Frenemy Fire

best friends 7[Blind Gossip] These two young female celebrities have been frenemies for the past few years. One day they are best of friends,  hanging out and laughing together… and the next day they are ready to absolutely scratch each other’s eyes out!

They have been on good terms lately, so their friends were stunned when a very recent text exchange between the two quickly turned ugly. Here is a condensed version of that conversation as relayed by friends from both sides:

A: i hear you have a new song coming out

B: yeah it drops soon. (teasing) wanna make a bet my song will do better than yours in the first week?

A: haha. you say that like you think anyone actually cares about your music

B: my fans do

A: the only reason you even have fans is because you dated [Boy]

B: well the only reason you’re famous is because of your bullshit rehab story

A: well at least i’m not a whore

B: well at least i’m not a coke whore

A: why don’t you go over to [Boy’s] house so the paps can get a few more pics of you?

B: why don’t you go back to rehab before you OD?

Not surprisingly, the two haven’t spoken in over a week now.

Girl A:

Girl B:


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  1. boobytrap says

    A – demi lovato, known for being a coke fiend
    B – selena gomez, known for sucking a lot of d***
    boy – the biebs

  2. zane92 says

    Girl A: Demi
    Girl B: Selena
    Boy: JB before the break up? I mean this conversation could be from months ago…

    • YoGo8c says

      Like this one too. I’m leaning more towards Swift/Demi but people do ‘care’ about Taylor’s music (gawd knows why) and for someone to say that to her they’d have to be brave, lol! So it’s more likely to be two no-marks in the music world; Selena and Demi fit better for that.

      Unless the lesser music star is just being bold by being sarcastic and insulting. Which could point back to Taylor and Demi.

  3. LooLoo says

    Bieber’s ex, that young brunette girl, and Demi Lovato. They’ve been friends for years and everything fits like a glove.

  4. Herkeda says

    Girl A: Demi Lovato

    Girl B: Selena Gomez

    Boy: Justin Bieber

    The “rehab” clue sealed it for me. I looked online: Demi released a single some weeks ago, and Selena just released her new single.

  5. GG says

    I reckon that A is Demi Levato due to the ‘bullshit rehab story’.
    Girl B: Selena Gomez maybe, making the boy Justin Bieber.

  6. bekkasbrain says




    this is sad, especially since they grew up together and both of their families moved to hollywood together when they both started.

  7. stolidog says

    Gross, I want to scratch my own eyes out that I know this:
    Demi Lovato
    Selina Gomez
    Justin Biebler

  8. brobdingnagian says

    Girl A: Demi Lovato

    Girl B: Selena Gomez

    Boy: Justin Bieber

    This was brutal, LOL!

  9. bodyelectric says

    Demi’s single Heart Attack was released just like a month ago and Selena’s, Come And Get It, was released just a few days ago.
    We all know Selena dated Justin, plus Nick Jonas and Taylor Lautner, and thar gave her fame, that’s probably the reason Demi (Girl A)calls her a whore. And lately Selena’s been thanking her fans a lot via twitter.
    Anddd, I’ve read here on blindgossip a few things about Demi not being sober and still getting a bit high, so that’s why Selena (Girl B) calls her a coke whore.

    Girl A: Demi Lovato.
    GIrl B: Selena Gomez.
    Boy: Justin Bieber.

  10. NOTellebee says

    Selena and Demi. They’ve been friends for years but rumor has that it’s turned sour in the past few years where Selena’s star has risen without any major scandals and Demi has pretty much just spiraled.

  11. cutieswift13 says

    A: Demi Lovato (rehab, OD…)
    B: Selena Gomez (more famous boyfriend, paps…)
    Boy: Justin Bieber

  12. vancouverite76 says

    Girl A: Demi Lovato

    Girl B: Miley Cyrus

    Boy: Liam Hemsworth

    Oh girls…no one really cares about either of you or your music.

  13. ValleyOfTheGalls says

    Girl A: Demi Lovato
    Girl B: Selina Gomez
    Boy: Justin Bieber
    I totally agree with both of them.

  14. lila92 says

    Although I don’t think/didn’t know they were on good terms lately this pretty much sounds like Demi – Selena – Justin.

  15. sweetgigi1017 says

    Girl A:Demi Lovato

    Girl B:Selena Gomez

    Boy:Justin Bieber

    Hahaha this is hilarious.

    “the only reason you even have fans is because you dated [Boy]”. Selena became well known to the public because of Justin Bieber. Although it was Miley and Nick who really GOT her out there.

    “well the only reason you’re famous is because of your bullshit rehab story” Demi, thats the main reason why she’s famous is because people feel bad, although she those have a great voice.

  16. luv the beach says

    I heard both selena gomez and avril lavigne have songs coming out, can’t see them as friends though, lol

  17. KWDragon says

    Girl A: Demi Lovato (new single Heart Attack)

    Girl B: Selena Gomez (new single Come & Get It)

    Boy: Biebs

    I’d be curious about the numbers. I thought Heart Attack was “meh.”