• YoGo8c says

      Well, perhaps, but whoever it is is still allowed a sex life and there’s nothing here that really merits ‘shocking’ imo. He has fun with some toys? Lots of people do.

      I was waiting for the whips and chains to appear but they didn’t. Seems pretty tame tbh. Kinda wondering what all the fuss is about!

      • Okayeah says

        Totally agree! I am questioning, however, why any man would need a dildo? I mean, they generally already come equipped…thinking this has to be a woman, but still, who cares?

  1. GingerIsMe says

    The first name that came to mind was Elton John…but would that purchase really surprise anyone? Other than that, I have nothing.

  2. mrsdavis82206 says

    Either Elton John or George Michael- Princess Di reference- she also liked Duran Duran

  3. Raccoon says

    There’s been a story about princess di and Freddie mercury in the uk press this weekend, my guess is totally Freddie!

    • brunettegal804 says

      Freddie has been dead for over 20 years, surely the story isn’t that old unless he is a ghost…lol.

    • veganman says

      Wow! Freddie was dead years before Di was….so is this an afterlife sex shop? Whatever gets a ghost off, right?

    • channel orange says

      Huh. Zombie!Freddie, back from the dead to purchase s*x toys and have dolphin fun. I like this guess. 😛

    • Raccoon says

      Wow guys… Clearly all blinds have to be for living breathing celebs… Cause we’ve never had any before for deceased celebs?!
      All I was saying was that there was a story released in the British press about princess di and Freddie in a gay bar with di dressing as a drag queen, and my train of thought was that other stories may be leaked in a similar way…. However for having an opinion please please jump on the post and berate me! :-)

      • brunettegal804 says

        I am truly sorry. I was just joking and did not mean for my post to come across as if I were berating you. Please accept my apologies.

      • VinylDestination says

        Whatever the case, your answer brought laughter, Racc.. Keep posting because you’re absolutely right – there are plenty of post-life blinds.

        And veganman, you stop now. You had me in STICHES – I laughed so hard.

  4. kookywooky says

    Elton John? Someone from Duran Duran? Cliff Richards? Tom Jones? John Travolta?

  5. minnie says

    I doubt Elton would do his own shopping. Surely he has minions for those kinds of mundane tasks.

  6. DiamondGoddess says

    Isn’t the dolphin item, errmmm, for HER pleasure?!
    I’d say Elton John or George Michael.
    (Elton has said he is sometimes attracted to women.)

  7. MissTearsForFears says

    Bryan Adams for something different. Neither Elton or George would be too surprising.

    • SilentStar says

      Yes, I agree it’s Bryan Adams. He is currently doing a tour in Germany. Also, seems like most of you are not aware that the sex toy described as a ”c*ckring-like base and a dolphin-shaped vibrating tip” is designed for a male to wear during sex with a woman. Therefore not likely to be purchased by a gay man.

  8. Rednfreckled says

    Bryan Adams since he was said to be her favorite. Elton and George, well, that wouldn’t be too shocking.

  9. PastyWhite says

    Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran. He’s made references in interviews about dolphins and dolphin sex over the years. Duran Duran was one of Princess Di’s favorites.

  10. DollyBurger says

    I say Lady GaGa. Princess Di reference is her song princess di.. Have no idea if shes in hamburg, though. But would that really be surprising? Maybe Elton John..

    • CanaryCry says

      This blind is about a pop star Diana liked. Lady Gaga didn’t become famous until about 10 years after Diana died.

  11. CapnZebbie says

    I’m just wondering why anyone famous would go to a sex shop to buy their supplies. You can get most of the more common stuff (like lube and sex toys) online. You don’t even have to go anywhere weird for it.

  12. Weirdo says

    i’ll say rihanna just because she’s currently touring and the last article that came out comparing her to Princess Di.

  13. dpoma says

    How about John Travolta…..probably not considered a pop star now, but he sang in some films, and Di really enjoyed dancing with him at the Ehite House dinner in her honor.

  14. kellyj says

    Given George Michael’s past problems in public bathrooms, why would something like this be shocking?

    To a lesser extent, Elton in a sex shop making such a purchase isn’t all that shocking either,

    No, my vote goes to someone in Princess Di’s favorite band, Duran Duran, with the famously kinky Simon LeBon as the most likely culprit. Boys on Film!!!