Sports Star Makes An Unusual Choice For Publicist

girls club[Naughty But Nice Rob] What sports star with an amazing body and a love for the ladies is being marched around the offices of every high profile publicist. [Is he] putting a team in place for his new career in the entertainment business?

Not many guys from the [sports] world make a splash in the TV business, but his producers are so excited about him and the project that they felt he needed an A-list professional to manage his image and press campaign.

Great plan, however, he ended up meeting a cute girl in a club and hiring her instead.

If he wasn’t so darn adorable and clueless, his producers might actually be annoyed.

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    • Incuriosity says

      Absolutely this!! Although “dumb” isn’t how I would describe him. He’s a genuinely lovely young guy, and pretty damn intelligent. I often see him in the local supermarket, and he’s ridiculously down to earth.

    • XxMz_CarlyxX says

      tom daley is at uni so this defintly isn’t him as this person is described as “dumb” and thats not what you normally call a person at uni

  1. Virgo826 says

    The oh-so-brainy Ryan Lochte…what would Lochte do, you ask? Hire a cute girl, I guess;)

  2. Booboo1068 says

    -make a splash
    -adorable (personal opinion) and clueless
    – met girl in club

    Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte

    I guess he’s given up on his swimming career? Um, is that a good move?

    • daisy12 says

      Hahahaha I had forgotten about his “catchphrase,” if you can call it that. Jeah!!!

  3. KWDragon says

    Jeah, I think this is Ryan Lochte.

    Seth MacFarlane’s SNL send up of this guy was perfect! I think “splash” refers to his role as a swimmer, and he seems completely vacuous.

  4. ItsJustAGuess says

    Ryan Lochte

    Cute, yes. Adorable? Debatable. Is having the IQ of a rock adorable? Then yes.

  5. 4sixx2 says

    Ryan Lochte. He splashes around and is definitely known for being not very bright.
    Dimwit. Keep swimming.

  6. colby2283 says

    Ryan Lochte


    – “Make a Splash” – he is a swimmer

    – “Adorable and clueless” – Good looking but heard he is as dumb as a brick

  7. mamacita3 says

    Ryan Lochte? Amazing body, makes a splash as a great swimmer, is adorable but–ahem–clueless. He said numerous times after the Olympics that he wanted to be in the biz…Don’t do it Ryan!

  8. kermit1969 says

    Swimmer Ryan Lochte (clue is “splash” and he has a great body and is in a new show on Bravo or E “What Would Ryan Lochte Do?)

  9. Nvrgvuphope says

    My guess is Ryan Lochte. He has a tv show coming, and the “make a splash” was a hint.

  10. stolidog says

    Ryan Lochte. Good, good luck with that new career in hollywood. Isn’t America past tired of idiots from Jersey?

  11. abarone1604 says

    Obviously Ryan Lochte

    splash- swimming
    clueless- have you heard him talk?
    TV business & project- his new reality show on E!

  12. gwenn says

    “Splash” would make me think of Ryan Lochte. He seems to be all over the place lately.

    • slantrhyme says

      Oh wait — splash makes me think of Michael Phelps, who seems clueless, although not adorable.

  13. realmccoy18 says

    ryan lochte…like joan rivers said “he’s like my vagina…once it’s dry the magic is gone”

  14. CapnZebbie says

    Ryan Lochte. I’m not sure about adorable, but from what I’ve seen he’s definitely clueless.

  15. hrhfedup says

    Could this be that cute little goober, Ryan Lochte? He’s got a new show coming out on E..

  16. TrishluvsGossip says

    Ryan Lochte – Olympic swimmer/medalist (Clue – splash)

    Well known to love the ladies

    Was on the the show Go On as a guest and apparently loved it. Has said a few times he would like to do TV.

    This also reminded me of Michael Phelps – Olympic medalist/swimmer. He LOVES the ladies and he has “retired” from sports so he says. He may be looking for a new gig.

  17. meemo506 says

    The splash comment makes me think Lochte or Phelps, but it could be a diver. Either way swimmers/divers/etc generally aren’t that well known. I’m leaning towards Lochte because I consider him “clueless”

  18. StarStruck says

    I remember seeing Ryan compete in the Olympic. However, I don’t understand why so many people poke fun at his intelligence, or lack of?

  19. joliefleur says

    Ryan Lochte…the man who proved to me that a guy will lose all his appeal if he doesn’t have the intelligence to go with his looks. Used to love him until I watched a couple of his interviews.

  20. says

    Finally, an easy one! RYAN LOCHTE How he ever scored a reality show on E is beyond me. The kid has trouble stringing words together to make a coherent sentence. Who cares what he thinks or says. He apparently doesn’t care if he’s being made fun of and the suits at E must think people will tune in just to see him screw up. Or to see how many times he says that worthless word (that he has on his license plate) JEAH!!! Puke!

  21. i8mytoes says

    Madonna wishes she was a cougar. Cougars are middle aged. Madonna’s mid-50’s. And, rode hard and put up wet, at that. “Cougar,” my ass. She’s a rich(apparently not THAT rich) old lady. She’s a wrinkled old sugarmama.