1. Syd Wishes says

    Dick Cheney? Dynamite in the sack makes me think of Looney Tunes. Though he wasn’t hunting rascally wabbits. Just ducks and faces.

  2. Katmandu says

    Hound-dog homely John Boehner? Put a bag over his head! (except he’s reportedly an alkie, so…maybe not.)

  3. JenLTX says

    For the first time ever, I would really like to NEVER know the answer to a Blind Item…

  4. HotTeacher88 says

    John McCain. Seeing him on SNL, I could see the appeal. Outside of a political arena, he seems to have a nice personality. Plus the crazy ones often have the sex thing on lock, provided they are not deviants. Now I will have to get that visual out of my head.

  5. BRUSHFIRE97 says

    EWWWWW. Most politicians are so unattractive, especially the grumpier ones i.e. McCain, McConnell, Reid, Boehner. I swear some women have no shame and will do anything to say they were with power…

  6. stacat1 says

    im going to go bloomberg…though it’s a thought that makes me shudder.
    But few get more dour or serious than Bloomberg (if you’ve seen his press conferences and heard his take on the spanish language)

  7. Synapse3 says

    I’m liking the Cheney guess. He is known to hav mistresses, like the one during the dove hunting accident. My guess, however, is that Cheney is a bottom–I’ll leave the dynamite reference up to everyone’s imagination.

  8. Ann_R_Key says

    I can see this being Boehner. That piercing stare he gives the leftists could easily be translated to bedroom eyes. Also, he’s a vain lil shit, as evidenced by his tanning, so if it *is* him, he knows he’s the shit, therefor making him ‘not-the-shit’. Or something…

  9. MrBettyWhite says

    Mr Dour and Demeaning is PAUL RYAN – does he smile ever, without it looking forced, ever??

    During the last year or so as a VP candidate, it was discovered he was involved in interracial relations during college, hence the ex-lover. This in and of itself alone, is worthy and juicy gossip for a VP candidate, especially for his political party. A less conservative party likely barely bats an eyelash at this, but not for his party, whom many in his party do not like even the thought of Paul Ryan possibly having a little caramel skinned “obama” with his ex. A big tea party no-no….

    …that being said…we know he threw it down or was “dynamite in the sack” in college, and he had that brick sh*thouse of a body even back then…before he lost his sexual freedoms for money and politics, but since then??….i believe the looks on Mr and Mrs Dour’s faces, in most EVERY SINGLE pic says it all…unfortunately…

    PAUL RYAN’S ex-lover must have been asked how he was in the sack, because 6 months ago, half the country wanted to know what it was like, as did 90% of readers wanted to know also, lol. And *now* we know……**unofficial percentages, of course**

    dour [door, douuhr, dou-er]

    sullen; gloomy: The captain’s dour look depressed us all.
    severe; stern: His dour criticism made us regret having undertaken the job.
    Scot. (of land) barren; rocky, infertile, or otherwise difficult or impossible to cultivate.

  10. ILoveLucy says

    Pelosi? and dont correct me and say it says “he”…I know what I’m talking about.

  11. SanguineT says

    Here I am trying to eat lunch and I don’t know whether to get sick to my stomach reading some of these names or spew the screen from laughter!

  12. stonn says

    Mitt Romney? Dude’s got hard looking eyes. Wonder if that translates to something else?