Blame and Bullsh*t and Bus and Bullet and Bucks and Baloney

thrown under bus[Blind Gossip] This TV Star used to think that he was oh-so-critical to the success of this TV show. They couldn’t possibly succeed without him!

He demanded top dollar, slept with practically every female who wanted to be part of the show, and flexed his power by telling producers to fire anyone who he didn’t think was up to his standards.

When people started blaming him for the bad decisions that led to his show’s decline, he initially asked producers to lie and say that was not been responsible for the changes. In fact, tell everyone that he fought against them! Yes… that’s it… that’s the story! He really wanted his colleague to stay! And he even offered to step down to make that possible! He is a hero, not the villain! And…and…and…

Oh, please! According to staff at the show, this entire story is pure bullsh*t. They were trying to save their star, they couldn’t, and now the whole thing is such a mess, they only have one option left: They are going to throw TV Star himself under the bus!

Yes, karma has come full circle, and he is getting the boot. Although he does have a contract that runs through next year, producers are now getting their ducks in a row to push him out. They will be offering him money to walk away before his contract expires. While the buyout will be very expensive, it would be even more expensive to let him stay and watch ratings continue to decline. So they are going to bite the bullet, and pay him the big bucks to go away sooner rather than later. They don’t have a story yet to go with his departure (Illness? Family? Other opportunities?), but we’re sure they will come up with some baloney excuse.

Oh… one final thing. He doesn’t know that this is happening yet. They will be meeting with him tomorrow. Yes, you know before he does.

TV Guy:

TV Show:

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    • RedScience says

      Yep. Title and wording is a take off of Al Roker embarrassing Matt on the air last year saying that they way they do it at their show is by throwing people under the bus. (10000 points to Roker for being bold enough to say that on air btw! Ha!)

  1. fotobandi says

    The one and only Matt Lauer and the Today Show, which should be renamed Yesterday, cos that’s what it is…

  2. kittyconfidential says

    Matt Lauer and the Today Show. Throwing him under the bus is my favourite clue – it’s a quote from Al Roker

  3. Jenna says


    TV Guy: Matt Lauer
    TV Show: The Today Show

    (and somewhere Al Roker is snickering)

    • saromat says

      I’ve watched Today since the Jane Pauley/Bryant Gumbel days. Until the last year or so, I thought Matt was a decent, stand-up guy. Has he always been a jerk or has the fame gone to his head?

      • 4sixx2 says

        My question exactly! Remember how thankful, sweet, and humble he appeared when he was first hired to sit next to Katie? And everyone welcomed him and adored him with open arms. Flash forward a bunch of years and he seems to be a power drunk, egotistical, chauvinist @ssh*le! Has he changed from who he was or is this the person he’s always been but used to hide?

      • jacksonian says

        I used to like his too. Didn’t know he was a skank until I read it on this site.

  4. exnetworkpro says

    CLEARLY, Matt Lauer and the Today show. It’s going to take them years to recover if they actually DO let him go. (I’m still not convinced.)

    I particularly like the “under the bus” reference and picture, reminds me of the exact phrase Al Roker used in an ON AIR jab at Matt, after the Ann Curry debacle.

  5. tennispeach says

    Matt Lauer – They should get Willie Geitz to take his place and NOT Ryan Seacrest!

    • saromat says

      I agree! Wille Geist is charming, funny, smart,has a quick wit and is familiar to regular Today viewers. Seacrest is none of the above.

  6. Sherry says

    Matt Lauer, Today show. He’s trying like hell to do spin but it’s not working. Buh bye!

  7. silbie says

    Charlie Sheen in Anger Management
    “They are going to throw TV Star himself under the bus!” reminds me of Charlie Harper in TAHM, who fell under a train

    • alulubug says

      Yep, I agree but they are still going to reward him for his crappy behavior. They plan to buy him out. Geesh, I thought karma was supposed be bad instead of good. Maybe he’ll use some of his ill gotten gains for hair plugs.

