Attention Monger Wants Out

man exits 2[Blind Gossip] Both parties in this PR “romance” are such attention-mongers that we were a little surprised to hear that one of them actually wants out.

He knows that it is his own fault, but he is regretting the fact that he ever allowed himself to get into this mess in the first place. He thought it would just be lots of publicity shots and magazine covers and a pretend engagement and that it would boost his profile.

Ha! Instead, he got stuck in a pit of relentless attention-seeking that is deeper and more soul-sucking than he could have ever imagined. And, ironically, instead of helping him, the publicity is actually hurting his reputation!

However, he has a contract to fulfill, and they are not going to let him make a run for it. All he has to do is look at her ex to know that she is not going to let anyone make her look bad without a huge legal fight. That’s what the future holds for him if he can’t get out soon.

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      • YoGo8c says

        Oh lol, yeah, I thought of Kim and Kanye too. Maybe the baby is part of the deal? Would it surprise anyone? I would say Kanye is seen by some as more of a joke since being with Kim Kardashian. It hasn’t really given him a lot of street cred – I don’t think.

      • packerpoke says

        You are right, National Enquire had a story on this about how unhappy he is and its hurting is music and concerts.

      • RedScience says

        Has to be Kanye and Kim over all of the other guesses listed because it says “they” are not going to let him make a run for it. They means momager and the whole Kardashian clan. Otherwise it would say SHE is not going to let him make a run for it. My 4 cents.

    • mwl89109 says

      Sounds like Jen Aniston and Justin Theroux with the clue being “[H]e got stuck in a pit of relentless attention-seeking…”

    • PinkFlamingo says

      I would not be surprised AT ALL if this “pregnancy” is as fake as everything else about these people, and that in the next few weeks, there will be a “miscarriage”, with more publicity, interviews, and dramatic TV episodes. “Kim’s Heartbreak”. Yeah right. I saw something a few days ago that said that KIm was somewhere and thought she was having a miscarriage and it ended up being something else. Methinks that was just a foreshadowing. It will be interesting to watch this train wreck unfold. And, sadly, the lemmings that are the American public will buy it, hook, line and sinker. That being said, I concur that this BI is about Kim & Kanye.

      • MrsTomHardy says

        I sincerely hope that’s wrong. Faking something like losing a pregnancy is beyond sick. I have several friends who have gone through similar events and varying stages of pregnancy and it was soul destroying for them. THe fact that ANYONE could be cold enough to lie about that purely to keep themselves in (awful) expensive clothes and shoes is enough to make me want to fly over there and unleash some wrath. Unfortunately, this blind does seem to fit Vapid and Vapidder pretty well, although I would have thought that Kanye would have had more money and therefore better legal counsel than the Kartrashians.

      • Booboo1068 says

        Agreed! There were rumours and and I believe a blind item last year about Kim looking for a surrogate. Wouldn’t surprise if just like others (cough – Beyonce) if there is a surrogate to avoid any damage to her body which is one of the most valuable money makers for her mom (I mean family). I see her gaining lots of weight but no real baby bump. Look at Jessica Simpson…now THAT’s a BABY BUMP and truly pregnant woman! I actually don’t believe Kanye is a bad guy, just a product of his environment.

      • Booboo1068 says

        FYI…just e or does anyone else think it was convenient timing for the Oprah/ Kardashian sit down happened soon AFTER the pics of Kanye, Kim, and Beyonce/ JayZ went public? Like Kanye pulled in favours all around as part of this PR script. What was Kanye thinking??

    • Up the Coast says

      Good question…it’s one thing to have a fake wedding, but that’s just wrong!

    • luvprue1 says

      I don’t think it’s Kanye West and Kim K, since Kanye love the spot light. His whole reason for being with Kim is to seek attention,and the blind said that relentless attention-seeking that is deeper and more soul-sucking than he could have ever imagined.

  1. KWDragon says

    I’m thinking “soul-sucking” is a reference to Twilight, so how about:

    Kristin Stewart

    Robert Pattinson wants out, and he is afraid that, like Michael Angarano, he’ll end up off the big screen in the big movies.

    If I am right, and this is far from a lock, I don’t know what anyone sees in her, as a person or as an “actress.” She’s more like an angst-ress.

    • KWDragon says

      Also, as far as legal battles go, Liberty Ross is gonna rip Rupert Sanders a new one in court. KStew went from “annoyance” to “active threat” on many women’s radar. That’s bad for box office.

    • Pollyamorous says

      You see Pattinson and Stewart as attention-mongers? Doesn’t make much sense as they haven’t even been seen together in 3 months. And she has no legal issues with her ex Angarano. Apart from tabloid rumors, there have been no announced engagements between them either.

