Magic Michigan Man

basketball player 1[Hollywood Street King] This Magic Michigan man didn’t seem to let his 1991 H I V positive diagnosis stop him from sharing himself with his fans. That’s because insiders reveal the not-so-on-point former point guard didn’t only later go on to swapping spit at LA’s former Savannah Club with female strangers, he also reportedly requested Roxy Club groupies to “suck his Johnson” — before telling them to finish his boys off too, so he could watch. Don’t believe me.. Ask his ’80s homeboy, Marshall.

Most recently, the son of this sports icon came out of the closet — and many are saying the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! Insiders reveal dude’s wife may also play for both teams. Don’t believe me.. Ask Chaka Khan.

Our blind item was the first Negro mascot of a company — long before Jay Z and Puffy signed up for that same role. Our mystery man is known best for pretending to be a big black businessman. In reality, he’s said to be doing nothing more than painting an illusion in order to trick Afro Americans into believing in the American dream.

Magic Michigan Man:



BG Note: Some blind items are easy, and some are difficult. HSK’s blind items serve a very clever and distinct purpose. HSK conveys information that can’t be printed in the mainstream press. So, instead of commenting on how easy or difficult it is to “solve” them, try to focus your comments on what HSK is trying to tell you.

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110 comments to Magic Michigan Man

  • MissMoney

    Magic Johnson. His son recently came out of the closet and Magic released a statement that he and his wife love and accept him.

  • ericaomega

    Well well,but hasn’t the virus supposedly disappeared due to the agressive medical treatments Magic Johnson underwent?

  • brobdingnagian

    Magic Michigan Man: Magic Johnson (I’ve heard his Johnson is Magic!)

    Wife: Cookie Johnson

    Son: Earvin Johnson III

  • jvc

    Ervin Johnson. Clues – Magic is his nickname; Johnson is his last name.

    • jvc

      Born in Lansing, MI, and went to Michigan State.

      • KWDragon

        Attended Everett High School, for what it’s worth. He was a real piece of work in high school, and not in a good way, because he was treated special for his basketball skills. He had gained some humility by the time he left MSU, and now he appears to truly be a class act. It is nice to see that he has matured into such a good person. Not every athlete, nor every human being, makes that journey.

      • KWDragon

        Correction: Sexton High School. My error.

      • rorythedragon

        You were right the first time. It’s Everett. A family member was Homecoming Queen to his King.

      • GingerNaps

        Well said, Dragon!

  • mommie dearest

    Wow! Harsh. Magic Johnson. Son-LJ

  • arniedee

    Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson

    Earlitha ‘Cookie’ Kelly

    Earvin Johnson III

  • lamgirls3

    Magic Michigan Man: Magic Johnson
    Wife: Cookie
    Son: EJ

  • anthroMajor

    “Magic” Johnson
    Wife: Cookie Johnson
    Son: Above couple’s son just “came out”

  • Jester

    Magic Johnson
    Cookie Johnson
    EJ is the son

  • tularosa

    Magic Johnson

  • travoltasbeard

    I love me some HSK.

    I think HSK hides his blinds in the second of the three paragraphs.

    This is Magic Johnson

    I am guessing the blind is about Magic being bi-sexual. If both parents are bi sexual maybe one of them passed on the DNA to the son? (That is if you believe that homosexuality is genetic and not a choice)

  • tularosa

    Magic Johnson
    Wife: Cookie
    Son: EJ


    Why even call this a ‘blind’ item, ha ha? Obviously,

    Magic Michigan Man: Magic Johnson

    Wife: Cookie

    Son: EJ

  • Belser

    I’m sorry, but did HSK really use the word “Negro” in this blind? What year are we in here?

    • LooLoo

      I think the blind was trying to imply that companies are using him and the other black men mentioned and pretending that they are the driving force behind the companies to trick consumers in some evil scheme to keep people down. Maybe he’s not some kind of business genius, I don’t know what kind of education he has, but he has to have been doing something right to be as successful as he has been. I think this is rampant paranoia at its finest.

    • Herkeda

      Sometimes African-Americans use the throwback term “Negro”, when making a particular point about a fellow African-American’s behavior. Sometimes it’s used in a joking manner, sometimes in a disdain manner (it’s the latter in this Blind Item).

