Not Exactly An OBGYN Referral

pregnant couple 3[Blind Gossip] This famous unmarried couple has asked a famous married couple with whom they are friendly for a very interesting referral.

Given the woman’s medical condition, you would think that they would be asking for a referral to a doctor. You would be wrong. They were actually asking for a referral for a special effects expert! It seems that they want to buy one or more prosthetic devices to make the first female either look pregnant… or to look more pregnant than she is.

So, that leaves us with several possibilities: The first couple was never pregnant but they are looking to fake it; or they are pregnant and are looking to make the bump look bigger; or they were pregnant but aren’t any more and are looking to stall the announcement of a miscarriage. Whichever the case, they are clearly looking to fake or exaggerate a condition to gain public support. Given how the first female’s penchant for attention, no one should be surprised about this.

Unmarried First Couple:

Married Second Couple:

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    • Vampa15 says

      I agree. As much as I’ve had enough with Kimye’s attention-seeking, I hope the reason is not a miscarriage because that’s just an awful thing to have to deal with, especially in the public eye.

      However, I’m betting it’s more likey that she hates being at that stage where she just looks fat not pregnant, and wants to show more now :-)

  1. melly123 says

    Unmarried: Kim and Kanye
    Married: Beyonce and J-Zay

    Beyonce’s bump size was all over the place. I don’t know if I would use the prosthetics guy she used.

  2. Pickle says

    unmarried first couple: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

    married second couple: Jay-Z and Beyonce

  3. kcphilly says

    Unmarried couple: Kim Kardashian and Kayne West

    Married Couple: Beyonce & Jay Z

    Awww the best friends who fake pregnancies together stay together!!

    • Heilige Bimbam says

      Unmarried couple: Kim and Kanye. Kim does look pregnant, and might want to over emphasize the size of the bump, just like Beyonce did
      Married couple Jay Z and Beyonce , who was also really pregnant according to this picture:

  4. rorythedragon says

    It seems too obvious to say Kim and Kanye and Beyonce and JayZ because Kim really does look pregnant. But in Hollyweird, anything can happen!

    • Bromance1979 says

      It MAY be because she’s at the stage where her belly doesn’t look like a nice, big round pregnant belly. I’m at the same stage of pregnancy and just want a cute pregnant belly, not something that could pass for a fat beer gut! lol. I can live with it, but she’s incredibly vain, so that could be the reason.

    • Stackhouse says

      I honestly don’t think Kim looks pregnant at all. Yes, she has gained weight, yes, her lips look swollen, but she still doesn’t look pregnant. She just looks like she’s gained weight in an attempt to *look* pregnant. I thought it was all pretty fishy from the get-go, as their romantic relationship is clearly fake (which is obvious to anyone who can read body language). I also believe that Kanye is gay, so if she really is/was pregnant, I do not think they conceived this child naturally. That said, I do not think she’s pregnant, and it wouldn’t shock me if she suddenly had a “miscarriage.”

      • giapa says

        She definitely looks pregnant, and her butt is about to explode. Beyonce didn’t look pregnant at all.

      • Bromance1979 says

        I didn’t even think of the possibility that her pregnancy was fake (I mean, who does that?!?!), but now that everyone has mentioned it, it makes sense. Her weight gain is strange. If she’s eating a healthy diet and working out as much as has been claimed, she wouldn’t have gained so much weight all over her body; it would be mostly in the boobs and belly. I’m also 5mo pregnant and although all women gain weight differently, I don’t see how most of her weight gain is in her thighs and butt if she’s been healthy. The only way for that to happen would be if she’s sitting on her rear eating junk all day. Her weight gain looks like over-eating, not pregnancy. If she’s lying about the exercise and healthy eating, though, I could believe it. Her breasts DO look exceptionally massive.

  5. VoiceofReason says

    Kim/Kanye and Beyonce/JayZ are only ones I can think of given the previous speculation over B’s movable baby bump

  6. Virginia says

    Unmarried First Couple: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
    Married Second Couple: Beyonce and Jay-Z

  7. Synapse3 says

    Obviously K-Trash and Kanye
    Beyonce and JZ.

    What the hell is the matter with all these people?

  8. misscococherie says

    Unmarried First Couple: Kim Kardashian/ Kanye West

    Married Second Couple: Beyonce and Jay-Z

  9. 2BEAUCOUP says


  10. exnetworkpro says

    Oh wow.
    First unmarried couple: Kanye and Kim
    Second married couple: Jay Z and Beyoncè (who would know something about prosthetics…)

    • HotTeacher88 says

      Yes, of course. This blind is the SHIZZZ! You know how to bring it, Ace!!! Oh, to be a fly on the wall to see Bey’s reaction to this question. LMAO!!!!! Like anyone was fooled by the shadowy smoke and mirrors pregnant figure in the Life is But a Dream film. That could have been anyone. Why did it need to be so shadowy and in profile?

