He Was Binging and She Was Starving

coc 7[Hollywood Street King] What this former Mr. Material Girl may not want you to know about are his 2005 c*caine binges with some of rap’s most notable faces. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Petey Pablo and Suge Knight.

That’s while this actor’s second time around chic, Robin Wright, would reportedly come downstairs for a Salmon dish — exclaiming, “80-calories, gotta keep my weight down!” That’s before girlfriend would make a U-turn back to her room. Just ask Bobby Cooper.

Here’s the drop: “Petey used to bring Spinderella over to the house all the time. All Petey and dude would do is sniff blow! Dude would then run upstairs to see Robin — only to come back down to sniff more coke.”




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