Like A Wife

sports 1[Blind Gossip] It looks like this professional athlete crossed the wrong ex-employee.

While the athlete claims that he and the ex-employee were simply “close friends” – and has been denying that they had a sexual relationship with the employee – the employee is not supporting the athlete’s version of events.

The male employee is now telling anyone who will listen, “He loved me like a brother, but he f*cked me like a wife.”

He says he has plenty of photos and text messages to back up his side of the story. He says that he is speaking out because he wants the truth to be out there… but also admits that he would also like to star in a reality show.


Ex-Employee (not famous):

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    • akajenb says

      This, he’s been all over the net, plus the guy he was with is about to get his reality show. It’s time for these athletes to come out of the closet. Kerry Rhodes pics is full

    • Tanzania says

      I agree, the ex is a jerk. But Kerry shoulda covered his a** first before breaking up with him.

    • HotTeacher88 says

      I think it’s wrong to out him just because he didn’t want to come out. That isn’t that uncommon!!!! The only way I see outing him is if he’s being downlow and also sleeping with women. There, I draw the line. If he is strictly d***ly, however, no crime.

  1. Herkeda says

    NFL star Kerry Rhodes and his ex-boyfriend Russell “Hollywood” Jackson. Hollywood has leaked several rounds of intimate photos on high-trafficked black blogs, and claims to also have text messages. Hollywood was also shopping around a reality show awhile back…

  2. FiyahHotFlashy says

    NFL Baller-Kerry Rhodes and his assistant Hollywood Simpson.Those pixs don’t lie!

  3. VinylDestination says

    Kerry Rhodes and his ex Russell “Hollywood” Simpson.

    Kissing’ n tellin’ – never sexy, but great for us!

  4. HotTeacher88 says

    Kerry Rhoades and the little ‘Hollywood’guy he is kissing on in and sharing a lounge chair with in those pics. Supposed to be his assistant.

  5. daniellebev says

    This is Kerry Rhodes – pictures came out earlier this week of him and his “assistant” named “hollywood” kissing and cuddling…

  6. Lou12 says

    It’s about Kerry Rhodes. His old “assistant” has already released his story and pictures of the two of them together.

  7. says

    Oh, this is NFL baller Kerry Rhodes and his gay ex-assistant Russell “Hollywood” Simpson. I wish these ballers and entertainers would be honest about their orientation.

  8. august says

    Who the hell is this?
    I was thinking Jeter and A Rod although they are still on the team together or are they?
    I could swear there’s been a secret affair going on with them.
    I mean lets face it Jeter has gone threw women , either he doesn’t trust them or hes gay.
    Something to think about.

  9. YankeeGirl226 says

    Athlete: Kerry Rhodes

    Ex-Employee (not famous): Russell “Hollywood” Simpson

    This guy is the biggest f*cking douche ever.

  10. Kellz says

    This is EVERYWHERE.

    Athlete: NFL Star KERRY RHODES.
    Ex-Employee/former assistant: Russell “Hollywood” Simpson.

  11. Virgo826 says

    Athlete: NFL’er Kerry Rhodes
    Ex: Douchebag’er Russell “Hollywood” Simpson

    True or not, what a d*ck for outing this guy to advance his own ambitions!

  12. HotTeacher88 says

    The pics of Kerry Rhodes are taken at a slight distance, not selfies and not posed. They look like paparazzi photos or at least someone spying. If they were leaked by him, I guess he arranged for them. Very odd to be in the closet but outside in the open public being cozy with a combustibly flaming little dude. The body language says it all.

  13. ThinkerBelle says

    Athlete: Kerry Rhodes
    Ex-Employee: Russell “Hollywood” Jackson (he’s openly gay)

    And who cares? Guys – athletes, actors, singers, etc. – come on out. If you’re a good athlete, actor, singer, etc. you’ll be fine. If you act like Gwyneth Paltrow (straight?) then you’re screwed in or out of the closet.

    Love ya Ace!

  14. MamaJunesneckrolls says

    Kerry Rhodes and his ex assistant Hollywood
    It’s all over Baller Alert and Media Takeout.

    Lesson to all DL men,, dont mess with the girly-boys, they will put you on blast in 2 seconds.
    Sad to see such a hot man like Kerry with such a flaming queen…

  15. Dont Know For Sure says

    This is one I do know for sure.

    Athlete: Kerry Rhodes

    Ex-Employee (not famous): Hollywood

  16. Ms.MArcos says

    We have to support guys who want to come out. Not turn it into something it’s not…news.

  17. Nomad says

    I think all gay pro athletes should consider coming out at the same time. That would avoid all the heat being on just one guy and the possible negative consequences to their career. Rhodes is at risk because he’s currently a free agent, I believe, and this may hurt him. Also, if they all came out at once, that would give them some protection from scum bags who would want to exploit them.

  18. pscheck2 says

    I just ‘googled’ Russell J. and, oh,gwd! what a qu**n!. I fault Kerry for having poor taste in partners of ‘love!’ He should set his sights much higher along the line of a Kris Humphrey (if he is gay–which I’m sure he is not)