Hide The Hot Tub Photos

couple hot tub 2[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which celebrity couple, which now has a little baby, got caught a few years ago making whoopee in a hot tub in Mexico. At the time, the pictures quickly disappeared off the market and the then-new couple sat down for an awkward “at photo” cover with a magazine.

Now, the images are popping up again and the male part of the pair is doing everything in his power to make sure no one gets to see them.

“They have a baby so we know they do it,” says one person who has seen the images. “It’s not the sex part that he is upset about, it’s the fact that he must have just got out of a very cold shower.” HOWLING!!

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  1. Bel Ami says

    it’s Nick and Vanessa Lachey. I saw the pics back then but I hope they keep them off the market.

  2. reverie says

    The only guess I have is Cam Gigandet.
    -Howling reference could point to Twilight/Werewolves
    -Was on vacation in Mexico in 2010 (“a few years ago”)
    -Second child born on January.

    He’s been married since 2007 and they already had one child, so that’s the only part that seems off, since the blind makes it feel like they were a very new couple when the photos were taken and that this is their first child.

  3. Molls says

    Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo.
    I remember that and they threatened to sue the resort at the time if they released the pix.

  4. MikeInSanJose says

    Doesn’t Matthew McConaughey spend a lot of time in Mexico? And his gf, Camila Avilez, just had their 2nd?

    I could buy that he’s got a tinky-winky. Don’t recall ever noticing much of anything going on in his britches. And the pic above does sorta look like him… Before he got all freaky skinny…

  5. zeep says

    My first thought was Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart, buy that wouldn’t make sense as we’ve already seen that business.

  6. littlemissfoggy says

    Jessica Simpson made a comment a few years ago about Nick being, um, modest in the pants department. (Which was classy of her!)

  7. matthew netting says

    my guess would’ve
    been Matthew
    is saying Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo
    I will too

  8. NurseRozetta says

    seen artciles where Nick and Vanessa were in Mexico a lot in mags, and didnt Jessica Simpson say his was pretty small???????

  9. pnwpersonkim says

    Nick and vanessa. We all know it’s small. Word had it that van staged photo op then, and now he has a cd out to promote.

  10. packerpoke says

    I remember seeing these, it was very unclassy of them. You do this thing behind closed doors. Nothing was ever said to them at all. They got away with one.

    • lovelula87 says

      no it’s “unclassy” that paparazzi are everywhere stalking these people for photos like this.

  11. nolabelle says

    Hmmm… Former exes have commented on their underwhelmingness re either Lachey or the OTO member Jay-Z so it could be either one I guess but the more recent baby was the Lachey one I think?