Like A Bridge Over Troubled Bottled Water

bottled water 3[Hollywood Street King] A certain pure beverage is said to be bridging our Bad Boy of a blind item to Mark Wahlberg. That’s because sources say, as our mystery man fills in as the face of the bottled water brand, Marky Mark remains behind the scenes of its promotion — reported to be generate a generous percentage from his involvement.

That’s while our blind item is said to be striving to keep himself in the spotlight over the project, while keeping him close to a Hollywood heavyweight actor.

This news comes as our mystery man’s music television channel is expected to miss yet another planned launch date. Know why? Because this Bad Boy is said to refuse paying those set of his employees in a timely manner. Don’t believe me.. Ask Andre Harrell.

Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?

Bad Boy:

Bottled Water Brand:

Hollywood Heavyweight Actor:

Music Television Channel:

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