Here Comes The Intervention

intervention 2[Blind Gossip] Here comes the intervention! A little late, but late is better than never.

This young performer has been out of control for the better part of a year now. Dr*gs and alc*hol and bad influences have all caught up with him and led to a myriad of personal and professional problems.

In the next two weeks, his parent/s, another relative, a childhood friend, an older male star, and (surprisingly) his ex-girlfriend, will be doing a group sit-down with him over a recent series of f*ck-ups, all of which are a direct result of the star’s bad behavior. So far, no members of his management team plan on participating. Definitely not included in this group are his new friends, who are believed to be contributing to the problem.

What took so long? Resistance on everyone’s part to stop the money machine and/or permanently label the young star (as a dr*ggie or alc*holic). They know that once he is pulled from center stage that he may not regain his reputation or momentum. Young girls are a fickle audience, and there is a strong possibility that they will move on quickly if this star is out of the spotlight.

The group will try to convince him to take some time off and go to rehab. However, they are prepared for the fact that he is young and arrogant and thinks he knows best… and will consequently refuse. And he may do that. He is at the age of majority, and they cannot force him to anything he doesn’t want to do. So they have a residential facility ready, but are also prepared to offer a non-residential option that will allow him to continue to meet his work obligations.

In any case, this will all happen within the next two weeks. If he suddenly disappears for a “vacation” or for some medical problem, he is in rehab. If he continues in the public eye but seems more lucid, he is doing the non-residential treatment (but don’t expect him to talk about it). If everything stays the same, that means that he has refused treatment and will continue his downward spiral. We’ll know soon enough.

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