They Are Shocked That A Publicist Lied

liar 1[New York Post] Which publicist has been going around town bad-mouthing Page Six after we caught her in a lie?


What The Publicist Lied About:

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26 comments to They Are Shocked That A Publicist Lied

  • nolabelle

    Lizzie grubby–LOL !

  • kookywooky

    Publicist: Lara Shriftman, Lizzie Grubman????

    What The Publicist Lied About: ???

  • brittanybliss223

    madonna’s publicist Liz Rosenberg

    • PinkSlip

      I think you’re right on this: the Malawi president has issued a press statement really slamming Madonna after her publicity said she was there on “goodwill.” The story states clearly the Malawi president saying that the VIP status Madonna had withdrawn was complimentary, not obligatory….and that she had no concept of the word “gratitude.” Woah!

  • Marina

    Publicist – all of them.
    Lied About – everything.

  • caela94

    Lizzie Gruber

    probably something about Jay & Bey

    • orangebel85

      It’s not Lizzie – she doesn’t represent them and both Beyonce and Jay-Z have separate publicists.

  • PixieNina

    a jonas publicist

  • smilez_smarty

    Something about Demi and her addiction and going to rehab again and all?

  • CanaryCry

    Liz Rosenberg or whoever’s working for “Madge” …

    They dished it out about The Queen being a billionaire, but now they can’t take the backlash.

  • JumpingtheSnark

    Publicist: Jonathan Cheban

    What he lied about: Kim K’s due date

    • KWDragon

      After seeing a Page Six item about Kim K saying she was due in July, but mid-June is more likely, I think you nailed it. Page Six is reporting that she may be stalling to have time to lose the baby weight then “magically” appear thinner right after her supposed due date.

      Either way, liars gotta lie, and I think you sorted out this one.

    • LawLady

      It says “her” so not him but I find him creepy. I feel like he mooches off of her and secretly wants to be in a relationship with her.

  • dee123

    Um…. ALL OF THEM!

  • ThinkerBelle

    Isn’t that what they’re paid to do? Oh are we pretending they don’t? Okay!

  • ValleyOfTheGalls

    Didn’t Madonna have a gold and diamond grill in her mouth at some point in the video for “Music”?
    This must be about Liz Rosenberg.
    I love Madge. She’s a modern day Norma Desmond and Liz Rosenberg is her Max. She’s ready for her close-up Mr. DeMille……

  • jefferino

    publicist: Marvet Britto

    lie: ?

  • Jamail

    Publicist: Susan Patricola

    What The Publicist Lied About: Jeremy Renner’s baby story

    Ava is not his daughter Ava is Jeremy’s new niece the mother is his sister kym

  • smallbite

    really which publicist?????? They are paid to lie and spin the truth.. repacking the truth is their jobs. That is why they are called Spin Doctors.

  • petunya

    Cuase that what publicist do they lie. This blind needs more to it, hello where’s the clues?

  • Up the Coast

    I’ll say the Jonas’ publicist (whoever it is)
    Lied about the sex tape.

  • LeahLynn28

    Huh…all of them?About everything and everybody?

    Publicists are paid to lie and deny “rumors” and stories. Could be anyone…