Cat Marnell And The Politician’s Son

cat marnell[Jezebel] “Between you and me,” writes Cat Marnell in the book proposal which netted her a $500,000 advance from Simon & Schuster, “half the time I feel very little remorse. AND I have a massive ego, if I really think about it.”

In her proposal, which was leaked to us, Marnell details her life so far. In case you haven’t been keeping up with New York, the New York Times Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, Page Six, or any of the other media outlets that enjoy a good young-woman-in-peril story, Cat Marnell is an ex-Lucky staffer, an health editor, an ex-Vice columnist, and a self-described glamorous dr*g add*ct…

The proposal is also stuffed with blind items. A particularly compelling one is regarding “the son of one of the most famous living Democrats,” who was an acquaintance of Marnell’s from the period after she left prep school and was finishing high school in D.C. Allow Marnell to explain:

I sat with the politician’s son in a parked Oldsmobile crushing beers and taking mushrooms with him and my boyfriend on dark secluded streets with the Secret Service parked behind us, watching, watching.

Later, at her 18th birthday party:

The son of the famous unnameable politician was there too; the secret service camped outside out hotel suite door. We binged on every drug and no one cared; no one got in any trouble.

Any guesses?


Politician’s Son:

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