Lay Off The Roids

bodybuilder torso[Hollywood Street King] Today’s blind item is said to have been suffering from severe back pains for years, but that’s not because of the heavy breasts he once carried for Wanda.

Sources say our mystery actor’s ailment led him to became a slave to those back pains, leading our blind item to have recently gone under the knife to fix the problem. Though the surgery may have cured his back pain, sources say it may have come at another physically-related cost. Know why? Because we’re told doctors have advised dude to stay away from the gym during his recovery.

That could be a problem, being that insiders reveal our mystery man was once heavily reliant on steroids to maintain pumped muscles for the cameras. Now, his Living Color may involve quickly losing that athletic shape.

Can you guess who I’m talking about?


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  1. MissLortie says


    Wanda for Jamie Lee Curtis who played with his wife in True Lies
    He already recognized using them before 1990s but I’m not sure he really did 😛

    • luvprue1 says

      Wanda is also the name of a character that Jamie Fox play on the show “In Living Colors”.

  2. sweetcheeks says

    Jamie Foxx. And Wanda was the best character on In Living Color- next to Fire Marshall Bill!!!

  3. GingerIsMe says

    Because of the “living color” and “Wanda” comment, I’m guessing Jaime Foxx.

  4. tink says

    Actor: Jamie Foxx (Clues: Wanda, his character on Living Color, “slave” Django reference)

  5. MrsGosling says

    This IS Jamie Foxx.

    He used to be a cast member on ‘In Living Color’ and was well-known for the character ‘Wanda’ on the show.

  6. phlyfiremama says

    Jamie Foxx. Wanda was his recurring character, and In Living Color was the Wayans brothers show that made him famous.

  7. kadyholiday says

    Jim Carrey played Rocky in a Living Color sketch. Not sure about Wanda but I would say this is Sly.

    • sidhu105 says

      Played the character of “Wanda” on “In Living Color”
      Played a “slave” in Django Unchained
      Also, he’s been looking quite thin during the promotion of his new

  8. PrettyInPink says

    Shot in the dark but I’m going with Jamie Foxx clues: Wanda was the character that he played on the Fox show “In Living Color”

  9. KatarinaJ says

    Jamie Fox starred on IN LIVING COLOR and one of his most popular characters was large breasted Wanda. He pumped up for roles too. This seems obviously him.

  10. Buzz Spill says

    Jamie Foxx. He was on “In Living Color” where he played Wanda & was “slave” in Django Unchained.

  11. DiamondGoddess says

    Jamie Foxx.
    (On “In Living Color”, played a character called Wanda.)
    I thought he was naturally ripped.