Diva Boy Insists on Taking the Golf Cart

will-ferrell1BlindGossip – This funny actor wasn’t kidding when he copped a total diva attitude on the set of a recent movie. While every other actor would walk from their trailer to the set, Diva Boy insisted on taking a golf cart. The set was an entire thirty feet from his trailer.

No It’s Not Will Ferrell.

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42 comments to Diva Boy Insists on Taking the Golf Cart

  • GuyIncognito

    Jon Heder?

  • JustMe

    I’m guessing David Spade. He recently completed a movie.

  • kenni

    copped= paul blart.. kevin james

  • biggybigyadigg

    Steve Carrel

  • obsesssed


  • Shelly

    Steve Carell is one of the last genuine nice guys left in Hollywood.

    Ben Stiller however is a complete diva d-bag. If “copped” is a clue he also played security guard on a recent movie (the Night at the Museum sequel).

  • i suck at blind items

    Vince Vaughn

  • Rafael

    Of course it isn’t will Ferrel. You said “FUNNY actor”.

  • i suck at blind items

    “when he copped a total diva” – wonder if the clue is cop.

    Seth Rogan and Kevin James were both recently in movies playing cops.

    • Barry

      you read my mind. i am reading some pretty lousy stuff about rogan (coke to lose weight, creepy behavior, etc). i can see him doing this. he wants to be a leading man now and has some good money in the bank. recipe for disaster.

  • mama

    hmm seth rogan maybe

  • iamafraid

    Mike Myers?

  • nikki

    Kevin James sounds good, although I heard he was very good about doing tons of press for Mall Cop, so maybe it’s not him?

  • Dee

    I love Danny McBride and think it could be him – he’s played head of security in Fanboys and is in Observe and Report with Seth Rogan (if the “copped” word is a clue) . The Will Ferrell connection is with East Bound and Down and the new Land of the Lost that’s coming out soon.

  • Lol, it's Bob!

    Ben Stiller played a cop in Starsky and Hutch

  • sigh

    David Spade. Clue is in the title – Diva BOY. He was in Tommy Boy.

    • Marka

      Most fitting guess, yet. Good job! Probably is David Spade, then. He does look like a boy still, and he was in Tommy Boy. Also, Steve Carrell is REALLY nice and far from diva, while Ben Stiller is such an ass, he probably has a limo drive him the 100 ft from trailer to set. He’s such a JERK.

      • maurav

        But he is a pretty funny jerk. He did a stand-up show where I went to college (Fordham) and he was able to ad lib when a drunken girl got up on stage with him. It was a good show.

  • Daria

    My guess is Seth Rogen. If it were Kevin James it wouldn’t be “diva BOY.”

  • PrincessM

    Whoever he is has gotta be fat to not walk 30 feet to the set.

  • db

    For some reason I was thinking Adam Sandler.

  • Etcetera

    Definitely Ben Stiller.
    A similar blind item pointed to him a while back. Plus, he’s been in a lot of movies with Will Ferrell. The sort of thing they do with owen wilson, vince vaughn…

  • FilmGal

    My film buddies tell me that Ben Stiller is bi-polar and is known for being very unpredictable on film sets but I think this is Mike Meyers.

  • wubbzy

    i thought adam sandler too!

  • Pandora

    Mike Myers – Queen Diva

  • stan

    Michael Cera he is a “BOY”

  • anonymous

    Is Mike Meyers making another movie? I thought his career was OVER! but … this riding to the nearby trailer story goes around every few years, it never dies, so it must be true, lol.

    • Labella

      Mike Meyers is in the Tarentino ‘Inglorious Basterds’ with Brad Pitt but i doubt he would be pulling that s* since he is lucky to be getting any roles at all after his last couple of stinkers…

      Also he isnt funny.

      Seth Rogen pulled the ‘ill only eat blue m&ms’ c* on a tour not so long ago

  • The Keeper

    Bill Murray.

    He’s gotten to be a diva as he has become an auteur. A well-known figure on the celebrity golf tour, he was arrested in Sweden for driving a golf cart intoxicated.

  • Sounds like Bill Murray.

  • Hautie

    The best thing about this blind… is there are really so many great options. Sadly, cause bad behavior is no longer easy to hide. Anytime someone acts like a a* on set… there is someone willing to blab. And it is all over the internet within the hour.

    So I am going to add another guess… Russell Crow.

    • JustMe

      But would you consider him funny? He’s not known for comedy, unless it’s when everyone is laughing at his temper-infused antics.

  • me

    Recently? All i know is the Superman movie a couple of years ago funnyman Kevin Spacey drove around in a golf cart on set, there’s even fotage of it. So this can’t be about him right? Who did a copy of Kevin Spacey behaviour recently then? You tell me.

  • Becca

    Michael Cera.