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diva 4SOLVED!

[Blind Gossip] For years, she was primarily known as a singer, but the title of reality show judge brought her even more recognition.

All of those performance experiences should add up to someone who understands how to behave during a combination interview and photo shoot. Not in this case!

All of the crew people were very excited to meet her, but their excitement quickly wore off when she proved impossible to work with. She was rude and dismissive to the makeup artist, the hair stylist, the fashion stylist, the photographer, and everyone else who was trying to make her look good.

She hated absolutely everyone and everything, and her barrage of criticism never stopped. “This makeup is all wrong!”; “These clothes are all wrong!”; “My hair is all wrong!”; “Change the music!”; “Don’t you people know what you’re doing?” She gave everyone dirty looks, and pretended not to hear them when they talked to her and tried to offer her options. They wound up getting very few photos they could actually use.

She wound up delaying the shoot by three hours with her “divaness.” She hated everyone and everything. That’s fine, because she made at least a dozen new enemies during the shoot, and now they hate her right back!

But here’s the strange part: When it came time for the interview… her personality changed completely! She cracked open a few bottles of wine and ran around smiling and giggling and offering everyone a drink. She was toasted by the time the interview began, and she and the writer drank wine and laughed together, and she came across as just the nicest person ever!

The rest of the crew watched the 180-degree change in her behavior with surprise and shock. So horrible to the crew, but so nice to the interviewer. Such a bitch before the alcohol, so friendly after a few drinks. They don’t know whether she is calculating or psychotic or what… but what they do know is that they never want to work with her again!

No, It’s Not: Mariah Carey.

nicole scherzinger 1SOLVED!

It’s Nicole Scherzinger! Source: BlindGossip.com

Nicole is a former member of The Pussycat Dolls and served as a judge on X Factor.

Who knew that Scherzinger was so nutty? Divaness, demands, and drunkeness are usually hallmarks of a Mariah Carey interview!

Boy, was she a total pill at this interview! The entire styling crew were ready to tear their own hair out after hours and hours of her mean girl behavior.

It probably helped that the interviewer drank with her, though, as the interview itself did make Scherzinger look good (and only hints a little at what was happening behind the scenes of the shoot).

To protect the other people mentioned in the blind item, we won’t name the magazine, but we will tell you that the interview occurred this year and was published.

Perhaps her team should have a little chat with Miss Scherzinger as to how she can act a little bit more like a pussy cat to the people around her… and a little less like a b*tch.

Congrats to Valleygirl86, who was the ONLY Blinder to guess this one correctly!

nicole scherzinger 1

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    • PinkSlip says

      No, it says that she’s known as a singer but being a reality show judge “brought her more recognition.” I really don’t think it’s Christina, who has been in movies and was MASSIVELY worldwide famous before some local US show…on the other hand, that other judge Demi something, who none of us know overseas, has become more famous since that show….so I think it’s Demi L.

      • sarahbella246 says

        Not Demi, because Demi got her start acting, as well as singing. Anyone would become famous after starring opposite the Jonas Brothers back in 08.

    • wendy hood says

      Totally agree. High five for the MPD reference, btw. How long are these fragmented stars going to be able to publicly break down and act like mental patients before more people realized they’ve been traumatized into the ground?

    • PixieNina says

      shakira is one of the biggest international singers, I dont think she “needs recognition”.

  1. ktbell05 says

    Xtina? I know she is not on the Voice anymore-but maybe this was from last season? I can totally see her performing this type of behavior. I would guess Demi-but she is not old enough to drink. Not that it really matters….

      • Vinnie says

        That’s totally a clue! My guess is Xtina too. We all know she has a drinking problem and the last sentence says the crew never wants to work for her again- implying that they don’t now. She was sort of bi##hy on air- I wouldn’t even want to guess how bad it was off air!

      • Vinnie says

        Plus she is primarily only a singer- her “acting” was a joke. Jlo started as a dancer and Nicki is still being worked with.

