justin bieber angrySome of you on Apple mobile devices may be seeing a big ol’ popup ad for NBC that was not approved by us. Sorry about that! Our tech folks are working with our advertisers to get rid of the ad… and then we’re going to send Justin Bieber over to kick some serious NBC ass!

If you ever see an ad on BG that is interfering with your viewing of our site (popup ads, inappropriate ads) – or if you have any other technical problem – let us know! Our email address can be found under the Contact tab at the top of the page. Thanks!

Love, Ace

UPDATE: OK, we’ve got a patch in place to protect you from The Peacock. Your iPads and iPods and iPhones and iPoodles and iPumpkins should all be working better now. Clear your cache (<<important!)  and reload the site, and you should be good to go!

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17 comments to Maintenance

  • Thanks, Ace. Even though I’m not on a mobile and I didn’t see the ad, I’m glad you’re taking care of it.

  • callmedave

    Not been having any technical problems Ace, but I trust you’ll be giving us the inside story on Bieber’s London meltdown this week? :)

  • 4sixx2

    Getting it on my iPad for a day or two, Ace. It’s VERY annoying, but worth putting up with for you. However, the fact that it’s not Ace Approved makes it entirely unacceptable! Thanks for taking care of us, A; Go get ’em!!!

  • tink

    Not this one, but another Bieber picture shows him with the best Blue Steel pose ever. Saturday Night Live is going to have a field day with this one.

  • travoltasbeard

    Judging by the clues I am going to say this is Dateline NBC’s handywork. I sure hope this gets “Solved.”

  • yinyang

    Thanks! I’ve been getting it & still keep getting it..

  • rorythedragon

    This is bad. On my iPad and besides the NBC ad popping up several times I also got thrown over to a self-proclaimed hardest hardcore porn site and a very tasteful furniture and accessories site.

  • pumpkin

    Tell Bieber to keep his pants on…please.

  • minx

    I’m on an iPad. I love BG so I am willing to wait for that STUPID ad to run so I can x it out. I MUST have my fix of blind items!

  • amelia

    I use my iPhone and I am constantly getting an ad that pops up. I get directed to their web site. Very annoying. Know it’s not your fault.

  • Virgo826

    Ace, your my hero!!

  • DiamondGoddess

    I’m on a netbook, and NEVAH have problems, lol, but I LOVE that you’re so on the problem, Ace!!!
    (And, yeah, WTF is up with the Biebs?!)

  • petunya

    I’ve been getting the adds too and I dont have an Iphone, I’m on an LG