      • Booboo1068 says

        Had the same reaction to the shadowy profile. Proves nothing. She had/has no problem announcing the pregnancy on a Grammy stage, sharing multiple (non staged I’m sure) pic on Tumblr and the one of her apparently showing on the beach, even right after “giving birth” but has no clear shots of her in between? Sadly, I think she miscarried after the one shot on the beach and maybe for medical reasons chose the surrogate/fake pregnancy route. She would’ve gained more fans and respect by just being honest – if that’s the case. My guess is that if Beyonce were really pregnant there would’ve been a more than half or fully naked cover shots. The BI where she was a top guess about a celeb couple using a secret surrogate living in NYC also said the surrogate was Portuguese and picked based on her close physical likeness to the star. This may explain the shadowy pic and why the baby looks like Jay-Z but not Beyonce. And yes, I know this can happen but if B. needed an egg donor based on a miscarriage this would explain this as well. And s it just me or did the new born baby look very different than their baby looks now? (again, I know this can happen but…)

      • Ati2d9 says

        And does anyone remember how she was supposed to perform for New Years Eve but Ryan Seacrest said she couldn’t because she was in labor, or something to that degree…..but then the baby wasn’t even born until a week later….

  11. MaryQuiteContrary says

    Unmarried First Couple: Jen and Justin?

    Married Second Couple: Jay Z and Beyonce

  12. noangel says

    Kanye and that Kim K. The photos I’ve seen of her and her bump, well I don’t think she looks pregnant at all just a little overweight. Doesn’t look like a baby bump what-so-ever. Then there was the hospital dash last week…

    Married second couple: Jay Z and Beyonce – famous for her alleged fake pregnancy.

    • cocobeannns says

      I agree with this. And it makes a lot of sense. I think it’s suspicious that she’s been wearing such tight fitting clothing while she’s ‘pregnant’, whereas before she would wear more lose fitting clothing. It seems like she’s just wearing the tighter clothes to make her stomach seem like a bump, when in fact it’s just her gut.

  13. itismeme says

    When are we as a country going to stop clicking on, watching or buying info about the Kardashians? The madness won’t stop until we do.

    KK and Kanye
    Bey and Jay

    • travoltasbeard says


      Just remember, they will only be replaced. Dolts and Idiots need heroes also!! This Paris Hilton replacement will only be replaced. Sad isn’t it? The desperation to be relevant will only get worse also I think. This will make Ace a lucky host!

      • itismeme says

        Ugh! I just feel like the whole Kardashian hot mess is almost evil. Paris was everywhere but (at least to me) more of a joke. These people make me shake my head on a near daily basis as I read only headlines about them :)

  14. travoltasbeard says

    Unmarried first couple: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

    Married Second Couple: Jay-Z and Beyonce

    Happy Hump – Camel day

  15. travoltasbeard says

    Wait, Wait Wait….When you say “No one should be surprised about this…” Does that include Kris Humphries?

  16. KTTBO says

    This just screams Kim Kardashian and Kanye for the unmarried couple, and Beyonce and Jay-Z for the married couple.

  17. jonnyrivers says

    Unmarried First Couple: Kim Kartrashian and Kanye
    Married Second Couple: JayZ and Beyonce.

  18. Bromance1979 says

    Unmarried First Couple: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

    Married Second Couple: Beyonce and Jay-Z, since they have experience with fake pregnancies?

  19. monstica says

    My guess is Kim /Kanye and Beyonce/Jay Z. Hey Ace, hear any rumors who the new pope is? Any rumors going around???

  20. stacat1 says

    Unmarried First couple: Kim Kardashian and Kanye

    Married Second Couple: Beyonce and Jay-Z

  21. WaitLemmeGuess says

    Kimye, Jay Zzzzz and his wife Beyawnce. Kim’s backside looks more pregnant than she does.

  22. leosgrl88 says

    Unmarried First Couple: Kanye & Kim

    Married Second Couple: Jay-Z & Beyoncé

    Considering that Beyoncé faked her pregnancy because she had a surrogate & Kim is NOT pregnant but just got fat in order to appear as if she is pregnant. Just my opinion.

  23. arielade says


    Kim K. and Kanye asked Beyonce and Jay-Z for a special effects person?!?!?!?!?! Beyonce REALLY WASN’T PREGNANT???? She and I had babies around the same time and I STILL have the stretch marks and lumpy ass to prove it (I’m working on it – it takes time if you don’t have a whole staff to wait on you and a nanny to raise your baby:).

    • Booboo1068 says

      Aw, arielade I’m sure you look better than you think and you have the gift of a baby! I was/am not able to have children so I guess I’m biased but please love yourself as much as your baby and ignore the rest. As you say your working on it and don’t have the advantage of extra help.

      BTW Most of us who can’t have kids and would have really don’t get the wealthy wife need for a push gift. Being able to give birth would be the only gift those like me would need. Not that I don’t think women who get through childbirth aren’t some of the strongest around!