  2. samson says

    lol Mariah Carey would’ve been my first guess 😀

    I guess Jennifer Lopez, as she’s been a judge and the “primarly known as a singer” = she has done (horrible) movies but is not known by them.
    She doesn’t seem like SUCH a diva so i’m not sure about this…

    • Vampa15 says

      I second this. Most of the female reality show judges are more primarily known for their singing careers than the reality shows they’re on. My first thought was Paula.

      If I had to second guess though, the only other fit for this is Demi Lovato

    • BRUSHFIRE97 says

      This was my first guess too. She is old enough that people have forgotten her music career and her judging AI brought her back.

      • itsher says

        It will be very shocking if it is Paula. Brushfire- I remembered listening to her music as a kid in the late 80s, early 90s and when AI debuted, I haven’t forgotten about her as a singer at all.

        This blind screams Christina Aguilera. I can see people working behind the scenes and very excited to meet her, thinking she will be a friendly woman. However the blind indicates the woman received more recognition and Christina was pretty huge in the last decade. Now, I don’t know who could it be.

    • apeygirl says

      I really doubt this is Paula. She’s a little off sometimes, but she is a sweet person, from what I’ve experienced. I was briefly on Idol back in the day and was cut after top 44 and she was nice enough to have them put a tape together of my singing when someone from New Line contacted them (this was back when they were casting the Hairspray movie. I didn’t get the part, though I had a callback). Anyway had no idea how I got the audition till I saw her at a results show. She was very huggy and very interested in how it went. I just don’t see her behaving like that.

      • NettieHoney says

        I agree with apegirl. Everything I’ve heard about Paula (from someone who works with her) would indicate that she is nice to a fault and that she also loves to secretly surprise people with good deeds. For instance, the employee’s mother loved a certain actor. One day a package came to the house and inside was an autographed pic of him, sent anonymously, as it turned out, by Paula.

  3. MzDBDB says

    Nicki however you spell her last name. I’m not sure what she’s famous for other than being a freak.

    • ILoveLucy says

      Nope, She’s very shy and doesn’t talk to people she doesn’t know. She would never drink like that either before an interview. She has really turned things around. Her handlers would NEVER permit her to drink that way. She’s not a diva either. Does she look like a diva to you? LOL. She’s super sweet and nice to all her crew. And painfully shy. So, NO. Big fat No. I am going with J-Ho, the cradle robber of really ugly back-up dancers. Blech.

      • NotNow says

        Yeah, giving dirty looks to contestants, being cold and rude to her fans. Such a sweetheart.

    • GG says

      She was my first thought when I started reading but then isn’t J-Lo famously teetotal? So perhas that rules her out. I’ll go with Christina Aguilera as the more likely candidate!

    • cocobeannns says

      I wouldn’t say she was primarily known as a singer since she started on television and has been in countless films, fashion venues ect.

  4. SayItAintSo says

    Paula Abdul or Jennifer Lopez since Mariah Carey is a judge on there and they said Not MC.

  5. KatarinaJ says

    Has to be Nikki Minaj, given the Not Mariah comment. Plus she has been way more mainstreamed with Idol than her music career. I can see her arguing with stylist, makeup etc, rolling the eyes. I can also see her kicking back once that facet was over, either calculated OR just for real. She didn’t get where she is without calculated effort/pr but then again has humble roots. Maybe she can legitimately be both those people. You certainly see shades of each on IDOL in her comments to contestants.

    • lala04 says

      While JLo is supposedly a big diva, it is also pretty well known that she doesn’t drink alcohol. I saw a taping of the Voice last year and during the commercial breaks Xtina acted indifferent,bored and rarely talked to anyone. As soon as she was on camera though, she put on a big smile and acted sweet and involved, so I think this is her. Plus she IS known as a party girl.

