Ratchet Rapper Probably Isn’t A CHiPs Fan

chips 3[Hollywood Street King] His recent arrest blew the whistle on this lyrical poser of a pimp, exposing the Oakland rapper as a middle-aged dr*g add*ct. But that’s not our blind item’s first run-in with the law. He’s got four DUI’s — two in L.A. and two in Vegas.

We’re told his drug of choice is crystal m*th and Mollys. Our blind item could be self-medicating himself over the financial turmoil he’s reported to be facing, from tricking off all of his money on hoes and drugs.

The money our mystery man squandered is what’s said to have led him to previously shack up with fellow rapper Richie Rich, a roommate he lost after dude checked into the slammer a few months back. His years of makin’ it rain around gangsters and str*ppers is what’s said to have left him owing money to some Oakland OG’s, leaving him banned from his native city.

His record contract with Jive Records divided his cake – a third to his manager; a third to his label; and a third to him. It didn’t make sense, but sources say he signed it regardless. Now, with our blind item reportedly left with just $20K, he’s said to be planning to jump into the world of reality television as his next hustle.

But…he really could be reality TV gold. Know why? Because he’s so ratchet that he pulled out his business in front of a group of people outside of West Hollywood’s, House of Blues — before letting a groupie drop some head game.

Today’s blind item is 46-years-old but his years of partying have worn away extra years, making him look like he’s well into his 50′s.

Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?

BG Note: Some blind items are easy, and some are difficult. HSK’s blind items serve a very clever and distinct purpose. HSK conveys information that can’t be printed in the mainstream press. So, instead of commenting on how easy or difficult it is to “solve” the blind item, try to focus your comments on what HSK is trying to tell you.

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