His Girlfriend Is Ruining The Tour

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[Blind Gossip] Here is an interesting peek behind the scenes of an international music tour.

This famous performer is getting on everyone else’s nerves because he isn’t taking the tour seriously. He is drinking on stage, doing dr*gs off stage, and basically treating the whole tour as one long party. Why is he being so unprofessional? The group points to one person: his girlfriend.

The other members of the group have absolutely had it with this girl! She stays in the fancy hotels and flies on the private jet, and eats every meal with her boyfriend (often without the rest of the group), all paid for by the group. She makes sure that she is with her boyfriend every minute that he is not on stage. Actually, for several shows, she was literally on stage, sitting on one of the speakers so that the whole audience could watch her watching her boyfriend! It was really odd, and members of the audience were asking each other, “Why is she on stage? Is she part of the band now?” No, but she thinks she is!

The other members of the band and his manager have tried talking to him about how she is using him and using the band to make herself famous, and about how she is a bad influence on him, but he is in denial about all of it. None of this may sink in until he gets back home and realizes that he doesn’t have a record deal. And even then, he may be too dr*nk or high to care.



Girlfriend (Not famous, but thinks she is):

joe jonas 8SOLVED!

It’s Joe Jonas of The Jonas Brothers! Source: BlindGossip.com

The girlfriend is Blanda Eggenschwiler.

Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers is a her*in addict. The family will be blaming him for the recent cancellation of their tour. However, the story will be twisted by the Jonas family to make Joe and others look bad, and to make the Jonas family look like saints. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Jonas has been battling an addiction to her*in for approximately the past year. He had tried the drug in the past, but became fully add*cted soon after dating Blanda Eggenschwiler, a Swiss illustrator and her*in add*ct.

The Jonas brothers completed an international tour earlier this year. Blanda accompanied Joe on the last Jonas tour. As detailed in the original blind item above, Joe drank and drugged his way through that tour.

Some of the crew on the tour – who are friends with Joe – approached Papa Jonas about Joe’s add*ction. Some of them were crying and extremely distraught. Joe was losing weight, was acting erratically, and was incoherent much of the time. They knew that Joe was using her*in with Blanda multiple times a day. They begged Papa Jonas to get Joe into rehab before he died.

Papa Jonas’ response? He would not allow ANYTHING to stop the tour, and if they didn’t like it, they could “f*cking leave or get fired!”

Some of them did leave the tour. Some were fired. Some finished the tour but refused to go on the next one. Papa Jonas told them that if any of them spoke out about what was going on, that he, his family, other members of crew, and their PR team would denounce them and destroy them in the press and that they would never be hired by anyone, ever again.

Joe’s friends care deeply about him, but they are ordinary people who are no match for his domineering and threatening father and the rest of the Jonas clan and their PR machine. They have been pressured repeatedly by the Jonas family to “keep their mouths shut” and “mind their own fucking business”. They tell us that “The Jonas family is like the Mafia. Their entire family’s life is a lie but they threaten everyone so that no one tells the truth about them.”

The Jonas family is very concerned about money. They have multiple homes in multiple cities and more than one private plane. The Jonas Brothers were fired from their last label, Hollywood Records. Joe’s solo album did not sell well, and Nick’s acting career and Kevin’s reality show are not enough to support the entire family. The Jonas Brothers fan base has grown older and less enthusiastic, and all of the money from the last tour went to pay off an outstanding debt. They knew that this upcoming tour and album might be their chance to earn one last big payday as a family.

The now-canceled upcoming tour sold very poorly. Although they had downsized to play at much smaller venues than the previous tour (in some cases only 3000 seats), some concerts were only 50% sold out. Despite lots of hype about their upcoming album, the first couple of singles released from the album did not do well and barely cracked the charts. While they needed this second tour and album release to put them back in the spotlight, all signs pointed to the fact that they would not be successful.