    • tink says

      I couldn’t agree more. Never understood how this girl got a job in Hollywood, much less become so popular. I wish ahe would go away already. I think you are the winner…

    • MommyPalooza says

      I logged in just to say how much I love the term “angst-ress”. Too funny.

  2. urmyboyblue says

    Kanye West (has a song called “Runaway”) and Kim K. Her ex being Kris H. (divorce is a huge legal battle right now)

    • happyhour says

      Good catch on the runaway clue, you nailed it! Definitely Kanye and Kim – good call.
      Also, have to say how much I love your name – my dog’s name is Blue and I’m always telling him he’s my boy :)

    • Lucy says

      I was scrolling through the comments so fast that I didn’t see your name until I read happyhour’s reply. That is an awesome name – One of my favorite lines from one of my favorite movies. I’m going to go see if it’s on today. It seems like Comedy Central, TBS, or similar station has it on at least once a month.

      • KWDragon says

        Actually, I don’t think it is them because he is not big enough, but I do think he is “attention-seeking.” His turns as J-Lo’s dancer-now-choreographer give this romance all the hallmarks of a man looking to sleep his way into relevance and money.

  3. 4sixx2 says

    Hmmmm, at first I thought this was Rob & Kristin. But, doesn’t seem right. Now it definitely sounds like Kim & Kanye! Could the “baby” be all fakie-fake with a well timed miscarriage due to divorce stress to garner much needed sympathy & demolish Chris? Holy Cow, if this is it, is ANYTHING real anymore??!!! I wouldn’t put this whole pathetic (hypothetical) scenario beneath those disgusting Kardashians!

  4. jmk says

    Miley and Liam – too bad for him, but did anyone ever really think that a 19yo made a serious committment to marriage?

    • sherlock says

      I’ve seen loads of stories about Liam cheating with January Jones at a private house party after they were seen getting into the same car together.It’s said they were all over one another in the hallway of the house and then discretely disappeared somewhere.

      • Booboo1068 says

        I think the bigger story was Liam spending most of a pre-Oscars party one on one with Emma Watson looking very much NOT engaged and Emma reportedly looked the same. The January Jones thing was probably played up by Liam and or Emma’s team to as a red herring to distract attention from their night long meeting.

    • Bromance1979 says

      Definitely this!

      They met while filming a movie, didn’t they? That always seems suspicious when a couple meets on a movie set – those “relationships” are almost always to promote the film and the actors. It did wonders for his career, considering most of us had probably never heard of him before he dated her.

      They never seemed like a real couple. She seems incredibly immature and not ready for marriage. Since he’s been flirting with Emma Watson and cheating with January Jones, while Miley was spotted without her ring, makes it seem more obvious that this is a fake engagement.

    • NeedNoStinkinBadges says

      My first thought too. What I don’t get is why she would want a PR engagement when she made such a big deal about never getting married again. It made her look ridiculous.

    • Rae says

      That’s my first thought too. I see some people are guessing Kanye and Kim, who i agree are both attention mongers, but I think if it was them they’d be some mention of the pregnancy in the clues.

  5. watercoolergoss says

    Olivier Martinez.

    legal fight = clue to Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry over custody of their baby. Pretty much most of her exes, she’s aired their dirty laundry publicly to discredit them (some for more valid reasons than others)

    Hurting = clue to the physical fight between Olivier Martinez & Gariel aubry

    Her career has arguably gone from Oscar nominated actress with lots of potential to one that is dependent on tabloid coverage to keep her name afloat. = Attention mongers

    Make a run for it = there was that entire issue of trying to go to France in the custody battle

    • winona says

      I’d add that where it says, “Ha!” that’s the first two letters of her name.

  6. leosgrl88 says

    Kayne & Kim is my guess. First time responder, long time lurker :) I love this site and all the commentators. Hello guys.

    • cocobeannns says

      Wow, they didn’t even cross my mind. But it certainly fits. I’ve always thought something was off between them. So, the big question is… Is the pregnancy a sham as well? Since the relationahip was just PR, would thet be sleeping together? Do these people do anything that’s genuine?

      • SupremeBeingofLeisure says

        what happened to the supposed kanye and kim sex tape that was cited a while back?

      • melismel35 says

        hey booooooooooooooooo how are u:-) love your site. and its kim and kanye. i had to register just to share my 2

  7. krpink says

    Kanye and Kim?

    Hint: look at the ex and the legal fight

    First thought was Miley and Liam, but couldn’t think of an ex

  8. hot2trot says

    Kanye West is getting a taste of his own medicine. The Kardashians are totally pimping him out. Just hearing those hags throw his name around on that show creeps me out, but he deserves it. I’m sure some of the victims of his own publicity stunting/fame-whoring are loving his public humiliation.

