Like A Bridge Over Troubled Bottled Water

bottled water 3[Hollywood Street King] A certain pure beverage is said to be bridging our Bad Boy of a blind item to Mark Wahlberg. That’s because sources say, as our mystery man fills in as the face of the bottled water brand, Marky Mark remains behind the scenes of its promotion — reported to be generate a generous percentage from his involvement.

That’s while our blind item is said to be striving to keep himself in the spotlight over the project, while keeping him close to a Hollywood heavyweight actor.

This news comes as our mystery man’s music television channel is expected to miss yet another planned launch date. Know why? Because this Bad Boy is said to refuse paying those set of his employees in a timely manner. Don’t believe me.. Ask Andre Harrell.

Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?

Bad Boy:

Bottled Water Brand:

Hollywood Heavyweight Actor:

Music Television Channel:

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42 comments to Like A Bridge Over Troubled Bottled Water

  • ginnynotjenny

    Bad Boy: P Didy. == Bad bOy records

    Bottled Water Brand: AQUAHydrate

    Hollywood Heavyweight Actor:???

    Music Television Channel:Revolt

  • Schraf Daddy Kane

    Aquahydrate, Mark Wahlberg, BET. done.

  • twilighttulips82

    Diddy- Bad Boy
    guessing Fiji for water brand
    hollywood heavyweight- I’m guessing Dwayne Johnson only because of the Movie Pain and Gain with Mark Wahlberg.
    Music Televison Channel would be MTV, but when was the last time that channel played any music…smh

    • allthetiredhorses

      Bad Boy: Sean Combs
      Bottled Water Brand: AQUAHydrate
      Hollywood HEAVYWEIGHT Actor: Dwayne Johnson
      Music Television Channel: Revolt

  • carolina1

    P Diddy

  • GG

    Diddy – AQUAhydrate – ??? – Revolt TV

  • Foxy

    Bad Boy: P. Shiddy

    Bottled Water Brand: Vita-Water

    Hollywood Heavyweight Actor: Bruce Willis??

    Music Television Channel: Revolt

  • kookywooky

    Bad Boy: P. Diddy

    Bottled Water Brand: Aquahydrate

    Hollywood Heavyweight Actor: Will Smith (played Ali)

    Music Television Channel: A Comcast channel that he was suppose to launch w/Magic Johnson

  • neartstarlet

    Bad Boy: Sean “Bad Boy” Combs
    bottle water: Ciroc or Fiji
    Hollywood heavyweight: Michael Moore
    TV channel: Revolt

  • Marina

    P. Diddy, AQUAhydrate, …, MTV.

  • next please

    Diddy and Aquahydrate

  • Virgo826

    Boy: Sean Combs
    H2O: AquaHydrate
    Heavy: ?
    Channel: Revolt

  • slantrhyme

    First post! The Bad Boy is the deeply closeted P. Diddy and the water is AQUAhydrate.

  • nycgal212

    Sean diddy combs
    Mark wahlberg

  • tink

    Bad boy: Diddy
    Water brand: AquaHydrate
    hollywood guy?????
    Music tv channel: REVOLT

  • reen57

    This would be Sean Combs aka P Diddy and his alleged music channel Revolt.

  • JenJenJen

    P Diddy is the “Bad Boy” (ie. Bad Boy Records) and the water is AquaHydrate. Not sure about the music television channel

  • breanna_monique

    Bad Boy: Obviously Diddy
    Bottled Water Brand: Fiji?
    Hollywood Heavyweight Actor: Don’t Know
    Music Television Channel: Revolt TV

    • breanna_monique

      Now that I think about it, could it be the Rock? He is an actor and currently, he’s the WWE Heavyweight Champion.

  • leesbeth

    Bad Boy: Mark Wahlberg

    Bottled Water Brand: Smart Water?

    Hollywood Heavyweight Actor: The Rock

    Music Television Channel:

  • Sizlejenn

    Puffy Diddy, of course, AQUAhydrate, Tyson?, Revolt.

  • oldnvygirl

    Bad Boy: Sean Combs

    Bottled Water Brand: AquaHydrate

    Hollywood Heavyweight Actor: Mark Wahlberg

    Music Television Channel: Revolt

  • Best Guess

    Bad Boy: P. Diddy/ Puffy/ Sean Combs/ Whatever he calls himself now!
    Bottled Water Brand: AquaHydrate Water
    Hollywood Heavyweight Actor: Someone from Entourage as he wants a part in it (produced by Wahlberg)
    Music Channel: REVOLT (should have called it Revolting, as he is a revolting personality if you have met him!)

    He claims to worth MILLIONS! PAY YOUR PEOPLE!!!!!!!

  • shuboy

    Bad Boy: Sean “Puffy” Combs

    Music Television Channel : Revolt

    Bottled Water Brand: Aqua Hydrate

    Heavyweight Actor: Christian Bale

  • mrsjaymack

    Sean Combs
    Mark Wahlberg

  • kermit1969

    Bad Boy: Diddy

    Bottled Water: don’t know the name , plugging it on Ellen

    Heavyweight: Wahlberg

    No idea on the channel

  • cocobeannns

    Bad Boy: P. Diddy/Puff Daddy/Diddy – Whatever he calls himself
    Bottled Water Brand: Aquahydrate
    Hollywood Heavyweight Actor: Not sure on this one
    Music Television Channel – MTV? VH1?

  • cocobeannns

    Hollywood Heavyweight Actor: Is this supposed to be Mark Wahlberg? You mentioned him as “Marky Mark”.

  • catsanddogs

    Wha wha WHAT? Does anyone know what the h3ll this BI is even about? Totes confuse..

  • duh

    Bad Boy: P. Diddy or whatever his current name is

    Bottled Water Brand: AquaHydrate

    Hollywood Heavyweight Actor: Mark Wahlberg

    Music Television Channel: Revolt

  • MelliUK

    bad boy is DIDDY

    music channel is mtv

    not sure about the rest :)

  • onebyone

    I have no idea what they are even on about. I hate when that happens.

  • rossi

    Bad Boy:P.Ditty

    Bottled Water Brand:AquaHydrate

    Hollywood Heavyweight Actor:Mark Walhberg

    Music Television Channel:Revolt

  • triggerua

    P. Diddy
    Aqua Hydrate
    Revolt Music channel

  • Beenherebefore

    P diddy
    no idea

    How did I do?

  • travoltasbeard

    Whoo-Hoo! A solved that we can guess for Friday!

    Bad Boy: Sean Puff-daddy, P-diddy, Combs (Aka Sean John)

    Bottled Water: AQUA hydrate

    Hollywood Heavyweight: Mark Wahlberg

    Music Television Channel: Revolt

    Now…what IS Jackieb trying to tell us: That P-Diddy is getting butt-hurt because Marky Mary Wahlberg is getting paid more and is more relevant than Diddy (In diddy’s ego?). Also, I believe that Diddy may be in a little business fianance trouble. I’ll bet his personal finance is a-o.k. but his business finances are not too hot.

  • DiamondGoddess