Everyone in the family, the band, the crew, and their management team is very well aware of Joe’s her*in addiction, and has been for a long time. At first Joe did deny his problem, but his life soon became unmanageable and he began asking for help.

Shockingly, his family tried to dissuade him from going to rehab. Yes, you read that correctly! Mr. and Mrs. Jonas, Nick, and Kevin were very concerned about their public image if the fans found out that one of the Jonas Brothers was a her*in addict. The family told Joe that he was being “selfish” for wanting to go to rehab and ruin their reputation as a wholesome family. They continued to plan the tour and album release and ignored Joe’s pleas for help.

Joe told them repeatedly that he was sick, that he needed help, and that he wasn’t going to make it through the tour unless he went to rehab first. His family told him that if could make it through the last tour as an addict, he could make it through the next tour as an addict, too. His father was especially adamant that Joe should “suck it up” and “stop whining.” Other family members told him that he should just “pray about it.” Joe’s brothers, Nick and Kevin, sided with their family. The income of everyone in the family depended on the success of the tour and the album release.

A couple of days before the tour started, Joe Jonas quit the band and announced that he was going to rehab. His family pushed, pulled, cajoled, and threatened, but Joe refused to go on tour.

The family cited “creative differences” and a “family rift” as the reason tour’s cancellation, but have been silent ever since. They are trying to figure out who to blame. They are telling former employees and Joe’s friends to “keep their mouths shut” and that “everything is under control.”

But the truth is that everything is out of control. Joe is upset that his family is trying to prevent him from going to rehab. He knows that his addiction is out of control and that he needs help immediately.

The last few weeks have been torturous for Joe Jonas. Joe keeps up appearances, but he uses her*in multiple times a day. He knows that he is in trouble and tells many people, “I can’t do this. I can’t keep up with the lies. I’m sick. I’m going to die. I need to go to rehab now!” His friends began calling rehab facilities on his behalf, and were very close to having him admitted to a facility. The family got wind of their activities, threatened them, and told them “mind your own f*cking business!” They tell them that the family has things under control, and that if the friends don’t back off, that the family will denounce them as “whores, liars, opportunists, and drug addicts.”

Over the past few days, it has been a tug of war. At one point, his friends literally had Joe Jonas in the car with his suitcase packed, ready to go to rehab… but his family physically stopped them! Joe is too drugged up and weak to fight his entire family. The family flew his girlfriend in from Switzerland to keep him supplied with her*in and to parade him around Los Angeles for photo ops to pretend that everything is fine while they figure out how they are going to spin this.

Yes, the Jonas family will definitely try to spin this story. Who will they blame for the tour cancellation? They may say that it is all Joe’s fault that the tour was canceled, and not mention anything about poor ticket sales or their own failure to get Joe into rehab. They may blame Blanda, even though she is currently on the Jonas payroll to prevent the release of Joe’s sex tape.  They may blame the very friends of Joe who have been desperately trying to get him into rehab. They may blame us for exposing them. Whoever they blame, they will certainly try to portray themselves as a loving and caring family who are deeply concerned about their son’s welfare.

The ugly truth is that they knew that their son and brother had a serious problem; that he begged them repeatedly to delay the tour and album so that he could go to rehab; and that they denied him help for their own selfish reasons. Had they cared more about their son’s health – and less about their family’s precious reputation and lining their wallets – Joe would have gone to rehab after the last tour and they wouldn’t be scrambling now for excuses and scapegoating him for the cancellation of this tour. Shame on them.

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  1. blackkeys213 says

    Performer:Joe Jonas Group:Jonas Brothers Girlfriend:Blanda she has been at every show and sits on the side of the stage to make sure she is seen. Also looks right at the cameras,and takes pictures with fans like she is famous when she is in fact not.she even went to a meet and greet that was for the guys. Ace I really hope you solve this cause she is using joe big time,and the fans are in denial about it too.