  9. Poi_La_Luce says

    Fingers crossed it’s Katy Perry and John Mayer…although that could be wishful thinking.

  10. LeahLynn28 says

    This blind fits with Liam Hemsworth.He always looks miserable and ashamed when he’s with Miley,and her recent strange behavior,that ugly haircut and the fact that she’s starting to look like an ugly boy must be very embarassing for him.Liam doesn’t even seem to be interested in her,and doesn’t even hide it.Poor Liam,he’s stuck in that fake relationship and can’t even get out.The part about his hurting reputation is already happening,poor guy.
    Good luck,Liam.

    • giapa says

      Yes, I agree, that whole engagement thing with miley screams PR stunt to me. He seemed miserable and he obviously wants out, judging from the pictures of him with January Jones recently.

    • cassadaga says

      Sorry Ace for an off-topic comment, but seriously..

      Can we stop judging women on their appearance, please? It’s bad enough when men do it, but when other women do, it just infuriates the hell out of me. Also, can we all please stop buying into the media’s rules on what is “feminine” and what’s not? Nothing says you are/look more womanly if you have long hair than if you have short. Come on, people.

  11. Emthegem2 says

    Hmmm a fake relationship? Most of them. Haylor. But since they were gling to fake an engagement I think it would be someone older. Kim K. I dont really know.

  12. melismel35 says

    ace first time poster from nj here. this has all the makings of them kartrashians…kim + kanye see kanye thought this would help his image instead now he
    s spiraling outta control. ranting on stage. kim is not pregnant and soon enough she will have a miscarriage. wathc and mark my words. all this she had a pregnancy scare is leading up to a miscarriage and public sympathy. this family will do anything for fame. its not even funny anymore its just sad. kim needs help. she was never pregnant. now if you and kanye so in love and you suffer a miscarriage why isn’t your baby daddy by your side. but you can hop 10 hour flights to paris to be photographed at fashion shows. please pr stunt gone wrong.#imdone#kanyeshrug

  13. pnwpersonkim says

    Kanye / kim

    Hahahaha kardashians are the devil and you don’t make deals with the devil!

  14. NCShoeStalker says

    Please tell me Kanye is awaking from this fog of insanity he’s been in for the last couple of years!!!

  15. minx says

    This has to be Kanye and Kim Kardashian. Bet that guy is sorry he ever got hooked up with that insane family.

  16. BRUSHFIRE97 says

    Of course everyone is going to guess Kim K and Kanye and I am going to join in on that bandwagon as well.

  17. gie says

    The shameless,stupid, no class and morally bankrupt LIAM HEMSWORTH. YOU BETTER RUNAWAY NOW MILEY CYRUS,this guy is no good has been using you all the while.

    • ningyo says

      L O L Bankrupt? HARDLY, he’s part of the hunger games franchise plus his brother being apart of the avengers franchise, i don’t think he’s even close to being bankrupt… SORRY

  18. Boko says

    I don’t blame him. Miley has been downgrading his image for a long time. He can do better than that.

  19. reen57 says

    I vote Kim and Kayne. Getting out is going to be very tough with not only the baby but with the Kardashian penchant for pimping out the family dirty laundry.

    My first thought was Liam and Miley but don’t know of any lawsuits with her ex.

    Can’t be Swiftie. She does her hitting via music not the courts.

  20. triggerua says

    Kanye and Kim seems like the obvious guess but I am wondering if this may be about athletes…

  21. Glitter says

    Wish this was George Clooney and Stacy Keibler but I don’t know about any past legal fights she has been in. I hope this is solved!

    • sherlock says

      There have been reports in the British press that a break-up is imminent between these two.

  22. Shakka says

    Is that you Kanye and Kim K? Were you picked because your name begins with a K to fit in with the Klan rofl?

  23. nomnom says

    Liam/Miley. I would go with Kanye/Kim but I feel like there would be a baby clue.

  24. saintcanice says

    Joined for this, Ace! It’s Liam Hemsworth, in a PR relaysh with Miley Cyrus, whose ex Justin Gaston is a newlywed himself.

  25. Syd Wishes says

    ~I’ll slap that Marlin a$$,
    Make that Grouper butt shake,
    I’ll come to your house
    And have an o@gy in your mutha-f-ing fishtank~

    (Trey Parker as Kanye)

    monger=fishmonger (very clever!)

  26. Molls says

    Kim Kartrashian and Kayne. He wants out, but now that she’s pregnant, he’s kind of stuck.

  27. CatGrant says

    My first thought was Liam Hemsworth but he doesn’t really come across as an “attention monger”.