  8. PinkFlamingo says

    Matt Lauer of the Today Show, of course. Karma is a BEEEE-OTCH, ain’t it, Matt? I have NEVER understood his appeal or his “power” with the networks. NBC has squandered millions on this worm.

  9. brobdingnagian says

    Matt Lauer
    The today show

    I don’t like Willy Gueist, So I hope they give it to Ryan Seacrest!

  10. limericks says

    Matt Lauer on the Today Show, he’s been making the news for that Ann Curry situation so this makes sense.

  11. ozred says

    Mr. Scumbag, Nasty, Douchebag, Egotistical, Asshole, Prick, User, Balding, Am Sure He Has A Tiny Weenie, Matt Lauer. Shame they couldn’t keep Ann Curry or at least do the honorable thing and pay out her contract properly.

    Scum. Matt – you need to learn a thing or twenty about Class, Ethics, Dignity and Professionalism from Brian Williams.

    • luvprue1 says

      I agree with everything you stated about Matt Lauer. He is total scum. Somewhere Ann Curry is laughing her ass off.

  12. itsybitsy24 says

    Oh Matt!! It’s about time karma came back to bite you in the butt!!!! Ann Curry is going to love this news!!!

  13. tania says

    TV Guy: Matt Lauer

    TV Show: The Today Show

    Colleague he had fired: Ann Curry

    Heroes: Everyone throwing him under the bus to get him out of there!

  14. pixiehollow says

    Bye Matt Lauer….on that note,
    What is it with the men they hire for the Today show by the way? I remember when Bryant Gumbal got them to drive off the much loved Jane Pauly and what a dopey move that was, they chewed through a bunch of co hosts until Katie Couric saved the day for them. Note to NBC, the most successful times for today is when you have top drawer women as co-hosts, not playing number two to an egocentric male host, Barabara Walters, Jane Pauly, Katie Couric….these dopey TV executives know so little about who watches morning shows and what they want to see… its not Bryant Gumbal or Matt Lauer.

    • SouthJerseyGirl says

      So true. I switched to GMA years ago and love it more and more every day. The whole morning team there is funny and goofy and fun to watch.

  15. I Am PunkA says

    BY the way, Ann Curry’s replacement–Savannah Guthrie, is AWFUL. Should have gone with Natalie or brought in someone hotter, like ABC did with Lara Spencer. She moves the needle.

  16. zeep says

    Matt Lauer, Today. BTW, he was never the key to the show’s success. It was Katie Couric in her prime, and then Meredith Vieira. Matt Lauer was once a likable guy (hasn’t been for years), but he was never the biggest draw.

  17. JenLTX says

    Oh, Matt Lauer, it does suck to be you Today. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

  18. boredgame says

    Oh…most definitely Matt Lauer and the Today Show. He gave a big interview to the daily beast where he was saying he tried to help Anne and offered to leave if it would help the show.

  19. Lady X says

    TV Guy: Matt Lauer

    TV Show: The Today Show

    Matt Lauer is now running around saying he loved Ann Curry and never wanted her gone … that the show wanted her out … But we all knew when she refused to hug him on her last day that he was the cause … And his significant pay raise

  20. michaela1487 says

    tv guy: matt lauer
    tv show: today show

    rumors that he slept with natalie morales (“slept with practically every female who wanted to be part of the show”)
    (“flexed his power”) weren’t there pictures of him shirtless and in shape
    whole story about how he was pro-ann when he was really behind getting her off the show

    i feel like he’s rarely on the show, they have willie geist on more now than him.

  21. up2trouble says

    TV Guy: Matt Lauer
    TV Show: Today Show

    Some show was having on Al Roker to talk about the real Ann Curry situation. I smelt a rat.

  22. Mozez808 says

    Matt Lauer and the Today Show…interesting that he was not on the air this morning…

  23. slimfast10 says

    That cheating Ann Curry bashing SOB Matt Lauer from the sinking Today show ship.
    Karma is a B****, few tears will be shed over this, except for his.

  24. timmybeaverhausen says

    Where in the world will Matt Lauer go?
    Matt Lauer
    Today Show.
    (and I’m guessing he knows now)