Frenemy Fire

best friends 7[Blind Gossip] These two young female celebrities have been frenemies for the past few years. One day they are best of friends,  hanging out and laughing together… and the next day they are ready to absolutely scratch each other’s eyes out!

They have been on good terms lately, so their friends were stunned when a very recent text exchange between the two quickly turned ugly. Here is a condensed version of that conversation as relayed by friends from both sides:

A: i hear you have a new song coming out

B: yeah it drops soon. (teasing) wanna make a bet my song will do better than yours in the first week?

A: haha. you say that like you think anyone actually cares about your music

B: my fans do

A: the only reason you even have fans is because you dated [Boy]

B: well the only reason you’re famous is because of your bullshit rehab story

A: well at least i’m not a whore

B: well at least i’m not a coke whore

A: why don’t you go over to [Boy’s] house so the paps can get a few more pics of you?

B: why don’t you go back to rehab before you OD?

Not surprisingly, the two haven’t spoken in over a week now.

Girl A:

Girl B:


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