BG12345: Monday

coffee bagelGood Morning, Blinders!

Are you feeling that loss of an hour’s sleep?

Here’s your Monday morning breakfast: a hot cup of coffee with a bagel on the side. That’s a sesame bagel, lightly toasted, with a schmear of cream cheese and lox. Essen, bubelah!

You ‘ll need your strength, because we have a mixed BG12345 for you today. New and SOLVED items.


Love, Ace

PS: Just a reminder: If you are having any technical issues, contact us at the email address in the CONTACT tab. We don’t own every type of device – and we’re definitely not psychic – so you have to tell us if something is amiss!

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  1. veganman says

    So far so good! Come on….are you sure you aren’t a little psychic Ace? Lol! Thanks for fixing the NBC fiasco last week! IP

  2. KWDragon says

    Thanks, Ace. Now I have to ask the hubby to make some fresh bagels! Also gotta get me some lox and schmear…mmmm….

    • KWDragon says

      Schmear is cream cheese. You don’t like cream cheese on your bagels? I love the smooth schmear with the smooth salmon and a contrasting bite of onion.

      Darn it! Now I’m hungry again!