Comeback Girl Is Demanding Lots of Money

woman money 24[Pink Villa] Recently there has been a lot of buzz about a certain actress, about to make her second comeback, demanding pots and pots of money for her endorsement deals.

However, it has been discovered now that it was actually her talent management agency that was to be blamed for the industry’s ‘pricey’ perception of her.

A source says, “The actress had hired a new agency to take care of her brand endorsements. Recently when a construction company wanted her as their brand ambassador, they approached her agency. But the figures they quoted as her fees ran in a couple of crores. It forced the company to withdraw their offer.”

However, after a few days the company decided to approach the actress directly and was even more stumped when the figure she quoted for the endorsement was only in lakhs. They informed her duly of her agency’s act and the actress apparently was mighty pissed.

The source adds, “She might just fire her agency as some of her other brands too have decided not to renew their contract with her. She wants to sign more and more deals, as she wants to be noticed. But her agency’s approach is actually working against her.”

BG Note: Crore is Southeast Asian slang for 10 million in currency


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  1. Bebo says

    Only person in bollywood making a second comeback right now Madhuri Dixit so I’m going w/her

  2. MikeInSanJose says

    A lakh (/ˈlæk/ lak or /ˈlɑːk/ lahk; also lac; abbreviated L) is a unit in the South Asian numbering system equal to one hundred thousand (100,000; Scientific notation: 105), written as 100,000. It is widely used both in official and other contexts in Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.


  3. ValleyOfTheGalls says

    Aishwarya Rai. She was a huge star in India until she had a baby. She was fat-shamed after not losing the baby weight. She showed up in Cannes this year skinnier and dying to make a comeback.

  4. LimpingNalgona says

    Jessica Biel
    She Recently changed management & ThInks Much More Of Herself Than Others Do.

  5. Rockfish78 says

    My guess is Kirstie Alley. She has a new network show coming out in the fall with Rhea Perlman.

  6. EastCoaster says

    No idea who the actress is, but a question: why would an actor or actress endorse a construction company? Seems an odd match.

  7. mira76 says

    I think it’s Kajol. I’m pretty sure there was recent talk about her possibly planning a second comeback, though I can’t remember where I read that.

  8. VodkaSoaked says

    Wow. First off, let me just say it’s been quite awhile I actually had to look up the definition of a word. So, kudos.

    As for the actress…southeast Asia or Indian…hmmm, I guess I’ll go with Aiswayra Rai (sp) since I remember her being this huge entity in the movie world and then she just disappeared.

  9. Sarah_Says says

    I will lean the Bollywood directions with either:

    – Madhuri Dixit, or
    – Karisma Kapoor