    • giapa says

      I don’t know much about the Jonas and who that girl is but I google her name and her pictures with Joe Jonas are weird because it looks like he doesn’t care about the cameras or people taking pictures of him but she looks straight to the camera and kind of poses for the pictures. It’s like she wants the attention and he doesn’t care that much.

    • Carlz92 says

      the fans aren’t in denial about it, the fans on Twitter especially know that she’s just using him but obviously can’t do anything about it. She’s a fame whore the only fans that like that relationship are the naive ones.

  2. robirob052 says

    My guess:

    Performer: Joey Jonas

    Group: Jonas Bros.

    Girlfriend: Don’t know her name

  3. up2trouble says

    Performer: Joe Jonas
    Group: Jonas Bros.
    Girlfriend (Not famous, but thinks she is): Blanda Eggenschwiler

  4. anya says

    Performer: Louis Tomlinson

    Group: 1D

    Girlfriend (Not famous, but thinks she is): Eleanor Calder

  5. avantlove says

    I would say Eleanor Calder for the girlfriend because she seems to enjoy the attention she gets, but none of the details about the guy seem to point to Louis Tomlinson (not to mention the fact that she’s a beard and not his real girlfriend…)

    • iPanderr says

      This was my guess, too, but I keep up with 1D and there would have been pictures and Larry shippers calling her out if she was on stage. The only thing I’ve seen is a video of her dancing in her seat, which is normal for her.

    • iPanderr says

      They watch them, but you know if a girlfriend was on stage, directioners would have caught it. As someone that really keeps up with 1D, I haven’t seen any pictures; there’s only video of Eleanor singing and dancing in her seat, but that’s normally what she does.

    • xxmichellexx says

      OH and I JUST REALIZED. At the beginning of the day Ace said that Joe Camel may not be happy about today after he saw the blind items. Joe Camel = JOE Jonas. Brilliant, Ace haha

  6. CindyB says

    Could this be Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy? Muse is touring right now and they are engaged but not married (yet). Also, that last line “Not famous, but thinks she is” reminded me of the movie “Almost Famous”. However, if that line truly refers to the girlfriend not being famous — well that blows my theory right out of the water.

  7. slimfast10 says

    Just came to me…

    Joe Jonas

    Jonas Brothers

    Currently appearing in Brazil

  8. travoltasbeard says

    Performer: Joe Jonas

    Group: Jonus Brothers (South American Tour)

    Girlfriend: Blanda Eggenschwiler

  9. pixiehollow says

    Im going with Michaele Silahi and Neal Schon of Journey…..their vibe is so cringeworthy….

  10. TeacherKat says

    The Jonas Bros. A quick google search shows they are on tour in South America right now, and all of the blinds about Joe and Blanda, who else could it be?

  11. JS94 says

    Can’t think of anyone besides Joe Jonas
    Jonas Brothers
    Whatever his girlfriends name is Blanda or something.

  12. Revisionist says

    havent all their fans graduated high school by now and moved on musically anyway….this tour seems like a last ditch effort to cash in before noone can even name all three of them

  13. Ivanna Funkalot says

    Performer: That guy from Journey
    Group: Journey
    Girlfriend: That chick who ditched her sleazy husband for the guy from Journey

  14. Muse6177 says

    Performer: Joe Jonas

    Group: Jonas Brothers

    Girlfriend (Not famous, but thinks she is): Blanda (sp?)

  15. fluorescentadolescent says

    Performer: Joseph
    Group: The Jonas Brothers
    Girlfriend: Blanda Eggenschwoinsldnk

  16. ShennanigansOHoolihan says

    Oh Joe Jonas (and GF whose name I literally cannot remember), snap out of it.

