A Little Story

story time[Blind Gossip] Once upon a time, there was a sweet and spicy little star of a television show.

During the week of the Grammys, she met a big rapper who was nominated for a major award.

She was married and a lot older than him, but they hooked up anyway.

Now there is tape out there documenting the very special time they spent together.

The End.

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  1. 3down says

    Giada and Drake?
    All of the allusions to mouth, the “sweet and spicy” comment, etc. seem to point to her.

    • 3down says

      although I guess she met Drake before the grammys. But maybe it means it in the context of “they met up” even though they’ve met before.

    • 3down says

      Drake also tweeted pics of himself smooking shisha in a hookah. One of the clues is his ego being more “puffed up” than usual.

    • 3down says

      And in my last comment (LOL), I just saw the news she’s going to serve up a children’s book series called Recipe for Adventure. it has to be her!

  2. gmaven says

    Drake and Giada. He won for best rap album. She has a cooking show. She’s 42 married with a kid. He’s 26 not married. He’s 6 feet, she’s 5’2, although I don’t consider that a big difference.

  3. MichelleMa says

    I think Big could be either Drake or Wale. Nas was nominated for a lot of awards but he’s older. I don’t think it’s Jay-Z, Kanye or Frank Ocean.

    No clue who Little could be.

    • MichelleMa says

      On second thought, it cannot be Drake because he won. This blind says Big was only a nominee. Miguel also won so I’m going with Wale!

      • Lelaina Pierce says

        I noticed that too but there was another category….Best Rap Performance….that Drake was up for and didn’t win.
        AND…the “event” happened before the grammys so at the time, he was only a nominee.

        I’m pretty sure it was Drake.

  4. lila92 says

    Giada (sweet & spicy = cooks) + Big Sean (nominated for Grammy with Kanye, not that tall, but maybe he’s big elsewhere & the name says it all)

      • Lifted says

        One of the clues on the previous blind was something about how Big used to be good, which was a reference to him being on the Good Music label.

    • clink1833 says

      Yes, I think this is it. When I was looking at the grammy nominees i saw him but he wasn’t tall so I didn’t think it was him. Big must refer to his name and his joystick.

      Family Fued refered to the male anatomy as a joystick the other day lol. Love me some family Fued with Steve Harvey – we’ve got a good one!

    • callmedave says

      Seems like this is it. Never heard of Big Sean before here in the UK, but checking out the photos I can see why Giada would take an interest in his generous asset…

    • katee says

      I’m almost positive this is it. Big Sean also started out working at McDonalds, which would explain the McD’s fries in one of the pictures.

    • I Am PunkA says

      I think this is it.

      Big Sean also has pics of his endowment on the net. You can google it yourself.

      If a dude is willing to post his anatomy on the net, not surprised he is willing to do a video and post it outing his female participant. Means he has no shame.

  5. SouthJerseyGirl says

    OMG! It is Giada. Don’t know who the rapper is but everyone else will probably. Can’t wait to see this.

  6. dennis17 says

    Definitely Giada De Laurentiis…but I’m torn between Trey Songz and Drake. Gotta go with Giada and Trey for the win!

  7. meemo506 says

    So I’m thinking Drake and Giada for this but I don’t know if Drake fits the other clues for this little/big thing.

  8. EverErika says

    Drake and Giada?
    Sweet and Spicy could refer to her career as a cook.
    And Drake won a Grammy this year.
    Weren’t there rumors about those two?

  9. lcinva says

    I was really hoping this was Jay-Z due to the previous camel reference, but he’s married. Must be Drake (27) for the guy to be young enough to be 10 yrs younger…37 year old TV star? Sarah Michelle Gellar? All of the good guesses for that age range I would consider to be movies. Is SMG even on a current show?

      • leosgrl88 says

        Wait,why would I say Rick Ross? The only thing that fits him is being BIG. He’s not hot or young. SMH

      • leosgrl88 says

        GOT IT! BIG Sean and Giada. BIG = Big Sean is associated with GOOD music. He’s 25. He was nominated for a Grammy in 2013 for his collaboration on Mercy. Little = Sweet & Spicy, Big Mouth, No Gag Reflex, Married with a child (although she says her work is her child also) and she’s 42. Whew!

  10. I Am PunkA says

    Nailed it. Grammy week and a rapper. See my comments on previous blind

    Sticking with Chris Brown and Giada.

