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diva 4SOLVED!

[Blind Gossip] For years, she was primarily known as a singer, but the title of reality show judge brought her even more recognition.

All of those performance experiences should add up to someone who understands how to behave during a combination interview and photo shoot. Not in this case!

All of the crew people were very excited to meet her, but their excitement quickly wore off when she proved impossible to work with. She was rude and dismissive to the makeup artist, the hair stylist, the fashion stylist, the photographer, and everyone else who was trying to make her look good.

She hated absolutely everyone and everything, and her barrage of criticism never stopped. “This makeup is all wrong!”; “These clothes are all wrong!”; “My hair is all wrong!”; “Change the music!”; “Don’t you people know what you’re doing?” She gave everyone dirty looks, and pretended not to hear them when they talked to her and tried to offer her options. They wound up getting very few photos they could actually use.

She wound up delaying the shoot by three hours with her “divaness.” She hated everyone and everything. That’s fine, because she made at least a dozen new enemies during the shoot, and now they hate her right back!

But here’s the strange part: When it came time for the interview… her personality changed completely! She cracked open a few bottles of wine and ran around smiling and giggling and offering everyone a drink. She was toasted by the time the interview began, and she and the writer drank wine and laughed together, and she came across as just the nicest person ever!

The rest of the crew watched the 180-degree change in her behavior with surprise and shock. So horrible to the crew, but so nice to the interviewer. Such a bitch before the alcohol, so friendly after a few drinks. They don’t know whether she is calculating or psychotic or what… but what they do know is that they never want to work with her again!

No, It’s Not: Mariah Carey.

nicole scherzinger 1SOLVED!

It’s Nicole Scherzinger! Source: BlindGossip.com

Nicole is a former member of The Pussycat Dolls and served as a judge on X Factor.

Who knew that Scherzinger was so nutty? Divaness, demands, and drunkeness are usually hallmarks of a Mariah Carey interview!

Boy, was she a total pill at this interview! The entire styling crew were ready to tear their own hair out after hours and hours of her mean girl behavior.

It probably helped that the interviewer drank with her, though, as the interview itself did make Scherzinger look good (and only hints a little at what was happening behind the scenes of the shoot).

To protect the other people mentioned in the blind item, we won’t name the magazine, but we will tell you that the interview occurred this year and was published.

Perhaps her team should have a little chat with Miss Scherzinger as to how she can act a little bit more like a pussy cat to the people around her… and a little less like a b*tch.

Congrats to Valleygirl86, who was the ONLY Blinder to guess this one correctly!

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