Why The Gangster Dumped His Publicist and An Actress

gangster[Hollywood Street King] He may have fronted the face of one ‘American Gangster’ — but he’s really a very married Hollywood heavyweight brother, who’s said to have recently supported a ‘keeping faithful’ promise to his wife of almost three-decades.

Sources say it’s a promise which led our blind item to not only dump 41-year-old actress Sanaa Lathan, but also force his fellatio-loving freak of a publicist, Marvet Britto, to get to steppin’.

This news comes after insiders revealed Britto was previously smashing our blind item, often granting other women the green light to do the same in her presence. Don’t believe me.. Ask Marvet Britto’s ex-bodyguard/chauffeur, Tony.

He’s a man who once extended the King of Pop an invitation to his home, where the pair reportedly visited over his wife’s homemade chicken dinner.

Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?

The Gangster:

Gangster’s Wife:

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  1. travoltasbeard says

    Gangster: Denzel Washington

    Gangsters Wife: Pauletta Pearson

    What HSK is trying to say (As Ace wants us to try and figure out:) That Denzel is no longer “smashing” on the actress, and is no longer receiving Oral favors from his publicist (who would engage in multiple-partner sex with him because she was also a visual-coitus-loving freak.

    In conclusion m’lud Ace, I do believe that Denzel is now living like the good christian he was failing to be. Maybe he can now, finally now, be the preacher he always said he wantred to be. Looks like god has found this sheep and he is returning to the flock. (I just hope he doesn’t try to “Smash” all the ewes in the flock!)

  2. Buffysoapaddict says

    The Gangster: Denzel Washington

    Gangster’s Wife: Latonya Richardson

    If she has any common sense, she will leave him.

    • Just_Joi says

      Lol! La Tanya is Samuel L. Jackson’s wife!! Hahaha. Get your sistas straight lol.

      • Just_Joi says

        Just one problem with this guess…Denzel’s publicist is a MAN.

        Samuel L. could be considered a gangster too…Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown … and he’s been married a long time. Changing my guess to Samuel L. Jackson!

  3. tawse57 says

    I have no idea who did what or with whom – can someone translate this blind into English please?

  4. mandymauer says

    The Gangster: Denzel Washington
    Gangster’s Wife: Pauletta Washington

    Denzel was in American Gangster. His 30 year anniversary is coming up June 25th. And Marvet Britto was his publicist. And he was in Out of Time with Sanaa Lathan.

  5. BRUSHFIRE97 says

    Denzel all the way. His cheating is as well a kept secret, similar to the one about John Travolta being gay, OPPS I mean’t straight….LOL

  6. Ms.MArcos says

    Denzel been bangin side chicks for a LONG time. i also heard he has a drug house he frequents.

  7. Nvrgvuphope says

    Please tell me this isn’t Denzel Washington!! He and Paulette have been married for 30 yrs, and he was the lead in the movie “American Gangster”.

  8. brobdingnagian says

    Denzel Washington

    Pauletta Pearson Washington

    Wow, didn’t know he was still with Sanaa! Thought that was over long time ago!!

  9. Sherry says

    Wasn’t thee a rumor that Denzel and she had a relationship? He played Frank Lucas in American Gangster. He and Pauletta have been married since 1983. Marvet typically reps African American actors but I see no reference to having repped Denszel. Not like it’s not the case, just nothing listed presently. BTW he was paid $40,000,000 for his role in AG! Wow!! I would put up with that shit too.

  10. waysouthofheaven says

    I’m thinking Denzel Washington for the Gangster but don’t know who his wife is

  11. SueCitySue says

    The Gangster: Denzel Washington
    Gangster’s Wife: Pauletta Pearson

    Denzel played gangster Frank Lucas in “American Gangster”. For years, it was rumored that he and Sanaa Lathan had a ‘thing going on after they made the movie “Out of Time” together. Denzel was on Marvet Britto’s client list at one time.

  12. RedScience says

    This screams Denzel Washington only. (although I might note that another notorious cheater Magic Johnson had a chicken dinner with the King of Pop – Magic was not the lead in the film American Gangster hence Denzel). Done.

    • RedScience says

      Oh. Forgot to say. His wife is Pauletta Washington who was more famous than he was when they got married.

  13. zeep says

    Sad. I thought Denzel was one of the good guys. He always struck me as cocky, but now he’s a cheater.

    • RedScience says

      He has been cheating for a looooooong time. All over the place. With many women. For 30 years. And now his wife is ok with him being faithful?! She should have been gone 29.95 years ago.

  14. larissa says

    Denzel is HOTTTT! Still, that’s no excuse to cheat. What is it with women who stay with men who cheat? Is all that money really worth it? I’d rather live in a trailer and be with someone who is faithful…

  15. PinkSlip says

    Can someone tell me what this means: “…Britto was previously smashing our blind item, often granting other women the green light to do the same in her presence.” Stumped: “smashing”??

    • RedScience says

      smashing = having sex with = sleeping with = effing with = smashing bodies together…you get the picture.

    • Jaqaranda says

      Britto was having sex with our blind item and invited other women to have sex with him while she watched.