Former NBA Star Has A Secret

tran 3[Hollywood Street King] What this former NBA blind item may not want you to know about is his secret f*tish for trannys. Don’t believe me.. Just ask his ex-beard, Vanessa Williams.

Why else do you think dude made his way onto the set of Latifah’s successful VH1 series? A source tells us our mystery man prefers “young, light-skinned transgender girls”. Don’t believe me.. Ask his former Roxbury Apartment Los Angeles neighbor Chris Mill.

Here’s what a former Ago Restaurant bartender reveals: “He used to bring his transgender chics here all the time to wine and dine.”

The mystery man in question was born in Toronto, Canada – to a Bahamian father and Italian mother. He is said to have a penchant for getting high on c*caine in powder and rock form.

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