• Scorpio13 says

      You are totally right on this. It was on another site (Mediatakeout) that there is trouble in paradise.

  1. thebutlerdidit says

    Rihanna & Chris Brown, “raining more than ever” from”Umbrella”-weather the storm?

  2. Bromance1979 says

    Beyonce and Jay-Z, based on the recent blinds hinting at their marital problems.

    • litswd.tb says

      I’m callin this one to! I mean with the recent pics out of her and that other rapper? And neither of them is responding?

  3. HollySleuth says

    Lots of possibilities, but I’ll go with:

    Man: Jay-Z

    Woman: Beyonce

    Hacked docs by the Russians, the Super Bowl green room controversy, etc etc

  4. Rae says

    Jay-Z and beyonce, which is the same couple mentioned in a previous blind saying they were living separtely, her in Miami and he in NY.

    • phf3 says

      The address in the previous blind was to their accounting firm and not where she is living. They may be having trouble and he may be gay but just a little research will tell you that she is not living at the address off the Russian site as it is an office.

  5. delcodave says

    oooh. I know how this works. you have to take obscure clues from the item and turn it into an answer.


    Hip Hop is the name of the mascot for the Philadelphia 76ers. Will Smith is from Philadelphia. Therefore, this HAS to be about Will and Jada.

    ps. It rained today in Philly. That could be the photo of the weather part.

  6. waysouthofheaven says

    Ice-T & Coco

    Scandlous pictures of Coco lead to Scandalous talk.

    Weather the Storm – They went through Hurricane Sandy together in NYC.

  7. KatarinaJ says

    Hey could be any of these per previous blinds. Kim and Kanye if they are indeed his feeling sucked into this pregnancy and attention seeking and if the whole ‘set up’ of an impending miscarriage to her fake pregnancy, then Kim could garnish more US Weekly covers by crying in the media. Also, if Beyonce and Jay-Z are the Miami condo and greenroom fights couple, they’d be headed for trouble. Ditto for Rihanna and Chris B, given the umbrella reference AND also they’ve been conjectured to be the blinds about a couple in the Palisades pissing off neighbors by fighting at all hours.

    Hmmm….. we will find out soon enough!

    • KatarinaJ says

      Oops that being said. I doubt Kim-Kanye care to ‘weather any storm’ if he wants out anyway and she is going to boo hoo pull her poor victim act. Probably Beyonce-Jay-z because they are a machine and super couple empire!

      • litswd.tb says

        Oh please when Kim ‘Cried’ about being hoping to be married with kids by the time she was 30. . . she actually used whats called a ‘Tear Stick’ (Did you see the episode? She was sitting at her vanity? She could have smeared this on as someone else was talking and the camera was off of her.)

  8. bionicwoman9 says

    Man: TI
    Woman: Tameka “Tiny” Cottle
    Clue: Can they weather the storm? Lyrics to No Matter What : “I weather whatever storm”

    • litswd.tb says

      I think its them too, with all that stuff going around about photo of her and that other rapper.

  9. lovethissite says

    As much a I hope it’s not. Sounds like Jay Z and B. Possible clue: But you wanna know, will my baby weather the storm?