Angry Bird Has A Chick To Feed

angry bird[Bossip] No wonder this angry bird has been squawking so loud– she’s got a chick to feed! It looks like the “Love & Hip-Hop” family is only getting bigger, because one of the big-mouthed broads on the show has a new baby on the way. Here’s a hint about who it is: Homegirl has worked with been with more than a few rappers and isn’t afraid to kiss and tell. She’s also not afraid to make a friend into a frenemy. But who knows, maybe those hormones are what have made her so hostile! Think you know who it is?

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  1. LisaRose says

    Joseline Hernandez!

    “family is only getting bigger” – Mimi Faust [baby mama], Stevie J and his five children.

  2. bjd44 says

    Wow. I must be gettin’ slow because I don’t even recognized any of the names being put up here!