  17. magali says

    performer : Joe Jonas
    group : Jonas brothers well what’s left of it
    girlfriend : Blanda eggsomething

  18. jojojo says

    Performer:Zayn Malik

    Group: One Direction

    Girlfriend (Not famous, but thinks she is): Perrie Edwards

    • iPanderr says

      Perrie is famous in her own right, and she’s in her own group. There are no pictures from any of the Take Me Home shows of the girlfriends at all, let alone on stage. Danielle is doing X Factor stuff, Perrie is probably doing something with Little Mix, and Eleanor comes to some shows, but she stays in the audience.

  19. sarahbella246 says

    Performer: Joe Jonas
    Group: Jonas Brothers
    Girlfriend (Not famous, but thinks she is): Blanda Eggenlskdjlajflsdjfl

    There have been reports that she’s sat on speakers with iPod earphones in her ears (how disrespectful). She’s always following him around. She also thinks she’s famous because she’s done crappy designs for Obey. She’s given at least 3 interviews that I know about where she talks about Joe, basically, from what I understand.

  20. keyakxx says

    First time poster, long time stalker.

    Justin Bieber’s touring, perhaps he has an unknown girlfriend?

    Not sure about this band though.

  21. yohoapirateslife4me says

    I don’t know for sure if this is about who I think it is, but I’ll try.

    Performer: Joe Jonas
    Group: Jonas Brothers (they’re on tour in Latin and South America)
    GF: Blanda Eggsomething

    But I’m not sure because I went to one of his concerts in Brazil and he didn’t seem drunk at all onstage, but there were rumors that the brothers fought before their first concert in Brazil, which made them be a little late. There have been some other blinds about how Blanda is taking advantage of them, how Joe is always drugged, drunk, so… who knows? :/

    • yohoapirateslife4me says

      Ok, so reading again, it may not be about him. It’s focusing way too much on HIM, and not on the entire band (“None of this may sink in until he gets back home and realizes that he doesn’t have a record deal.”) I mean, it seems like he’s a solo singer and he has a band behind him, not like he’s part of one. So, I’m totally blind now lol

      • sweetgigi1017 says

        Yeah supposedly the brothers especially Nick and Joe have been fighting BECAUSE of her (not sure thought) and the whole “doesn’t have a record deal” was were i was 100% sure its him. They DONT have a record deal yet and they don’t seem to be doing anything to get into one.

  22. zahra says

    I was thinking Louis from 1D but if his gf is a beard, as suggested, then I can’t see why she’d be a problem, trying to get famous and whatnot…

  23. coco29 says

    Performer: Joe Jonas

    Group: The Jonas Brothers

    Girlfriend (Not famous, but thinks she is): Blanda Esh-something

  24. sweetgigi1017 says

    Performer: Joe Jonas

    Group:Jonas Brothers

    Girlfriend : Blanda something….

    And wow i just feel bad for Nick Jonas, the kid is actually very talented and deserves the fame. His voice over the years has improve immensely and you could tell he those not like her.

    • iPanderr says

      She’s doing stuff for X Factor right now. There would be pictures if any of the girlfriends were on stage in plain sight.

      • litswd.tb says

        There is rumors going around she planted the story about Liam leaving 1D for her though, I used to think she was a sweetheart but a couple recent encounters with her say other wise

  25. joanna1803 says

    Performer:Neil Something


    Girlfriend:White house Party Crasher lady

  26. crystalbluee says

    apparently jonas brothers?? joe jonas and his gf blanda something..i didn’t even know they were back on tour. talk about comeback lol

  27. heyitsariane says

    The only group on tour that I know of is One Direction..but I don’t think this could be any of them?

  28. LeahLynn28 says

    Joe Jonas?Other blinds here were saying that is girlfriend is a bad influence to him,and that she possibly is his dr*g dealer.I don’t know if the Jonas Brothers are touring right now,but this blind fits with Joe.She’s so “famous”(also delusional),that i don’t even know her name or who she is,to be honest.

  29. kmariex3x3 says

    Performer: Joe Jonas
    Girlfriend: Blanda Eggenschwiler
    Group: The Jonas Brothers

    They’re currently touring South America, so that would make sense to call it an ‘international’ tour.

