My Dough Sick

brain 2[Hollywood Street King] This Lil lyricist may be just 140-pounds, but an insider says it took a total of six people to hold him down during a recent medical scare.

We’re told it happened after the rapper was rushed to the eighth floor of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. That’s where a nurse says our blind item was “shaking violently, screaming, urinating and vomiting” before being placed in a medically-induced coma — over doctors’ fears he might swallow his tongue.

Sources say a concoction of codeine, prescription medications, and potent chemicals – like anti-freeze – are what led his stomach to be pumped three times.

We’re told he was released from ICU around 6PM, Friday.

Here’s what an insider revealed:

“His blood work tested positive for several different things.”

Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?

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  1. texandthecity says

    lil wayne. but it;s impossible to “swallow your tongue”. die, or choke, maybe … but you can;t swallow your tongue (it;s attached to the bottom of your mouth / jaw).

    • FluffynpinK says

      I don’t think they literally mean you “swallow your tongue”. But that your tongue flops back and blocks your airways. So you can’t breathe.

    • the great chrysanthemum says

      Actually it is entirely possible to swallow your tongue, in a severe convulsive fit the tongue maybe bitten off and swallowed, but in this instance FluffynpinK’s explanation is probably what is meant.

    • NoseyNana2008 says

      I thought the “swallow your tongue” thing went out with putting something in the mouth to prevent biting the tongue off. My son is epileptic and has violent grand mal seizures. (They’re called tonic/clonic now instead of petit and grand mal) Although injuries to his tongue have occurred, there’s never been anything really serious. I would think that attempting to place an object in the mouth caused more of what it was intended to prevent, i.e. choking. And you don’t hold a person having a seizure down either. You try to restrain them to prevent injury but not to control the seizure. Not only can you injure the victim of the seizure, you risk personal injury as well. Maybe Lil Wayne can be a catalyst for better education about epilepsy and seizures and the first aid involved.

    • ktbell05 says

      You cannot swallow your tongue.I have heard over and over again that this is nothing but a myth. However, I agree with Fluffynpink-that makes sense. Still probably happens rarely I would assume.

    • everythingthatshines says

      HSK’s blinds are usually telling us something else besides the obvious because pretty much everyone knew the details of this blind from tmz. I’m wondering if this is implying he tried to kill himself, because anti-freeze won’t do anything but kill you.

      • thebutlerdidit says

        I missed this post and answered it further down in the thread, Ms Bateman is correct, crystal methamphetamine is commonly made using antifreeze, along with a whole list of nasty, deadly things I included below. Gross & scary, right? This is a sign of a drug addict that has no limits or good judgement left, and I honestly can’t ser how it could possibly end well. I judge feel sad for his kids that they mean so little to him. They didn’t ask for an absent dad on a runaway train to death.

      • litswd.tb says

        The meth its self could have caused this! If he was trying to purposely overdose this could have been the result. . . Well well well, did a little research on Meth Overdose. . . guess what symptoms came up?

        *Severe stomach pain

        It doesn’t list vomiting or Urination but the vomiting could be from the stomach pain (It was hard to keep anything down with my kidney stone last June.)

  2. ladyoftheisles says

    this has to be Lil Wayne; he was just released from the hospital following a series of articles (including TMZ) saying that he had been in a coma, and he is known to be fond of partying reeeaaaalllly hard.

  3. gcreptile says

    Ok, it’s obviously about Lil Wayne, but I guess what Hollywood Street King is really saying is that Lil Wayne has AIDS.

  4. says

    Weezy get your stuff together man. You have kids to stick around for. Who drinks anti-freeze?!

    • litswd.tb says

      If he drank Anti freeze it would have killed him, for this it sounds like he had a bad reaction to Meth. Which is made with Anti Freeze

  5. Rumormill says

    Lil Wayne; they called it a seizure and he has already been released from the hospital.

  6. LanaLee says

    It’s that repulsive Lil Wayne…he almost didn’t deserve to come out of the hospital.

  7. TheBinch says

    Lol’ Waynes. But if was really antifreeze, it raises the possibility that someone was trying to poison him. I can’t imagine he’d drink it, even if he was f-ed up already.

    • thebutlerdidit says

      Crystal Methamphetamine is commonly made from anti-freeze, this isn’t a sign of his being poisoned, he has had seizures from over dosing several times in the past, including the hospitalization earlier in the week. Crystal also can be made from Freon, lye, drain cleaner, ether, white gas, starter fluids, battery acid, lantern fluid and methanol…including pseudophedrine, over the counter decongestant.

      • FamousPeopleDoStupidThings says

        One would think his wealth would buy better quality drugs. Wouldn’t a purer form lower the chance of being poisoned? Maybe I’ve watched too much Breaking Bad.

      • litswd.tb says

        your forgetting Lithium Batteries the south is BAD about meth. I work for a Major Drugstore chain and we’ve had to start hiding the batteries and deyning people buying them with Anti-freeze, and Instant cold packs.

  8. ccreve says

    Lil Wayne

    The “lil” hint was the biggest one, he’s a rapper, lil Wayne was recently in the hospital

  9. thebutlerdidit says

    Lil’ Wayne, of course, but he’s in worse shape/health than his team, Birdman, etc, are saying. Putting out reports of “no drugs caused these seizures” is not sending the right message to young fans of his. TMZ is right, he nearly died, and it wasn’t the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd time. Its only a matter of time. His poor kids, this dude is a POS.

  10. jbprincess says

    Its L’il Wayne, but I’m trying to figure out what the between the lines is in this one…. Isn’t HSK obvious with stuff hidden in it??