Diva Boy Insists on Taking the Golf Cart

will-ferrell1BlindGossip – This funny actor wasn’t kidding when he copped a total diva attitude on the set of a recent movie. While every other actor would walk from their trailer to the set, Diva Boy insisted on taking a golf cart. The set was an entire thirty feet from his trailer.

No It’s Not Will Ferrell.

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  1. Shelly says

    Steve Carell is one of the last genuine nice guys left in Hollywood.

    Ben Stiller however is a complete diva d-bag. If “copped” is a clue he also played security guard on a recent movie (the Night at the Museum sequel).

  2. i suck at blind items says

    “when he copped a total diva” – wonder if the clue is cop.

    Seth Rogan and Kevin James were both recently in movies playing cops.

    • Barry says

      you read my mind. i am reading some pretty lousy stuff about rogan (coke to lose weight, creepy behavior, etc). i can see him doing this. he wants to be a leading man now and has some good money in the bank. recipe for disaster.

  3. nikki says

    Kevin James sounds good, although I heard he was very good about doing tons of press for Mall Cop, so maybe it’s not him?

  4. Dee says

    I love Danny McBride and think it could be him – he’s played head of security in Fanboys and is in Observe and Report with Seth Rogan (if the “copped” word is a clue) . The Will Ferrell connection is with East Bound and Down and the new Land of the Lost that’s coming out soon.

    • Marka says

      Most fitting guess, yet. Good job! Probably is David Spade, then. He does look like a boy still, and he was in Tommy Boy. Also, Steve Carrell is REALLY nice and far from diva, while Ben Stiller is such an ass, he probably has a limo drive him the 100 ft from trailer to set. He’s such a JERK.

      • maurav says

        But he is a pretty funny jerk. He did a stand-up show where I went to college (Fordham) and he was able to ad lib when a drunken girl got up on stage with him. It was a good show.

  5. Etcetera says

    Definitely Ben Stiller.
    A similar blind item pointed to him a while back. Plus, he’s been in a lot of movies with Will Ferrell. The sort of thing they do with owen wilson, vince vaughn…

  6. FilmGal says

    My film buddies tell me that Ben Stiller is bi-polar and is known for being very unpredictable on film sets but I think this is Mike Meyers.

    • PrincessM says

      Now that he’s totally “out” in Toronto he’s been acting the big time diva.

  7. anonymous says

    Is Mike Meyers making another movie? I thought his career was OVER! but … this riding to the nearby trailer story goes around every few years, it never dies, so it must be true, lol.

    • Labella says

      Mike Meyers is in the Tarentino ‘Inglorious Basterds’ with Brad Pitt but i doubt he would be pulling that s* since he is lucky to be getting any roles at all after his last couple of stinkers…

      Also he isnt funny.

      Seth Rogen pulled the ‘ill only eat blue m&ms’ c* on a tour not so long ago

  8. The Keeper says

    Bill Murray.

    He’s gotten to be a diva as he has become an auteur. A well-known figure on the celebrity golf tour, he was arrested in Sweden for driving a golf cart intoxicated.

  9. Hautie says

    The best thing about this blind… is there are really so many great options. Sadly, cause bad behavior is no longer easy to hide. Anytime someone acts like a a* on set… there is someone willing to blab. And it is all over the internet within the hour.

    So I am going to add another guess… Russell Crow.

    • JustMe says

      But would you consider him funny? He’s not known for comedy, unless it’s when everyone is laughing at his temper-infused antics.

  10. me says

    Recently? All i know is the Superman movie a couple of years ago funnyman Kevin Spacey drove around in a golf cart on set, there’s even fotage of it. So this can’t be about him right? Who did a copy of Kevin Spacey behaviour recently then? You tell me.