    This is my first post! Hi, Ace! Great site!

  30. mikeymikerson says

    Performer: Adam Levine

    Group: Maroon 5

    Girlfriend (Not famous, but thinks she is): Amanda Setton

    ***At first I was thinking One Direction, but as far as their gf’s go, Danielle Peazer I believe is doing an X Factor tour, Perrie is busy with Little Mix stuff, and Eleanor is just a beard (imo).

  31. Jenny221 says

    I will be happy to be the first post.

    Group: Jonas Brothers..currently touring Latin America

    Annoying Girlfriend…blanda eggenschwiler

    I hope someone makes him see the light soon!

  32. JustBeat says

    Performer: JOE JONAS


    Girlfriend (Not famous, but thinks she is): None other than Blanda Eggenschwiler

    The comeback for this group is like water on your hands, how sad!

  33. LaursAngel says

    Could this be Joe Jonas and his user girlfriend Blanda?
    She is his drug dealer/enabler girlfriend and theyve been travelling all over Europe for months. There was a blind back at Thanksgiving about Joe that the family were begging him to come home, something about an intervention.
    He’s looked horrible all year, his eyes look bugged out, there have been stories of him being rude to fans, and endless drug blinds about him and his family keep trying to reach out. It’s so sad. DROP the user Joe.

  34. Molls says

    Performer: Joe Jonas
    Group: Jonas Brothers
    Girlfriend (Not famous, but thinks she is): Blanda Eggenschwiler

  35. butterflycatcher says

    Performer: Joe Jonas

    Group: Jonas Brothers

    Girlfriend: Blanda Snakenschwiler or whatever her name is

  36. PapillonLover says

    Performer: Neil Schon
    Group: Journey
    Girlfriend: Michaele Salahi
    They even share their Facebook page!

  37. Lule23 says

    SO this is my first time here, and ill go for Joe Jonas and his gf Blanda something. They are on international tour now (south america) and ive actually heard some rumors about he doing drugs before his soundcheck

  38. litswd.tb says

    I see a lot of hits to the Jonas Brothers but I have to agree with anyone saying One Direction.

    A rumor in the mill recently is that Danielle planted the rumor about Liam leaving 1D… and aren’t Zayn and Perrie supposed to be broken up after that article came out back in January about him cheating? (There are actually countless rumors painting Zayn as a cheating horn dog but I think some are more people wanting some fame and money than the actual truth)

  39. joanna1803 says

    This could be either Joe Jonas or Neil Schon both have solo careers and both are on international tours right now….

  40. nataliecook says

    Performer: Sid Vicious
    Group: The Sex Pistols
    Girlfriend: Nancy Spungeon

    hmmm….I could be wrong.

    PS. Hi Ace, long time lurker first time poster!

  41. forevermeansnever says

    It’s Joe Jonas and Blanda.

    – She was spotted on the stage for several shows

    – Attends the Make A Wish M&G’s and press conferences

    – Acts very rude towards fans

    – She insisted that she would be on their tour soccer team (picture posted VIA AdamJosephJ Instagram)

    – Joe was spotted with South American beer on stage for quite a few shows

    – Major publicity happening right now on tour. Mostly around Blanda & Joe.

    – He’s acting really unprofessional about everything.

  42. Beveylovesyou says

    Joe Jonas
    Jonas Brothers
    Blanda whatever her last name is
    also go buy Pom Poms on I-tunes!!

  43. oneant says

    First time comment but long time reader.

    This story makes sense but I see it a bit differently. I think the family knew they were going to cancel due to low ticket sales and blame it on Joe. Nick and Kevin stopped twitting over a week ago but Joe kept going until a day before the announcement. Does insurance cover illness like someone going to rehab?

    There was the addiction specialist following him around and he did not look happy!!! If he wanted to do rehab why was this guy following him around?

