Another Actor Is Hamming It Up

jon hamm jennifer westfeldt 2[Naughty But Nice Rob] It is not just Jon Hamm that is having trouble packing everything he has into the super tight period pants on the set of Mad Men.

Another Mad Man actor is equally as well endowed as Jon but always wears tight underwear –on and off the set – so few people know he has also been blessed/cursed with the same big problem as Jon.

Surprisingly, this cast member is much shorter in height than Hamm, which only makes what Mother Nature gave him even more impressive!


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    • luvbg1 says

      Wasn’t he on Drop Dead Diva?! I think he’s cute. Can definitely see him as “gifted”.

  1. 8days says

    Vincent Kartheiser. He’s listed at 5’10 but looks much shorter than Hamm in photos. Blessed/cursed could be a nod to his role on Angel, the show about a vampire cursed with a soul.

  2. Pinkie says

    No idea, but I’m 100% positive that the actor himself leaked this information πŸ˜‰

  3. VeronicaMarsBars says

    Vincent Kartheiser? Definitely shorter than Jon Hamm. Google says he’s 5’8″ and Jon Hamm is 6′.

  4. KitKat73 says

    Guessing John Slattery, but i really wanted to post because is it just me or CAN YOU TOTALLY SEE HIS GOODS IN THIS PIC?? I cant look away!

    • Blitzed says

      OH MY GOD YES!! I thought I was seeing things, but it’s right there. In my face. My eyes are drawn to it now!!

      • KyrasMaMa says

        Hahahhaaa…Dlisted posted that pic and another with a close-up awhile back – I couldn’t stop staring!!!!!

      • Belser says

        I didn’t know what all the internet buzz about Jon Hamm was about lately until I saw this picture. Now I can’t stop googling pics of him and his commando ways. I can’t look away!!! Hysterical!!

    • meemo506 says

      Hahaha! I know I was just staring like an idiot! That’s some high def. camera they’re using…

  5. anthonynacc says

    Considering that Jon Hamm is 1.84m tall and the author states that “this cast member is much shorter in height than Hamm”, no one (whose heights were provided via Google) stands out

  6. sarabelle425 says

    Ben Feldman? Talk about a nice Jewish boy. Am I the only one annoyed with Jon Hamm’s antics?

  7. LovelyLiar says

    I’ve heard rumors about Vincent Kartheiser. Back in the Angel days, J. August Richards used to talk about how Vincent would bag the hottest women. I bet it’s because he’s packing a torpedo.

    • jasper says

      Considering Boreanaz was notorious for dropping trou and showing off his “stake” on Buffy and Angel, I’d say “like TV dad, like TV son.”

  8. cottoncandyforthebrain says

    Please let it be John Slattery, please it be John Slattery, please let it be…

    • 20twenty says

      Never mind. He seems to be an inch shorter than John Hamm. I’ll say Ben Feldman, who plays Michael Ginsberg.

  9. MrsBreeder says

    I was going to say Vincent, who is Pete Campbell– but he’s not exactly short. Hamm is 6’0, and Vincent is 5’11. I went through a run down of the major main characters and all are hovering around the 6’0 range. Perhaps a more minor character??

    • lily is my puppy says

      I think that height listed for Vincent is not real. So many of those guys add inches in their bios (at least to their height!) ; ) I remember meeting Dennis Quaid once and he was tiny, like 5′ 6″!! And his imdb info says he is much taller.

  10. Rapunzel says

    Hmm. Vincent Kartheiser? He’s 5’8″ versus Hamm’s 6’0″. Might explain why I’m so attracted to Pete even though he’s a slimy little weasel.

  11. foldsbaldwin says

    my guess would have to be Vincent Kartheiser since it says the co-star is much shorter and he pulls off playing cocky Pete so well. No pun intended.

  12. nicachica says

    Robert Morse (aka Bertram Cooper aka the old dude)

    Jon Hamm is 6’0 tall. Morse is 5’5. I thought this was a vanity plant from Pete Campbell but he’s 5’11.

    Ugh, I have waaay too much time on my hands!

  13. jonesing says

    Robert Morse and his sexy gapped tooth self. Hey, I thought he was cute in The Boatniks.

  14. meemo506 says

    I’m gonna guess Ben Feldman. He’s 5’8″…the only other person who’s short is Roger Morse and I just don’t even want to go there.

  15. kermit1969 says

    My guess is the kid who kissed Sally and her mother – the kid who ran away from prep school and stayed at Don’s penthouse apartment.

  16. Stephlovesjr says

    Vincent Kartheiser if you google that and p*nis you might actually find a shot or two πŸ˜‰

  17. slantrhyme says

    Robert Morse was adorable in his time. I hope it’s him haha.

    Also, nice pic.

  18. HotTeacher88 says

    Jon,just put some draws on!!!! I am so sick of this photo. He wants people to stop looking at his junk. Well, that can be accomplished with a superband waistband that will snap back wash after wash. Yeah, it all adds to the appeal of Don, perhaps, but enough already. One would think that if you are wearing the clothes of others in wardrobe that you’d want to be more sanitary. I mean, really. Wardrobe people say they can tell you who doesn’t wear underwear. And how would they know, other than some nasty clues?

    • Lelaina Pierce says

      Thank you for saying that!

      Okay, I have to say he is yummy in many ways, but it’s like a girl walking down the street in a micro mini and getting upset because she gets cat calls.

      If you don’t want the world talking about it, cover IT up.

      Re: the wardrobe people: In the performance arts, it is very common for actors to disrobe in front of other actors/crew when changing costumes. I like to think this is how they know…not some “nasty clues”…eeeewwww! (Though I’m not saying this isn’t possible)