    • nolabelle

      It is still the correct term for a race, in academic and anthropological circles

  • OhMyGossip

    Yikes. Laying into Magic Johnson.

  • neartstarlet

    Magic Man: Earvin “Magic” Johnson
    Wife: Earlitha Kelly
    Son: Earvin Johnson III

    why, if you’re HIV positive, would you ask strangers to do this to you?! Unprotected!

    • GiveMeGossip

      Exactly! Can’t he go to jail for this? It is a crime to expose people to this disease. I would like to say any one should know he has it but if he is going for really young women (or men), they may not know.

    • pricey524

      I feel like perhaps HSK is hinting at the possibilty that Magic never even had HIV and became the poster boy for helping draw attention (and $$$) to the disease in African American community.

      • eMeNesS

        YESSSSSSSS, THIS!!!!!

        Ace says that the overall blind is obvious. However, there is always an underlying meaning. I would suspect that he 1. Never had AIDs and/or 2. Is also Bi.

  • ILoveLucy

    Why didn’t they just say, “In more News on Magic Johnson”?! LOL. wow. Never trusted the guy, he skeeves me out.

  • Bucky1

    Magic Johnson
    Ervin Johnson,III

  • michelex23

    Magic Johnson
    their son

  • boyjack4

    Magic Johnston
    Could not really care


    So, Magic Johnson supports his gay son and has a bisexual wife? I’m not too sure why this is even on this site.

  • shuboy

    Earvin Johnson

    Wife: Cookie

    Son: E.J.

  • RuHa

    Thanks for the BG note. I was just about to say how obvious this blind is, then read what you wrote about HSK. Makes perfect sense! So, we are talking about Magic Johnson here and his newly out of the closet son. Didn’t know Magic was so shady though.

  • smd1004p

    magic johnson obv

  • Ms.MArcos

    wow. what a mean spirited rant about magic johnson. He has done a TON for AIDS awareness. you dont know this ACE? did y’all actually say NEGRO? and by the way, good for his son. nothing on earth to be ashamed of. wtf.

    • alanna

      Yes, the Negro bit, the generally mean spirited way of writing (making everything seem bad, even things that are neutral like the wife maybe being bisexual) as well as the “trick Afro Americans into believing in the American dream” bit really seem weird. Maybe he’s not a business genius, but if he’s faking it I doubt that it is to “trick Afro Americans into believing in the American dream”, which really sounds like a conspiracy theory.

    • WhatLolaWants

      This isn’t BG’s blind. It’s HSK.

    • CoCoJoe

      Negro is not that other N word. When did it become offensive? It was a badge of pride for many generations. I think many of you are mixing it up with the other N word. Personally, I think it is insulting to categorize human beings according to simplistic colour labels, like we do now. Calling someone who has golden skin like Beyonce black, then calling a darker skinned South Asian brown makes no sense to me. Colour is not culture; it is pretty meaningless. I hope the tide turns soon.

  • JokuJossain

    Well well. Someone doesn’t like Magic.

  • melly123

    Magic Johnson

  • Brittttt

    Magic Johnson obviously

  • Kerzep

    Magic Johnson
    Ervin 111

  • commonsense

    Man: Magic Johnson
    Wife: Cookie (Earlitha)
    Son: Earvin Jr

  • Guccigal

    Magic Johnson

  • dirtysteveswife

    Magic Johnson.

  • keller

    magic johnson
    son : earvin III
    wife earlitha ‘cookie’ kelly

    i hope im still not in moderation and my answer is at post 99!! lol

  • Loops16

    Magic Johnson!

  • smoolie

    Magic Michigan Man: Magic Johnson
    Wife: Earlitha “Cookie” Kelly
    Son: Earvin Johnson III

  • inopickme

    This can only be Magic Johnson.

  • thelvly1

    Magic Michigan man: Majic Johnson
    Wife: Cookie
    Son: EJ

  • spicyone

    Magic Johnson, Cookie and their son that just came out.

  • mrsdavis82206

    Magic Johnson, cookie and their son

  • Osgran

    Magic Johnson
    cookie Johnson
    E J Johnson

  • ikewad

    Magic Johnson

  • mommagoosed

    Wow! Did HSK just out Magic Johnson, his wife, AND Chaka Khan?!?

