Bonnie And Clyde Live In Separate Homes

bonnie clyde[Hollywood Street King] She may be a “rider”, and he may be a “roller” — but this self-noted “Bonnie & Clyde” couple could be failing to live the tight union they portray to the public eye. That’s because insiders say this husband and wife team live in separate homes. Don’t believe me? Just ask the Russians, who recently uncovered just that. But, some critics suspect the pair’s on-paper declarations could be aimed at snubbing Uncle Sam.

According to those hacked documents, she lives the lap of luxury on the entire 18th floor of a Miami condo complex — while her 45-year-old rap mogul husband balls-out from a Big Apple spread.

While she’s soaking up the sun down south, NYC is where he could be strictly sticking to “cruising down the Westside Highway” with his 33-year-old former NFL’er Johnson, who sources say our blind item remains linked to.

This while insiders say the head honcho “Fella” is using Justin Timberlake to stay relevant — during a shared cross-country tour aimed at capturing the youth fan base. Following the tour, sources say he has plans to push one skirt-wearing rapper out the way with the release of a new album.



NFL Johnson:

Skirted Rapper:

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