Here Comes The Intervention

intervention 2[Blind Gossip] Here comes the intervention! A little late, but late is better than never.

This young performer has been out of control for the better part of a year now. Dr*gs and alc*hol and bad influences have all caught up with him and led to a myriad of personal and professional problems.

In the next two weeks, his parent/s, another relative, a childhood friend, an older male star, and (surprisingly) his ex-girlfriend, will be doing a group sit-down with him over a recent series of f*ck-ups, all of which are a direct result of the star’s bad behavior. So far, no members of his management team plan on participating. Definitely not included in this group are his new friends, who are believed to be contributing to the problem.

What took so long? Resistance on everyone’s part to stop the money machine and/or permanently label the young star (as a dr*ggie or alc*holic). They know that once he is pulled from center stage that he may not regain his reputation or momentum. Young girls are a fickle audience, and there is a strong possibility that they will move on quickly if this star is out of the spotlight.

The group will try to convince him to take some time off and go to rehab. However, they are prepared for the fact that he is young and arrogant and thinks he knows best… and will consequently refuse. And he may do that. He is at the age of majority, and they cannot force him to anything he doesn’t want to do. So they have a residential facility ready, but are also prepared to offer a non-residential option that will allow him to continue to meet his work obligations.

In any case, this will all happen within the next two weeks. If he suddenly disappears for a “vacation” or for some medical problem, he is in rehab. If he continues in the public eye but seems more lucid, he is doing the non-residential treatment (but don’t expect him to talk about it). If everything stays the same, that means that he has refused treatment and will continue his downward spiral. We’ll know soon enough.

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  1. fineasafox says

    Justin Bieber
    Usher is the “older Star”
    Selena Gomez is the “ex-girlfriend”
    new friends..crashed up 2 of his new cars recently…someone from Young Money…Lil someone :)

  2. SouthJerseyGirl says

    I hope Justin Bieber also learns how to pull up his pants while he’s getting “better” so he doesn’t look like an idiot, along with acting like one.

    • Weazle says

      Those friggin’ pants look like someone took a giant dump in a giant diaper that desperately needs to be changed.

    • Queen of the Harpies says

      Those pants…smh. To me he needs a douche intervention first. He is Fist Brown in training.

  3. channel orange says

    Well, good. I was starting to think this kid would be next to be found dead by OD or something. The parent/s should have stepped in ages ago, but better late than never. Wonder if the older male star who’s intervening is Usher?

  4. Raito says


    Finally someone is acknowledging the problem, the kid should be grateful he has a family that apparently cares.

    His team is full of arses. They shouldn’t have let the situation get out of control in the first place. This kid is actually talented and with the right management he could have continued selling incredibly well for a few years more. His team has only themselves to blame.

  5. DelilaMars says

    At first I thought of Joe Jonas but the whole description fits better to Justin Bieber as Joe Jonas is not really a money machine anymore.
    I’m surprised Selena Gomez would take part of the group as their relationship was just PR though.

  6. tawse57 says

    Is this the rude young American who was recently seen wandering around the UK with his trousers hysterically around his knees?

      • tawse57 says

        Is he Canadian? I never knew that. I tend not to follow the lives of young boys who walk around showing their bottoms to everyone.

        I apologise unreservedly to young Americans everywhere who like to walk around with their trousers around their knees showing their bottoms to everyone.

  7. Me Talk Pretty says

    The Beibs.

    Take the offer kid! You won’t be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor later in life if party and smoke all your money away now, or worse, if you’re dead. Protect yourself.

  8. Kerzep says

    Justin Beiber. It’s about time – I feel sorry for him. Everyone around him is making millions and they just don’t care about his health.

  9. travoltasbeard says


    If I was your sponser
    Never let you go

    If I was your sponser
    Never let Ace know

    This IS Justin Beiber!!!

  10. dpoma says

    Poor Justin. As he matures, his singing talent is waning. What attracted his fans was his boyish innocence. Now henfeels he needs to become a bad-ass, and isn’t prepared to deall with his ‘new real’. I feel sad about this, but he sure isn’t the first example of this phenomenon.

  11. NeedNoStinkinBadges says

    If he goes through with it, what will the cover story be? Vacation would only work for a few days. If it’s a 30 day treatment facility, I wonder what story they would spin?

    I suspect his issues are less about addiction and more about entitlement. Perhaps if he weren’t surrounded by yes men and enablers, and constantly told he’s the Canadian J*sus by his worshippers (including his parents), he might calm down a little. I suppose that’s unrealistic though. A full public breakdown might be just what he needs to get some perspective. So if the sit-down fails, I’m rooting for some major public embarrassment as a wake-up call.

  12. PatEll says

    Justin Bieber. Although young girls aren’t moving on from him so fast, no matter how much bad publicity surrounds him.

  13. Best Man says

    Beebs. The backlash has been happening for awhile now. My kids like that one baby song. But they won’t admit they like him. It’s not cool to like him at all. He hasn’t been cool for 2 years.

  14. says

    Ohhh the Biebs! He’ll refuse and continue to be a punk and make excuses until nobody cares about him anymore. It’s the cycle of the breakdown. I wonder what he’s on to make him think it is fashionable to wear a gas mask out in public….

  15. sarilou says

    Presumably Justin Bieber, particularly after all the hoo-ha with his concerts here in the UK?

  16. KitKanuck says

    Well, this can only be my messed-up and out of control fellow countryman, Justin Beiber. Seriously, kid….get help. You’re talented (not my style of music, but I can still appreciate). Quit being a do*che all your life and get clean!

  17. arielade says

    Justin Beiber! Finally… almost feel sorry for the poor kid. These young ones can’t handle the pressure, fame, money, etc.

    And I bet the older start is Usher…

    • arielade says

      And ex-girlfriend is Selena Gomez… I hate myself for knowing all of this (or thinking I know all of this) haha

  18. kcphilly says

    Biebs I hope you choose option A (in patient treatment) cause you look like a giant douche lately. If he doesn’t get any help teen girls will get sick of his actions anyway.

  19. NJDevilGirl14 says

    Bieber, between Lil Twist wrecking his Karma and another one of his friends getting busted for possession, it’s high time. The rumors from across the pond believe that the majority of his upcoming dates will be cancelled and re-booked later, plan b for a rehab trip?
    Selena Gomez must be a great person to be a part of this. A lot of other ex’s would just walk away or refused to be involved, this all lends credence to the idea she dumped him for having some substance issues.
    Hopefully Bieber gets some help. History isn’t kind to teen idols who don’t get their acts together when it comes to drugs.
    Star: Bieber
    Ex GF: Gomez
    Male Movie Star: Will Smith
    Parent: Pattie his mom
    Childhood Friend: Usher

  20. bethanyxo says

    definitely bieber.

    parents: patty & jeremy
    relative: grandfather?
    childhood friend: that best friend i forget his name but he’s always with him
    older male star: usher
    ex gf: selena

  21. limericks says

    Justin Bieber obviously. I feel bad for pop stars when the people in their lives only see them as a walking wallet and won’t get them the help they need for whatever problems they have because of fear of the money not coming in.

  22. TeacherKat says

    Justin Beiber. Good for people finally standing up for his best interests. Is the older male star Usher?

  23. blainecass says

    This has to be Bieber, right? Young performer. Went crazy in England. Worshipped by young girls, etcetera.