  • CrossingTheLine

    That is a Michigan STATE Man – let’s be clear.
    So despite knowing he was HIV positive, Magic Johnson still engaged in public or*l proclivities and enjoyed watching them in a group setting (why would his “boys” want to go after him unless they didn’t know his status??)
    His wife Cookie may be bi-sexual and have had an affair with Chaka Khan.

  • mcwmomma

    Magic Johnson?

  • BoomsMom

    HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!
    Father -Magic Johnson

  • NeedNoStinkinBadges

    “In reality, he’s said to be doing nothing more than painting an illusion in order to trick Afro Americans into believing in the American dream.”

    I feel like this is the point of this blind. Could someone who knows more about Magic’s business dealings explain it please? I don’t know that much about him.

    • Superstition

      I feel like that’s the point too. The people involved are the obvious part. The blind is something deeper.

    • More Cowbell

      I agree with this. There’s always been talk about some of the shady dealings of Magic’s business ventures.

      Two stick out for me in this blind: his prepaid Mastercard (a HuffPo writer wrote “Negro, open a damn checking account” criticizing it, which is why I think the blind uses that word) and Aspire TV, Johnson’s supposedly black-owned network, which is being run by white executives.

  • BX_Sue618

    Too easy! Magic Johnson

  • smaali

    Magic Johnson!!!!

  • BumBum

    That is disgusting, knowingly infecting other people with HIV.

  • smaali

    By the way, even though it looks like a slam dunk thats it Magic, I have been SO WRONG with other “supposedly easy” blinds

  • Rae

    Magic Johnson, Cookie, and Erwin III

  • terry123

    Magic Johnson

  • minx

    Magic Johnson, Cookie and EJ.

  • Marina

    Magic Johnson – ewwww

  • HwoodHypocrite

    Uh-oh! Magic Johnson?

  • kaylaa24x7

    Magic Michigan Man: Magic Johnson
    Wife: Earlitha Kelly
    Son: E.J Johnson

  • newsjunkie

    Magic Johnson
    their son

  • bil200

    magic Johnson

  • TrishluvsGossip

    It’s obviously Magic Johnson but now we are learning that his wife is bi and may have been with Chaka Khan and he’s a big fake.

    His son is Earvin Johnson III (EJ) who is VERY openly gay.

  • waysouthofheaven

    magic Johnson of course.

  • DelilaMars

    Magic Johnson

  • MzDBDB

    Magic, obviously.

  • Cindy Louhoo

    Magic Michigan Man: Magic Johnson

    Wife: Earlitha Kelly

    Son: E.J.

  • almostmelissa

    have a very close friend that has told me for years that Magic Johnson was bi….she ran in the same circles at Michigan State

  • VodkaSoaked

    Magic Michigan Man: Earvin “Magic” Johnson

    Wife : Earlitha Kelly

    Son: Earvin Johnson III who recently came out as gay.

    So shocking how false and completely reckless some people can be with their own and others lives.

  • wendybar

    Earvin”Magic”Johnson, His wife “Cookie” and son “Earvin Jr”

  • sabrina325

    Magic Johnson

  • oscar

    OK so this is about Magic Johnson and his family. To each his own EXCEPT there is no cure for HIV. He knows he positive and is being reckless with the lives of the men and women he uses.

  • brittratt

    It reads like Magic Johnson

    Earlitha Kelly

    Earvin Johnson III his son.

    His recklessness was never a secret. These stories were all over pre-internet days. The thing that sounds false is him being a negro figure head. Until a few years ago he was the only person to own Starbucks franchise locations that were not corporate owned. He sold back those 105 stores back to Starbucks.

  • rudy

    I think what HSK is trying to tell us is Magic was/is a reckless self-centered man, uncaring about any danger he is putting people through. Spreading HIV is spreading death. If Magic had unsafe sex, FORCED unsafe sex on men & women, that’s despicable.

    • MzDBDB

      Isn’t it also illegal? (If you know you have HIV and do that I thought you could be tried for attempted murder or something…

  • LeeLee12345

    Hi Ace,
    first time poster, longtime lurker!

