Why The Gangster Dumped His Publicist and An Actress

gangster[Hollywood Street King] He may have fronted the face of one ‘American Gangster’ — but he’s really a very married Hollywood heavyweight brother, who’s said to have recently supported a ‘keeping faithful’ promise to his wife of almost three-decades.

Sources say it’s a promise which led our blind item to not only dump 41-year-old actress Sanaa Lathan, but also force his fellatio-loving freak of a publicist, Marvet Britto, to get to steppin’.

This news comes after insiders revealed Britto was previously smashing our blind item, often granting other women the green light to do the same in her presence. Don’t believe me.. Ask Marvet Britto’s ex-bodyguard/chauffeur, Tony.

He’s a man who once extended the King of Pop an invitation to his home, where the pair reportedly visited over his wife’s homemade chicken dinner.

Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?

The Gangster:

Gangster’s Wife:

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