    Other than that your story makes a lot of sense. The family knew and has known but living with an addict is tough! They needed a scapegoat to pull the plug so now they are going throw him under the bus. He seems to know he’s being blamed and looks pissed!

    That girlfriend is not innocent in this . Isn’t heroin illegal? How are they allowed to run around with illegal drugs and no one gets busted.

  44. meowingloudly says

    There’s this program for addicts, it’s called “rapid detox”..
    You go to this centre, and they put you on meds, monitor your levels, and heat you up really hot to sweat the withdrawals out of your system in an extremely sped up way.
    It takes only 1-2 days to completely get rid of heroin withdrawals, which naturally, can last months.
    If I were Joe, I’d go to one of those centres.. There’s are many in the USA.. I’m from Australia and wish we had one here.i think it could really help people in need.
    But it is quite expensive.. The average addict wouldn’t be able to afford it, but I’m sure it’d be pocket change for the Jonas.
    Because its only 1-2 days I doubt the press would find out about it.. I think there is a centre in Orange County, or Mexico? I’m not sure.l it was a while ago when I researched it.. But they could go somewhere where they probably wouldn’t even know who Joe was, and disguise him if needed.
    Delaying this problem is not a good idea. He could very easily die.
    You get bad batches of heroin a lot, and really pure batches that people aren’t used to and end up overdosing.
    Then there will be no Jonas brothers for the family to mooch off at all.
    On another note, it’s pretty obvious why Joe turned to drugs.. What a sick, greedy family,
    Rock stars go to rehab all the time, it’s actually not that damaging to their reputation.
    It’s actually considered kinda cool to be a removing addict these days.
    It shows strength and empowerment. But being a current addict isn’t cool.
    Joe will never be able to perform properly as an addict, or while detoxing and suffering from withdrawals.. It’ll be a half assed show, which will only worsen their sales, people will give up if they see one crappy show and not buy tickets again.
    The family either need to detox him the long way, or do it the fast way through rapid detox.
    There is also some root, that’s supposed to help with withdrawals.. Can’t think of the name though. (Google it)
    There are a lot of options to speed up recovery for joe.
    But if you do take the short cut, you also have to get him support mentally. Like continual drug councilling, or he will probably relapse. As well as cutting everyone who uses drugs out of his life.
    I can’t believe the parents just make him do drugs to combat the problem.. I thought they’d at least try to detox him from home.. Get someone trained in the medical field who is currently out of work to come stay with him and monitor his levels while he detoxes, it’s really not that hard. You don’t have to be in a fancy centre.. But it does help a lot to be away from bad influences, temptations, and what not. Maybe get a hotel in another town, away from paps, and bad influences, and have him stay with the doctor and detox for 3-4 weeks.. And have a call out therapist to come visit him once per day. That’s all they pretty much do in rehab centres anyway. And prescribe benzos to help sleep off the withdrawals.

    • newsjunkie says

      With all due respect,”meowingloudly”, I was in rehab for 24. While you are right about somethings regarding withdrawl:meds can help you not seizure, but the med dosage is slowly decreased, and the body will still face withdrawl symptoms. It is not over in two days, but God I wish it was.
      God help him.


  45. gillysirl says

    This has to be one of the saddest things I have read in a long time. This, along with the fake “reality” show puts this family right up there with the Jacksons. What god-awful parents.

    • slimfast10 says

      gillysirl I thought the same exact thing, can’t figure out which family is worse, pathetic parenting by all thats for sure…god bless Joe hope he breaks away and manages to get the help he needs.

  46. irishinoz says

    Sad sad story. I’m not a fan of the Jonas but how can any parent watch their kid slowly die in front of them just so they can keep their house by the beach or whatever.
    This act has to be criminal is someway
    How about this one daddy j, GET YOURSELF A JOB so you can keep your flash lifestyle and keep your son alive.