One Actor Is Soaping Up With Another

men shower[Daily Mirror] Which male Hollywood actor has been having an affair with a British male soap star? It’s an open secret among the cast… but the wife has no idea!

Hollywood Actor:

British Soap Star:

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57 comments to One Actor Is Soaping Up With Another

  • Coffee_Not_Tea

    No idea but that stock photo is freaking HOT!!!

  • DutchessCNG

    Don’t know why, but I immediately thought of Willem Dafoe and Rob Kazinsky.

  • DutchessCNG

    Or maybe Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy?

  • travoltasbeard

    Will Smith is in London

    BSS: Dexter Hartman

    • Just_Joi

      This would be an OMFG moment!! But Jada is just as Les as he is Gay. So she wouldn’t know or care!!

  • travoltasbeard


    Hollywood Star: Will SMith

    BSS: Khali Best

  • JenJenJen

    Possible movie star being Kevin Spacey…. Not sure of the soap star though

    • Rumormill

      But which one is married; The Hollywood actor or the Soap Guy. If it’s the actor, Spacey is not married.

      • JenJenJen

        Judging by the phrasing in the blind, I’d day the soap star was the married one. No idea who he could be though but perhaps young and very good looking. Definitely not Phil Mitchell as one person said!!

    • Sherry

      And Kevin Spacey is out but not officially announced. Just everyone knows it. This blind, however does not make it clear if the wife belongs to the H’wd actor or the British actor. If the British actor is very young and married it could well be Kevin Spacey.

  • TheOtherIan

    not enough clues. is the HW actor American or a Brit living in the US, or a Brit who has had success in HW but lives in the UK? Which of the two actors is married? is it the HW or Brit soapstar’s wife who has no clue? i think it’s the soapstars wife, the cast being the other soap actors. one could just pick names out of a hat for all the clues given.

  • BritishPound

    Need more clues!!!

  • Buffysoapaddict

    Hollywood Actor: Ryan Seacrest

    British Soap Star: Shane Ritchie

  • rosiedoes

    After doing some research, possibly Rob Kazinsky (BSS) and Charlie Day (HwA)? Both just did Pacific Rim. Charlie Day is married.

  • Katmandu

    Will Smith , the actor.

    Brit male soap star – ??

    Steve McFadden (Phil on Eastenders), LOL!

  • callmedave

    Kevin Spacey for the Hollywood actor.

    I thought of John Partridge or Antony Cotton for the soap star but they’re both in long term relationships, so instead I will say Jeremy Sheffield (former Coronation Street and now Hollyoaks).

    • callmedave

      Doh! Scratch that, completely misread the line about the wife. I’ll have another think…

  • Palermo

    Shane Ritchie?? Oh no not Alfie LOL

  • dee123

    Kevin Spacey and ??????

  • sherlock

    Is this actor a closet bi-sexual?Anyone whose anyone in Hollywood will probably have appeared on the Graham Norton show over here.Can anyone think of a married Hollywood actor who has appeared on his show?How did they meet i wonder?on an awards show?chat show? party?Think of his poor wife the next time she performs oral favours on him.She’d be mortified if she knew where it had been.Yuk!

    • CoCoJoe

      That’s a pretty sleazy attitude, Sherlock. The wife may be hurt, jealous, even angry, but it should not be upsetting based on the ridiculous idea that gay sex is somehow a dirtier activity than straight sex. Sorry, but I am offended.

    • stolidog

      Stay classy! Homophobia is ugly.

    • Rumormill

      RDJ was on the Graham Norton Show but he brought his boyfriend Jude Law with him. LOL

    • rosiedoes

      Heterosexual couples engage in anal sex, too. You also do not know that the married actor is the dominant partner.

      Also, more importantly: people wash.

      • sherlock

        Wow! your all very sensitive,sorry to offend but anyway he’s a cheater, he should do the decent and come clean with his wife.He sounds a spineless coward to me.

      • rosiedoes

        People here aren’t being sensitive, they’re just appalled by the bizarre, misinformed response and the connections you made. Whether any party here is cheating or not has nothing to do with the “yukkiness” of anal sex, which was what you chose to highlight.

  • Markme

    Looks like two guys I know !

  • tvbuff

    I think it might be someone on Hollyoaks. Otherwise, why would they say Hollywood, instead of American. I’m guessing Kieron Richardson (who is gay) and Hugh Jackman.

  • slantrhyme

    Kevin Spacey lives in London, so probably him. No idea about the British actor.

  • kfarley519

    I’m going with Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy from the following. Another blind this week about a secret apartment where an actor and his boyfriend were shacking up immediately made me think of him, plus that picture reminds me of Kevin Bacon’s nude scene in Wildthings.

    • valley of the dolls

      That blind was the sweetest thing I had ever read in my life so I am prayin’ for this to be true. Prayin’.

  • loumineers

    I have no idea who the actor is, but is the British soap James from Geordie Shore? It’s a British reality show and I really think he’s gay.

  • TOM

    Definitely Jeremy Piven in that PBS thing Mrs something or other…

  • UrbanFox

    Kevin Spacey and Dan Stevens.

  • Sensibleguess

    Super late to the party, but I just read that Rob Kazinsky (British Soap Actor) has joined the cast of Trueblood for season 6 as Sookie’s new love interest. It premiers in June.

    Could Stephen Moyer be having an affair with him, and Anna Paquin has no clue?!! That would be seriously scandalous.

  • Love

    Having worked with Mr Piven, it’s definitely NOT him !

  • kfwaters22

    Kevin Bacon?

    That photo looks like the peen shot from Wild Things. I hope I’m wrong. I love him and Kyra.

  • ladyt7087

    This isn’t Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy. First of all, Kevin is known as a NY-based actor, not a Hollywood actor. Second, James is definitely not known as a British soap opera actor. His work has primarily been in films with occasional forays into network tv and HBO stuff such as “Rome”, but not in soaps. Third, they are filming the final 5 episodes of The Following right now in NY and James has living with him his girlfriend of 7+ years and their newborn daughter (born last October).

  • EastCoaster

    Agreeing with Tom’s above guess of America’s Jeremy Piven and someone from his same soap, Mr. Selfridge.

  • littlelegs

    As it’s posted by the daily mirror, the only shows they’d call a Soap are Eastenders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale & Hollyoaks. And the way its written implies it’s a current soap actor.
    I’ve no idea though might have to look thru old graham norton/alan carr etc interviews see if any soap stars could’ve met the Actor on there

  • kermit1969

    Hollywood Actor: Jake Gyllenhaal

    Soap star: Dan Stevens, married, Downton Abbey, left the show, went to broadway

  • callie4ya

    I heard rumors about Ryan Reynolds being bi and that picture immediately made me think of him; I don’t know who the British star is though…

    Hollywood Actor: Ryan Reynolds

    British star: ?

  • lesshepp

    Soap star Jamie Lomas – Hollyoaks

  • soyella

    Hollywood actor:Eric Martsolf
    British Soap Star: James Scott