    I imagine Marshall Bruchard, who wrote a book on Magic Johnson in 1981, was his ‘homeboy’ :)

  • slantrhyme

    Magic – and while I’m happy that he accepts his son, the whole thing just makes me really sad.

  • Herkeda

    Magic Johnson, his wife Cookie, and his son EJ.

    Reading between the lines of this Blind Item, it sounds like it’s saying that Cookie is bisexual and perhaps Magic Johnson is a closet cross-dresser. Also, that Chaka Khan is bisexual!

  • goldieb

    “what HSK is trying to tell you” is that all three members of the family are gay.

    • goldieb

      “what HSK is trying to tell you” is also that “Rockafella Records,” e.g., is using Jay-Z as a front to get $$ from the A-A community; same with his “Queen Bee.” That the POWERS behind prominent, allegedly successful Blacks are…not Black.

      There are deeper implications, one being that sexual blackmail is used to keep the public facades “in their place”; and another suggests questioning the reality of all prominent African-American males.

  • sandy

    Magic Johnson must be the luckiest man in the world, to have aids and continue looking as fat as a pig in a field of slop with not a day of slickness. People, Magic Johnson does not have and never has had Aids. Unless those party girls with far less money than Magic want to come down with a disease, I don,t they would suck on Magic’s private parts. Magic is all smoke and mirrors, with no truth or validity. He is merely a poster boy for homosexuality and as long as he continues the character acting, he will continue to get paid greatly by his corporate owners. Magic is a front man, no more, no less.

    • goldieb

      “He is merely a poster boy for homosexuality”??

    • LeeLee12345

      So he wanted to effectively end his NBA career by professing to have HIV? Hmmmm …

    • rudy

      Many people with HIV are not skinny. The protease inhibitors (medication for HIV) actually create excess fat in the middle and raise cholesterol. And there is no reason he would have necessarily been sick.

  • luvprue1

    Magic Johnson. His son just came out of the closet.

  • ArticWolfRS

    Okay, obviously this is referring to Magic Johnson and family, but what exactly is HSK trying to say between the lines? Is it that he is knowingly infecting people with HIV (that’s horrific if so) or that he really isn’t HIV positive at all? Is the implication supposed to be that he too is bi? Because I thought that a LONG time ago. Is it something to do with his businesses? Is it all of the above? I’m confused on the deeper meaning we are supposed to be getting from the blind….

  • rorythedragon

    Wait. Chaka Kahn is gay?

    • KyrasMaMa

      You made me laugh…I thought the same thing when I read the blind – all of the other stuff was clearly Magic Johnson, but CHAKA? Whuuuuuuuut????

  • Mommy2two

    There are a lot of themes here, but why is HIV spaced out and written as H I V ? It’s drawn out. I feel like that is a big clue to something about his diagnosis or current health.

  • Nomad

    Perhaps I ran with a questionable crowd on the Westside of LA back in the day, but none of this is news. Magic didn’t holster his gun when he found out he was HIV positive, and it was pretty common knowledge. Magic isn’t exactly the sort of guy who can go clubbing and misbehaving and have all that go unnoticed. A more interesting question is why no one wrote about it when it was actually happening.

  • DiamondGoddess

    There has ALWAYS been speculation about how Magic got HIV.
    So Cookie’s on the DL, too?!
    AND Chaka Khan?!
    (Although now that you say it, they all seem kind of gay/bi to me.)

    • DiamondGoddess

      OH, and his businesses are just a way to get money from black people to further enrich rich white people?!
      (Well, those prepaid cards are a joke and Magic and Russell Simmons ought to be ashamed of themselves to selling them to their own people!)
      I was not aware he had sold his Starbucks stores back to the company.
      Hmmmm…Magic is JANK and has ALWAYS given me the creeps, no matter how he presents himself.
      Does he still own the movie theatre?

  • Amityvillain

    Magic Johnson
    Earvin Johnson III

    Hidden blind in obvious blind: Earvin Johnson III has HIV.

    H I V and III…

    Magic and Cookie married in 1991, he retired in 1991, then had son.

    Perhaps he retired so he would be out of the public eye to keep up the lie that he didn’t pass the disease on to his wife and/or child.

    = )