1. cottoncandyforthebrain says

    Christina Aguilera. That girl is a mess and it’s an easy guess that she has a coke habit to go along with her heavy drinking and partying.

  2. Buffysoapaddict says

    The star has got to be Christina Aguilera.

    I wish that she would exercise common sense at least for her son’s sake.

    • LeahLynn28 says

      I doubt her handlers and conservators would allow her to do drugs to lose weight.They need her medicated,controlled and clean of alcohol and drugs,to use her to gain more money.

  3. colby2283 says

    Only person who comes to mind is:

    Christina Aguilera

    Apparently Khloe has lost some weight, but I think she looks the same except a little more toned. Next to prego Kim, she looks svelte, but don’t think it’s Khloe.

  4. Fergus says

    Khloe K? She has really slimmed down recently.

    Miley would get a gig too. She has been pretty erratic.

  5. jennlynn says

    Amanda Bynes – she recently moved to NY, and said her goal weight is 100lbs. Oh and she has gone crazy!

  6. quinner says

    Khloe Kardashian….doesnt she endorse some weight loss sprinkle type waste of time product?

    • wendy hood says

      Apparently that sprinkle stuff only works on celebrities. I see SO MANY people returning it through my work.

  7. rorythedragon says

    Haha! That’s exactly what I thought when I saw an article today about Xtina’s “dramatic weight loss”!

  8. inquisitivemind says

    Could be anyone…I’m going to go with Gaga, only because she’s looking much thinner now compared to how she looked a few months ago. Also, there was another blind about someone with a ‘monster’ c*caine habit not so long ago so, yeah. I’m probably completely wrong, though.

    • inquisitivemind says

      Ah yeah more research into it, and from people’s answers, Christina Aguilera has been making the headlines recently about her weight, so it could be her.

    • BigRed says

      Not Gaga. I saw her in concert in early February and I disagree. If anything she had gained a few pounds (nothing terrible or dramatic, just not uber skinny).

  9. meemo506 says

    I want this to be Stephanie Meyers but I know it’s not…but omg that would be so hilarious.

    Xtina was just in the news for losing a bit of weight. I’ll go with her.

  10. LeahLynn28 says

    Christina Aguilera?Recently,Aguilera said she was “proud” of her curves,but after leaving The Voice,she got thin again.Not even a diet makes a person lose weight so fast…

    • TruthOrDare says

      Third season of The Voice ended in december – 4 months ago so it’s enought time to do something in healthy way with some extra pounds. BTW I don’t think she lost much weight. She looks more toned but it’s not drastic. I’m going with Emma Stone. She looks almost scary skinny and unhealthy.

  11. tmixinc says

    Even though she’s been looking mad hot lately, I know her “handlers” wouldn’t allow it- that outfit is straight out of the “…Baby One More Time” video.

    Christina Aguilera or Snooki for the win.

    • Ati2d9 says

      Britney does look good right now….TONED AND IN SHAPE good..not “sprinkles” good!!!!

  12. 3down says

    GMA this morning was talking about Jennie Garth losing 30 lbs from eating clean. I have no idea if she has ever been implicated in doing hard drugs, but for a different option, I thought I’d add her name. I can’t see her doing coke, but since she just had the interview published and they were talking about it, I thought I’d throw it out there.