He Was Binging and She Was Starving

coc 7[Hollywood Street King] What this former Mr. Material Girl may not want you to know about are his 2005 c*caine binges with some of rap’s most notable faces. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Petey Pablo and Suge Knight.

That’s while this actor’s second time around chic, Robin Wright, would reportedly come downstairs for a Salmon dish — exclaiming, “80-calories, gotta keep my weight down!” That’s before girlfriend would make a U-turn back to her room. Just ask Bobby Cooper.

Here’s the drop: “Petey used to bring Spinderella over to the house all the time. All Petey and dude would do is sniff blow! Dude would then run upstairs to see Robin — only to come back down to sniff more coke.”




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      • channel orange says

        I’m wondering the same thing! Is “Salmon” slang for something? What is Spinderella? Who is Bobby Cooper? More questions than answers, but IMO according to HSK: in 2005 Douche Penn was a cokehead and Robin had an eating disorder.

      • Mrs.DarylDixon says

        Spinderella was DJ for Salt and Peppa. I feel old having to explain that.
        Looooonnnggg time lurker. 1st post :)

      • ILoveLucy says

        It seems like even 80 calories was too much and she’d make herself go throw up. Thats what i get from that part. That is easy to get into, as a woman, esp in her line of work. I am sure she was using coke too. But it doesn’t say that.

  1. Virgo826 says

    Sean Penn- no surprise with the drugs or Robin weight issues, I guess I am surprised rappers would want to hang with him though…

  2. ValleyOfTheGalls says

    It’s not surprising that Penn is a drug addict. He pontificates about everything that strikes his fancy in that borish, self-righteous way that is the hallmark of a coke-head. I think his wife left him after getting sober. He didn’t help her career and he must be a nightmare to those close to him.

    • PinkSlip says

      “Didn’t help her career”?? She was below medium range when she married him….she went to high range being Mrs. Penn….

  3. ImVioletsMama says

    I get that this is about Sean Penn, but I don’t understand what the Salmon part with Robin Wright is all about.

    • ILoveLucy says

      It makes me think she might have had lesbian relationships that he was aware of and didnt care. Maybe? Going back to her bedroom, for salmon? I dunno? LOL

  4. gymlife247 says

    Sean Penn, previously married to Ms. Material Girl herself, Madonna; then married to Robin Wright for a number of years.

  5. I Am PunkA says

    So Sean Penn did loads of blow while Robin ate healthy and stayed away from it all.

  6. PandoraWolf says

    Duh, Sean Penn. But him binging on coke and his actress gf/ex-wife starving.

    Is the surprising part that he hung with rap stars

  7. nolabelle says

    Easy-Sean” I am an avowed communist and anti-American who loves taking American fans money” Penn. why doesn’t he just move to the many many communist countries of his choice and obvious preference? Because he knows capitalism allows him to “take” duped fans money through the high capitalist industry of entertainment. He is a hypocrite and a dr*g add* ct. While we were suffering in nola from Katrina, this famewh*re flew in for a “photo-op” of him in a pirogue , ‘supposedly’ rescuing stranded people. It was all hype and spin. He left as soon as the pics were taken. (probably wanted to hitch a free ride on the ‘private fuel hungry jet’ that Op*h and “Revolta” we’re using to get their photo-ops too). What a jerk. I like Robin and so glad she escaped his lair.

  8. blueeyes says

    I’ve been reading this site for a while, but have never posted…but how is this a blind item? What am I missing? How is this anyone other than the former Mr. Madonna, and the former Mr. Robin Wright, Sean Penn?

    • FairyMay9 says

      Ace sometimes posts a note on HSK, not this time. This source, HSK, is never exactly about the subject matter that’s obvious in the content. HSK wants you to read between the lines and hear the more subtle subtext they’re not saying.

      Sean is/was a cokehead hanging with rappers (?!), and robin is freaking starving.

    • KatarinaJ says

      This was explained in a Magic Johnson blind the other day. Some blinds CAN be transparent but simply can’t name the actual person for liability reasons. On that note though, I am unsure why sometimes HUGE details are indeed given away and other blinds are cryptic. What determines this? The length of time gone by?

  9. Lizzie616 says

    This is soooo Sean Penn. Married to Madonna then divorced her and a few years later married Robin Wright.

    • Jordan Joelle says

      I got Robin Wright mixed up with Robin Givens. lol. This is why I guessed Brad, at first.

  10. meemo506 says

    Wow, so Sean Penn did coke with Suge Knight and Co. and Robin Wright Penn has some serious problems with food (eating disorder?) and totally ignored it.

    Am I missing anything?

  11. monstica says

    OK we need some help here this is a Hollywood Street King Blind. I actually started reading his site! Sounds like Sean Penn has a drug problem and Robin Wright has a eating disorder. But can someone tell us what Spinderella and Bobby Cooper clues are. Can someone fill us in!!!!!!

    This site is a read between the lines site!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. morgana says

    Don’t forget guys what Ace said:
    BG Note: Some blind items are easy, and some are difficult. HSK’s blind items serve a very clever and distinct purpose. HSK conveys information that can’t be printed in the mainstream press. So, instead of commenting on how easy or difficult it is to “solve” them, try to focus your comments on what HSK is trying to tell you.

  13. EastCoaster says

    I’m fascinated that “Hollywood Street King” so often uses the subject’s actual name in his (non) blind items!! Doesn’t he get sued constantly?? How is he able to continue with such a practice? I don’t think that any of the other gossip sites dare state the actual names involved, at least not until the blind item has been solved publicly.
    BG, what are the legalities/ethics involved in gossip reporting? Thank you!

  14. HmmLetMeSee says

    Ok obviously Sean Penn. But HSK’s blinds are telling more than the obvious.

    This part here has me guessing:

    “Here’s the drop: “Petey used to bring Spinderella over to the house all the time. All Petey and dude would do is sniff blow! Dude would then run upstairs to see Robin — only to come back down to sniff more coke.”

    Spinderella of Salt N Pepa? Then it says ‘Petey and dude …’ and ‘Dude would then run upstairs to see Robin’. Is ‘dude’ Spinderella? Are we suggesting something between Spinderella and Robin? Petey and Robin? Otherwise, why mention it?

  15. pixxxie says

    its obviously sean penn but this blind also eludes to robin being with spinderela .. ala theres her salmon dish..

  16. LivDizzly says

    Bobby Cooper has only 7 acting credits, 3 of them linked to Sean Penn (I Am Sam, She’s So Lovely, and The Crossing Guard). I other is with Timothy Hutton (Sean’s costar in Taps)

  17. weareallstars says

    Sean Penn, without a doubt. Take this for what it’s worth but I have one of those second hand type stories about this former couple. I have a friend who does carpentry and redid some cabinets at their house. He said they were the nicest clients he had ever had. He said Sean especially was extremely cordial. Makes me wonder if Sean offered more than a drink now after reading this.

  18. NYBasementBaby says

    The urban dictionary says that spinderella is meth. Dude=Sean Penn. U- turn is a movie Penn starred in with J-lo and Bobby Cooper is the name of the character he played in that movie.