Double Cups Are Packing On The Pounds

double cup 2[Mouth To Ears] This Hollywood family loves the spotlight! The only thing about that is that they always have to look good… and that can’t happen if you are overweight.

This family is rather sad when you look at them from the inside. Instead of addressing the son’s dr*g add*ction, they are bullying him into losing weight. But how can he lose weight if his drug of choice packs on the pounds?

Instead of worrying about his pregnant sisters, he should check into rehab, ASAP.




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      • Calibound590 says

        dude too far. It’s not his fault his sisters are desperate fame whores and he surely doesn’t deserve to die for it.. I mean if I were stuck in that family I’d probably be a drug addict too.

  1. travoltasbeard says

    Family: Kardashians

    Son: Robert

    You mean syzzyrup puts on the pounds? Someone better get Rob some Coke to help take it off!

    I’ll get my coat!

    • Bucky1 says

      No, Stay awhile. I love witty people. It seems like Rob has been having a Big Gulp.

  2. CarrieAnne says

    Its Rob K and the Kardash Klan. I saw this reported somewhere else that it started when he was living with Khloe and Lamar. Sad they only care about the weight aspect.

  3. twinklefairy12 says

    Rob Kardashian??
    Clue: pregnant sisters?
    He had an episode dedicated to where Kim and Kourtney tried to get him to lose weight to regain some self-confidence?

  4. jennlynn says

    I wanted to say Kardashians and Rob, but it says pregnant sisters. Is there another Kardashian girl preggers?

  5. NJDevilGirl14 says

    Oh Rob can’t you mix you sizzurp with Diet Sprite instead.
    Ladies and gents, our friend Jacky had this today…
    I have to say, the only one of them that is a little bit likeable is Khloe, makes sense she’s the one who wants him in rehab.
    Side note: I have no idea if there is a heaven or hell, but if there is, I’m 100% certain Pimp Momma Kris is headed below on a one way ticket!

  6. iloveterrance says


  7. wpgcleo says

    This is most definately the Kardashians. Rob is the one unable to lose weight because he’s addicted to codeine laced cough syrup. Easy Peasy!

  8. nessk says

    Family: Kardashians
    Son: Rob Kardashians

    He has pregnant sisters and I read something about him vowing to slim down…

  9. ktbell05 says


    I could only guess that his drug of choice is either alcohol or marijuana. Those are the only 2 drugs I can think of that cause people to gain weight. And if he is addicted to the green-who cares-to be honest.

  10. meemo506 says

    The Kardashians and Rob Kardashian….sad.

    Also, Google chrome tries to correct “Kardashian” to “guardianship” and I find it hilarious

  11. Molls says

    Family: The Kartrashian Klan
    Son: Rob who is super chubby now and trying to lose weight.

  12. LawLady says

    Rob Kardashian

    Kardashian family

    BUT you always say Ace that sometimes the easy ones are trying to tell us something else and it clearly says pregnant sisterS. Kim is the only only one publicly pregnant now so are you saying Khloe is pregnant now? Or Kourtney with #3?

  13. jmmm16 says

    family:the kardashians
    son: rob…he’s gained a lot of weight recently and has been trying to loose weight i assume since he’s been working out and pregnant sisters? i know kim is prego (seems fake but whatever) hope he gets help soon bruce needs to have a talk with him considering his dad isn’t present

  14. arielade says

    Family: Kardashians
    Son: Rob Kardashian

    This is sad.

    But I think the most interesting thing about this blind is the “pregnant sisterS” comment! Is Khloe finally pregnant? Or, god forbid, is it Kylie or Kendall????

  15. ShennanigansOHoolihan says

    The most interesting thing about this blind to me, is his pregnant “sisterS”. Does that infer that Khloe is finally preggers (If so, congrats to her!!! She’s the only stomachable member of that family as far as I am concerned)?!

  16. KWDragon says

    Must be the Kardashians and Rob. With such a ruthless mom and siblings, I actually feel sorry for the guy. Nothing he does is good enough because he is not a cash cow.