Coachella Woo Flash

allen stone 5[Blind Gossip] Soul musician Allen Stone performed at Coachella last weekend. His music tends to be more on the mellow side, so the crowd at his concert was generally respectful and attentive.

One young celebrity apparently didn’t get the memo. While Allen was performing, she was screaming “Wooooo!” at the top of her lungs and pumping her fists in the air.

That’s not all. This concert was during daylight hours, and our girl was dressed in a loose-fitting crop top without anything underneath. She would occasionally yell for the singer’s attention… and then lift up her top to flash him. “Wooooo!”

Those around her said that few people paid attention to her antics, perhaps because she was acting like just another random wasted bohemian girl at Coachella. And perhaps because everyone has already seen her naked?

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