Magic Michigan Man

basketball player 1[Hollywood Street King] This Magic Michigan man didn’t seem to let his 1991 H I V positive diagnosis stop him from sharing himself with his fans. That’s because insiders reveal the not-so-on-point former point guard didn’t only later go on to swapping spit at LA’s former Savannah Club with female strangers, he also reportedly requested Roxy Club groupies to “suck his Johnson” — before telling them to finish his boys off too, so he could watch. Don’t believe me.. Ask his ’80s homeboy, Marshall.

Most recently, the son of this sports icon came out of the closet — and many are saying the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! Insiders reveal dude’s wife may also play for both teams. Don’t believe me.. Ask Chaka Khan.

Our blind item was the first Negro mascot of a company — long before Jay Z and Puffy signed up for that same role. Our mystery man is known best for pretending to be a big black businessman. In reality, he’s said to be doing nothing more than painting an illusion in order to trick Afro Americans into believing in the American dream.

Magic Michigan Man:



BG Note: Some blind items are easy, and some are difficult. HSK’s blind items serve a very clever and distinct purpose. HSK conveys information that can’t be printed in the mainstream press. So, instead of commenting on how easy or difficult it is to “solve” them, try to focus your comments on what HSK is trying to tell you.

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