Freaking Out Over iPhone

iphone 2[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which big time star is freaking out because she has lost her IPhone?

She isn’t worried about someone finding compromising pictures, or revealing celebrities phone numbers and email addresses, she doesn’t even care that you will see her naughty texts – what is terrifying her is that if the phone falls into the wrong hands, the rest of her cast mates will realize it is her who has been leaking nasty information on all her co-stars to the press.

For a long time the ladies knew that they had a leak on the set but always assumed it was a member of the crew or one of the hair and makeup people. They have NO IDEA it was one of the cast member who is behind all the leaks!

So if you do find an IPhone, before you check the photo library – check the send emails and then call Naughty But Nice Rob! WINK



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