Model’s Ex Is Obsessed With Slandering Her

model 11[The Fashion Spot] Today I’m proud to bring you The Fashion Spot’s first-ever Blind Item — that is, a story that’s too juicy to pass up, but too quasi-libelous to run on the site in full.

Let’s see, typically blind items present themselves as a question, so let’s try: Which well-known high fashion model has an ex-boyfriend and (sorry but this is the best way to put it) “baby daddy” who’s obsessed with slandering her for dubious personal reasons?

For the purposes of this post, I’m going to call the ex-boyfriend Texas and refer to the model as Zelda.

Yesterday, Texas launched a blog with an extended account of his turbulent multi-year relationship with Zelda. He describes how the pair met, fell in love, moved across the country several times, broke up on the regular and had a baby. That’s all window-dressing to the main attraction: Zelda’s spectacular rise to the top of her profession, corresponding add*ction to dr*gs (mostly prescription) and alcohol and her attempts to prevent Texas from seeing his son (let’s pretend the son’s name is Andy).

Texas claims Zelda is a bad mom, too caught up with partying and getting blitzed out of her mind to be there for her young son, who she (as the story goes) exploits as a marketing gimmick for her career. Because she’s currently camped out with Andy in Europe (Instagram seems to back this up), publicly shaming her is, Texas alleges, his only recourse. He wants to rescue his son; he wants to see Zelda get the help she so desperately needs.

Throughout this whole sordid narrative, Texas weaves in a message about the corrosive influence of celebrity — a point of view which is contradicted by his seeming obsession with Zelda’s fame and recurring mention of his fancy music industry job, working with some supposedly-bigshot performing artist.

Instead of laying out a modest set of facts to put pressure on Zelda to compromise with regards to custody and visitation (he claims that’s all he wants), Texas includes every detail he can possibly think of to make Zelda look bad — including her non-heteronormative sexual relationships and her father’s drug use. To his credit, I guess, Texas includes several passages about his own, er, youthful indiscretions (which consist of, among other things, heavy drinking and sex so casual it’s sloppy), but he spends so long harping on his many sexual partners, I wondered whether he just wanted us (and maybe Zelda) to know he can get laid.

Look, I understand the appeal of the revenge story better than the next girl (writing about terrible ex-boyfriends is literally what I do with my free time), but after reading Texas’ account, I’m not convinced that his blog is about anything other than his hurt feelings. Also not convincing: the argument that he’d be a better primary parent to his son. Considering what he revealed about his prior alcohol use and (no judgment, but let’s call a spade a spade) reckless sex life, it’s not like he’s living in a particularly pure or moral way.

That’s all folks. We made the decision to run this as a blind item because we don’t want to reward “Texas” for his (sorry) sleazy behavior by publicizing his story, his blog and his allegations about Zelda.

Zelda (the model):

Texas (her ex):

Andy (their son):

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      • Caz1310 says

        You’re on the ball. Interesting to see how long Muse stays in the Lauder fold. They were able to override the Liz Hurley scandal years ago with Hugh caught cheating. Don’t imagine for a second the company will put up with what’s being reported on the internet. Don’t they do due diligence on their spokesmodels before they’re hired??

  1. missknope says

    The model: Arizona Muse (has now a relationship with fellow model Freja Beha)
    The ex: Mario Quintana
    The son: Nikko

  2. Doogy Howzer says

    Zelda (the model): Linda Evangelista

    Texas (her ex): Francois Pinault

    Andy (their son): Augustin James

  3. BoatGirl says

    Zelda (the model): Arizone Muse

    Texas (her ex):Manuel Quintana

    Andy (their son): Nikko

    Wow, and I know nothing about the fashion world!

  4. AustinGal says

    Read the blog. He’s creepy and even his slanted recall of the events makes it perfectly clear that he’s as screwed up as she is. Where are the grandparents? And CPS?

    • carriebradshaw says

      According to one of the first posts they are creepy too.

      Arizona has three nannys to take care of her child, I think it’s pretty sure they are dr*g free professionals, the child should stay wehere it is.

      According to people on The Fashion Spot who know her, Arizona is a sweet girl who is in trouble now, but this guy is an ugly person, attention seeking mess.