Attention Monger Wants Out

man exits 2[Blind Gossip] Both parties in this PR “romance” are such attention-mongers that we were a little surprised to hear that one of them actually wants out.

He knows that it is his own fault, but he is regretting the fact that he ever allowed himself to get into this mess in the first place. He thought it would just be lots of publicity shots and magazine covers and a pretend engagement and that it would boost his profile.

Ha! Instead, he got stuck in a pit of relentless attention-seeking that is deeper and more soul-sucking than he could have ever imagined. And, ironically, instead of helping him, the publicity is actually hurting his reputation!

However, he has a contract to fulfill, and they are not going to let him make a run for it. All he has to do is look at her ex to know that she is not going to let anyone make her look bad without a huge legal fight. That’s what the future holds for him if he can’t get out soon.

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