    • lainiebug says

      Seriously, that would be shocking! I don’t think it’s Drake because they’ve been there…
      Can’t wait to find out.

  11. scumby says

    GIADA-let John Mayer explain
    I also can’t comment on how much of a c*m freak she is. I’m just assuming that she is. I’m also assuming that underneath there’s a lot of kink going on.”

    Star was then forcibly pulled away by his management, but on his way out the door, he couldn’t resist turning around with one last comment. “Oh, and another thing… if my c*ck wanted a p*rn star experience, she would be the one to call. Because I’ll bet she also has no gag reflex. Just a hunch.”

    • itssunnyoutside says

      Ok… Maybe not Diddy… He has kids and is older than her. Giada and Drake? I don’t know a lot of rappers. UGH!!!!!

    • meowington says

      That was my guess too. It is still in moderation. He seems to be the least popular of all the guesses and has more to prove.

  12. mrsjaymack says

    Oooohhh, Giada…not sure who the guy is, though. Rap nominees were: Jay-Z, Kanye, Young Jeezy, Nas (yum), Ludacris, Flo Rida. I’m thinking Jay-Z’s smart enough to not film himself cheating on Bey, same with Kanye. Maybe Flo Rida, cuz he’s 6’3″.

  13. Mia444 says

    Drake & Giada — but didn’t they already hook up once before? Seems that little gal can’t keep her mouth of off anyone’s sausage in the celeb world, eh?

  14. obladioblada says

    Big: Big Sean (age 25, “puff” in previous post would reference Puff Daddy who is also a Sean and a rapper)

    Little: Giada

  15. caligrlth25 says

    Big – Wiz Khalifa
    Little – Giada

    he was nominated for a grammy & his steady girlfriend is Amber Rose…

  16. Lizicia says

    Giada de Laurentiis and Drake. 16 years apart, she’s married, and he was nominated – and won – best rap album 2013. Only thing that makes sense to me.

  17. pj77777 says

    This is a crazy guess, but I’m going with Giada (bone 1970) and Wiz Khalifa (born 1987). That is a lot, right???

  18. sherlock says

    My God what is it with all these celebrity sex tapes.These people set no example to today’s youngsters,it’s disgusting. Blindgossip rocks with these blinds.

  19. stolidog says

    clearly, CLEARLY, Giada and Fist Brown. I’m suprused they didn’t get Rihanna to join in…maybe she was the videographer

    • mommie dearest says

      Giada and Usher or Drake? But didn’t she already do Drake from a previous BG item?

  20. kilimanjaro says

    Giada de Laurentiis and Big Sean. I hope my guess is incorrect because he is with a girl he has had a crush on since he was 15. I also wonder how things will go for Giada and the children’s books she supposed to be writing.

  21. eleanorplath says

    Oh my, is this another Big and Little? I’m waiting to see other people’s guesses!!!

  22. zoey13 says

    I’m thinking this is Giada DiLaurentiis and Drake. I never knew what a skank Giada was until I started reading Blind Gossip. I can’t even stomach her show anymore. Her big piano teeth and her over enunciation of spaghetti and mozzarella…ugh!

  23. KayeElle says

    Sweet & Spicy referring to Giada and Rapper is Drake for Best Album of the Year!!!!

  24. anthroMajor says

    My guesses: Julie Chen, gold-digger extraordinaire (she had an affair with the president of CBS and ended up marrying/knocked up to $eal the deal) born in 1970 and Drake, born in 1986. Chen is 5’5″ and Drake is over 6′ ft tall.

    OR: Giada Diwhateverhername is, “sweet & spicy ” could mean a cooking / food network related show. She’s 42 and 5’2″ …. and Drake.

  25. moosecaboose says

    Giada de Laurentiis and Chris Brown. “Sweet and spicy” is a reference to her profession as a chef, and “big” rapper refers to Chris Brown’s privates (known to be big from his photo leaks and reputation).

  26. ShennanigansOHoolihan says

    I thought it was Giada & Chris Brown, but I’ll jump on board with Drake instead. I cannot wait for these sex tapes to actually come out…This sounds more interesting than the JoBro, but most of all I want to see how Giada tries to get away with this…

  27. HotTeacher88 says

    Now, this does sound like Giada!! Sweet and spicy, sounds like food, and star of a TV show does not say actress or singer. Now, for the rapper, I have no idea.

  28. hunter says

    Sweet & Spicy = food = Giada. I was first thinking a child actress but clearly I’m mistaken.