  6. Virgo826 says

    Nicki Minaj…I think

    She obviously has diva tendencies, and she did a song with Lil Wayne (What’s Wrong With Them) where her chorus repeats the the line “what the f**k wrong, wrong with them”

  7. kelno19 says

    Sounds like Paula Abdul, but she was also known as a dancer/choreographer. Christina Aguilera perhaps?

  8. BambiBonanza says

    If it weren’t for the singer part & the part where she becomes nice to the interviewer at the end, this would EXACTLY describe my photo shoot w/ Padma Lakshmi several years ago.

    • KatarinaJ says

      I heard Padma was a real B. A friend of mine was on TOP CHEF and said she is so snotty and essentially ‘turns it on’ once cameras roll but won’t even otherwise talk to the contestants.

  9. Herkeda says

    Based on what I saw on her old reality TV show, this must be Paula Abdul. The way she treated her personal assistants on that show was horrible.

  10. ValleyOfTheGalls says

    JLo. I remember watching her on Ellen and thinking how phony she was (truly, a terrible actress), sickeningly sweet for the camera, and wondered how many of Ellen’s crew wanted to kill JLo by the time she made it to the stage.
    At first I thought Nikki Minaj, but she was only a singer before Idol.

  11. breanna_monique says

    I’m going to say Shakira. I would say Nicki Minaj, but Nicki is a rapper, not a singer.

  12. Me Talk Pretty says

    Well the good thing about this one is that the list of suspects is pretty short. We have:

    Paula Abdul
    Christina Aguleria
    Britney Spears (but did X Factor really give her more recognition?)
    Demi Lovato (but she’s first known as an actress)
    Jennifer Lopez (though she was also known just as much for acting as well)
    Nikki Minaj (known as a rapper, not a singer, but sometimes people call rappers singers)

    So I’m going to go with Christina Aguleria, because we all know how much she likes to drink LOL.

    • iPanderr says

      Demi is more known as a singer. She does have quite a bit of acting under her belt, but she’s not all that great at it.

  13. patsymine says

    Nicki Manaj. Psychotic and Mariah Carey being a clue… Not JLo because she doesn’t drink.

  14. PiscesTwice says

    SO glad this is not my Mimi as I know each and every last one of you would have chosen her. I love Mariah.

    ANYWAY- My choice is… Kelly Clarkson? Wasn’t she a judge on that show “Duets”?

  15. robirob052 says

    Odd, the last line sounds like the recent Taylor Swift song ‘We Will Never Get Back Together’. But it sure can’t be her since she doesn’t have any Reality TV show gig as judge, right?

    I’d say it’s either Nicky Minaj or Christina Aguilera. Though both have already a ‘diva’ image attached to themselves so it makes me wonder why it would be such a surprise to staff people by now?

  16. iPanderr says

    I kind of want to say Demi, but the alcohol thing throws me off since she’s not of age. Anxious to see everyone else’s guess.

  17. Pinkie says

    It’s NOT Mariah Carey? She was acting all of this out in my head while I was reading the blind!

  18. hannahjones says

    Is this Britney? Wrong wrong wrong was said three times, britney song, three.
    Wasnt she someone who always liked a drink.

  19. hannahjones says

    Actually, maybe not brit, maybe dannii minogue, after re-reading the judging gave her more recognition, that makes sense.

  20. summerlovesya says

    Britney Spears? not sure. or Christina Aguilera, “dirty looks” <- she has a song called dirty.

  21. MissNormaDesmond says

    J to the Lo.

    I’ve heard Mariah is genuinely nice, diva moments notwithstanding.

    • guessing game says

      +1 and the drink in her hand is pink like a cosmo. Her new song is Heart Attack, which might explain all the hearts in the picture.

  22. Andreinac13 says

    Mariah seems to be a nice diva.
    So my guess is Nicki Minaj?
    She thinks she’s all that.

  23. nomnom says

    X-tina? She doesn’t strike me that way. J-Lo I could totally see, but she was more of an actress, and I don’t think anyone would be surprised by her Diva-ness. Maybe Sara Bareilles? She’s the only one I can imagine looking forward to meeting.