just rude. There’s no where for Joan to go with a remark like that. We don’t know if Couric was trying to be a serious journalist or an insult comic with comments like that. In either case, she missed the mark and owes Rivers an apology.

Congratulations to  IconCU, who was first with the complete correct guess!

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