  24. reen57 says

    Ooooo. I know, I know!!!

    Unmarried couple: Kim and Kayne and Im voting she is not pregnant and is looking to stick it to Kris at the divorce hearing

    Married couple: Beyonce and JZ whose so called pregnancy was not convincing.

  25. rosierattle says

    Kim and Kanye – unmarried couple. Beyonce and Jay-z – married couple. If this is true it is absolutely disgusting

  26. sexxyliquorice says

    Unmarried First Couple: Kanye West & Kim Kardashian

    Married Second Couple: Jay-Z & Beyonce

  27. CaliDreaming says

    Unmarried First Couple: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
    People are saying that Kim K is faking her pregnancy. She has gained a ton of weight, but everywhere other than her belly

    Married Second Couple: Beyonce and Jay Z

    There were so many rumors that Bey and Jay had a surrogate because Bey’s belly seemed to grow and shrink. I believe it was confirmed that she used a prosthetic to make her look more pregnant when she was in the earliest stages of her pregnancy.

    This could be why “Joe Camel” is not going to like this Blind Item, as mentioned in the earlier post.

  28. sopojofo says

    Unmarried first couple: Kanye West, Kim Kardashian
    Married second couple: Jay-Z, Beyonce

  29. nycgal212 says

    Unmarried couple: Kanye west and Kim Kardashian
    married couple: Jay z and beyonce

    And the plot thickens

  30. quinner says

    Come on….could it be anyone else other then kimye? Do we think they r using a surrogate too or is she waiting till her annullment trial date to “miscarry”?

  31. Fergus says

    This sounds like a repeat of her marriage: Fake. Public opinion will rip her to bits if this comes out. My goodness, is there anything about this pack of trolls that you can believe?
    Probably not.

    Who did they ask? Bouncy and JayZ for a loan of their bump? She had better look after it, they will be needing it for next year.

  32. KitKanuck says

    Kim and Kanye are asking Beyoncé and JayZ for advise on where you get a prosthetic belly? Well, I guess The Queen of Fake and Joe Camel would know…..

  33. blessedjess226 says

    Unmarried First Couple: Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

    Married Second Couple: Beyonce “I faked my Pregnancy” Knowles-Carter & Jay-Z

  34. LALOVER says

    Easy, peasy!

    Unmarried First Couple: Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

    Married Second Couple: Beyonce & Jay-Z


  35. LiMiMi says

    Who else would this be, but Kim and Kanye asking the original faker Beyonce and Jay-Z. How pathetic and ridiculous this is becoming!

  36. meemo506 says

    Unmarried First Couple: Kim and Kanye

    Married Second Couple: Beyonce and Jay-Z?

    Kim certainly loves attention, you see those two together a lot, and Beyonce had all that controversy about her bump not being real. Plus Kim is just getting wider and fatter looking instead of having a belly pop out.

  37. chailatte says

    For no particular reasons,

    Unmarried First Couple: Kim & Kanye

    Married Second Couple: JayZ & Beyonce

  38. littlemissminnesota says

    Unmarried first couple: Kim and Kanye (clue: fora = imma?, Kim was hospitalized with a miscarriage scare)
    Married second couple: Beyonce and Jay-Z (faked pregnancy)

  39. theend124 says

    Unmarried First couple: Kim Kartrashian and Kanye
    Married Second Couple: Beyonce amd Jay-Z

    too easy!

  40. NOTellebee says

    I can guarantee the popular response will be Kimye, but I feel like she would have announced a miscarriage ASAP for attention, rather than pretend everything is okay after that last scare and fake the pregnancy for a while.

  41. carlita says

    I guess the desired answer would be Kanye and Kim and then Jay-Z and Beyonce, because allegedly Beyonce faked her pregnancy. I’m pretty darn sure if this was the case, Kanye wouldn’t have been let in on that secret. I also don’t think Beyonce faked her pregnancy.

  42. shoefreak says

    Kim Kardashian & Kanye West for the unmarried couple
    Beyoncé and Jay Z for the married couple

  43. NOTellebee says

    I can guarantee the popular response will be Kimye, but I feel like she would have announced a miscarriage ASAP for attention, rather than pretend everything is okay after that last scare and fake the pregnancy for a while.

    Although, JayZ and Bey Bey would know a fantastic special effects person after her “pregnancy…”

  44. PurpleSally says

    Unmarried First Couple: Kim Kardashian & KanYe West.
    Married Second Couple: Beyonce & Jay-Z.

    PS. I believe that Kim isn’t really pregnant to begin with. And B&J…well, we all know that floppy story.

  45. michaela1487 says

    unmarried first couple: kim and kanye

    married second couple: jay-z and beyonce

    references to beyonce faking her bump.. either of the possibilities can apply to kim (her butt looks bigger than her bump right now, she’s starting to look “fatter” rather than pregnant, and there was that hospital stay where she thought she was miscarrying).