Deep Voice and Pot and Swearing

[Hollywood Street King] This moon-walking man may have his baby sister to thank for hooking him up with a spot where he could find some peace. The retreat – where our mystery man is said to have gone for privacy – is reported to be the home of Interscope Records music exec John McClain.

Today’s blind item was a real dude, who’s high-pitched voice was one he’s said to have reserved only for the public. Sources say when he was amongst those who really knew him, our blind item spoke with his naturally deep-talking voice.

He’s far from being the timid character he often portrayed for the cameras. Just ask John, who sources say was no stranger to our blind item’s cussing and pot-smoking. Don’t believe me.. Ask Nona Gaye.

This legendary singer’s marijuana use may explain why one of his favorite things was coconut ice cream.

Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?

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